We Explore Our Storage Unit (and only said one word the whole time)

Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

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    In today's vlog, we said just one word all day. RL #006
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    1. Tony To

      My favourite part was when Rhett said "moist"

    2. Mallory Bruno

      They need the translated captions on this video just please

    3. Wooddent

      Why is everyone talking to them like they're mentally challenged

    4. Laynie Wollam


    5. Anna Pittman

      I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the puppets

    6. Allison Cass

      Anddddd unsubscribed. 😔

      1. Zain Khaled

        Allison Cass your loss 🤷🏻‍♀️

    7. Gecko Boi

      This whole video is a fever dream

    8. Addison Stevens

      It sounds like “moist burger”.

    9. Bay Hurt

      Rhett is killing me

    10. Bay Hurt

      I'm 2 minutes in and cant take it

    11. Mondo2579

      Captions make the video 10x better

    12. GirlyVader

      They don’t seem like real words now.

    13. Elizabeth Mckinzie

      why did i find myself singing the song afterwards?

    14. skydivingkilt

      Is that Ian

    15. Kurt Zupin

      Now we need to hear Sturgill Simpson doing a "Moist Burger" cover.

    16. Sojiez

      I really felt it when Rhett said “Moist”

    17. Elizabeth Stanwood

      I watched this whole thing despite understanding almost none of it. I would literally watch these men grill a shoe.

    18. big chungoose

      I almost didn't believe it when I saw Ian I totally forgot gmm bought Smosh lmao

    19. Korporal

      Can we get subtitles but for what they’re trying to say

    20. nathhekzz

      *moist burger*

    21. Aria Berry

      Moist burgers

    22. Ashlynn Carter.

      moist burger

    23. Hannah Stainyyy


    24. Jesi Lee


    25. Bandwagon Gaming

      I hope aliens watch this video to decide weather or not to share the secrets of technology and immortality they possess with humanity.

    26. Alex Wohlgemuth

      I’d have my word be “thing”

    27. Grayson S.

      *”burger”* -Link 2020

    28. Slater

      This entire video feels like when you drag out an inside joke for to long.

    29. Jake Kim

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> "Do you like it- " Rhett: "MOIST"

    30. Mr. Magic Man

      I got exited when I saw dope zebra

    31. Football Maestro

      moist moist MOIST!!!! moist? moist .

    32. LeafyCherries

      *they’re speaking the language of the gods*

    33. winterrrsea

      I thought the video was gonna be really quiet when I read the title and wondered when the one word was gonna be..... boy was I wrong

    34. Sofie Møbes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> MOIST

    35. YT Fruit tree

      What is Ian doing there!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. User Three

      Are burger and moist even words anymore? Help me

    37. Orlando

      Imagine waking up to this at 3 in the morning because you left auto play on

    38. Wafa Basbous

      What tf Ian is doing in here😂

    39. esther mills

      Why did I have subtitles the whole time

    40. hailey ann

      If they actually only said burger and moist to the fast food worker I’m sure she thought they didn’t speak English and wanted food 😅

    41. Jovis

      didn't expect to see Ian 😄

    42. Justin Alarie

      Ian?? what are you doing with GMM?

    43. TNIMYT Memese

      Ian is in. The video link burger ian YES

    44. Isabeau Miller

      Burger and moist have lost all meaning......

    45. Krafterc Gwilb

      This is hilarios With captions on

    46. Sapphire

      When you watch too much Rhett and link or gmm videos that you sometimes know what they're saying here. I'm scared

    47. Aqua The Wolf

      I don't get that people don't like moist

    48. Austin Vacanti

      Why did I watch all this 😂😂

    49. River Mason

      That iTunes release better be happening soon😤👌

    50. erica rose

      I LOVE that they both knew right away. They understand their weirdness and it's wholesome and gives me hope for my weirdness.

    51. Alyssia Strasbourg

      This is like watching the sims interact on the sims 4!

    52. Fifi The Strange

      Seeing Ian just turn round and say "yesssss" to "burger" was great

    53. Bex

      I have never hated those 2 words so much...

    54. 0animegaming101 why not

      I like to think link was talking to his wife saying I love you at the end but she didn’t get it and didn’t respond and he got sad 😂😭

    55. Diamond Games

      Bro why was Iann there?????

    56. Robot plays

      Did you get this idea from walking in on your kids watching that one episode of teen titans go when they only said waffles

    57. B C

      I honestly was thinking moist.

    58. DeNease Edwards

      Honestly this Whole quarantine thing is gotten to me 🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t believe I really sat and watch they said moist and Burger 🍔 for 11min straight 😂😂

    59. CJ Benedek

      moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist MOIST

    60. Rebekah Hendershot

      Rhett's hair made him look like a Viking .

    61. Syunske Fuwa • 29 years ago


    62. Syunske Fuwa • 29 years ago

      *Moist burger*


      10/10 content

    64. Iida K

      I kinda freaked out to Rhett saying moist to Jade in the beginning because it sounded like ”moi” which is hello in Finnish 😂

    65. Conner lucas

      Burger burger burger burger

    66. lynaya leicht

      i watched this at 3 am and i can confidently say that i am satisfied

    67. Brenon Fiwchuk

      I love moist burgers

    68. Dream Tea

      Me: maybe someone subtitled it? *goes to CC* CC: burger, burger, burger, burger, burger

    69. Hazel O'Dell

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> the way Rhett said moist there really got me. I lost it and started cackling.

    70. Kimberly Carter

      smoey berger

    71. Bailey DuBrasky

      One of you guys should have chose “mine” as your word so you go around saying mine mine mine mine mine

    72. iwantabisciut 1

      Why did I actually love the moist burger song at the end

    73. Sollus Markis

      I wanna see their wives so badly. I'm just so curious what they look like

    74. kitten lover 101

      Anyone else notice the guy in the kitchen was ian from smosh

    75. ScrappyDear 257

      This is such a Rhett and Link thing to do. Not a lot of people were surprised

    76. Goku 4

      That's Ian

    77. Brundle_Fly_

      I was shocked when Ian walked in tbh

    78. Swim CK

      *moist burger*

    79. A Reid

      I want to see a version of this where they have some unrelated voice talking over the burger and moist like they do in documentaries over people not speaking English. Like these claim ass monotone voices talking over them just saying burger and moist

    80. N0tch__II

      hi can i order two moist burgers please?