This is $1,000,000 in Food



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    This video took months of planning and over $1,000,000. I genuinely hope you enjoy it :)

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    1. MrBeast

      This was one of the biggest and most impactful videos we have ever done and I’m very happy with it :))))))

      1. CROWN JEWEL

        I need money I hope I will won some money

      2. Jhun Carl Y. Manding

        God bless you

      3. Jake Muller

        Totally agree ;D

      4. Colby doerksen

        I love this channel !!!

      5. Nguyen Kathy

        Haiiiiii 😚❤️😊

    2. Johnnn Lonnn

      Jimmy is a genuine American hero

    3. Tommy's Hair

      what happened to garret

    4. 1 sub before 2022 ?

      Coronavirus happening.. Everyone: Buys everything MrBeast: Gives every thing

    5. Brooke Rolling

      Wow you actually did that? I hope that meat feeds a lot of ppl, you make everyone happy. Love ur vids

    6. Rosé

      you’re too kind, can we take a moment to appreciate this guy?

    7. Swerve

      Jimmy: gives Others: take Jimmy: cares Others: don’t Jimmy: helps Others: stay in there houses *thank you jimmy*

    8. Angel Skies animations


    9. Purple puding

      mr beast is a billionaire

    10. The-Toxic-one

      Finally, some good fucking food <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a>

    11. Epic Memes For Everyone

      everybody is judging you Curl lol

    12. Rosé

      you should be the government lol

    13. South Gaming99

      I love this.. you are the type of person to change the world for the better keep it up

    14. ofw lebanon vlogs

      You are have a great heart, helpful to everyone's need,God bless you more Mr.Beast

    15. 1 sub before 2022 ?

      Everyone: Buying Panic MrBeast: Giving Panic

    16. aldemar

      Hearing mr beast basically pronounce my name gives me anxiety

    17. Guiltyboi

      MrBeast, we really don't deserve you

    18. Lulu Gangway

      This gave me goosebumps

    19. TTV Zayed09

      #6 on trending

      1. Leonard Simmons

        Its on #2 now, i cant belive it

    20. Nattan Jeff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="294">4:54</a> Chris I’m so cold guy behind him

    21. Sergei Levchenko

      Let’s try 20000000 dollars cause we care about our country

    22. t d

      Awesome 👏

    23. GoldenWindWarrior

      I’m just saying stay safe and hygienic help stop Coronavirus aka COVID-19

    24. LuckObvious

      I'm sorry I cant help but hope you reach that million

    25. Andrew Leek

      I’m turning 10 tommrow

    26. Jesse Rockwell

      Who is even downvoteing this?? Awesome work Mr.Beast you and crew are amazing people

    27. zanzs

      U can tell Mr beast was a kind hearted man when he started youtube.

    28. jbeeznuts


    29. Maxx

      Yes mr beast

    30. Jim Standing

      thats mean its putting no more food so STOP

    31. not my real name

      Omg Carl is adorable

    32. Eman Hashim

      No wonder this is 2nd on trending

    33. Thomas Jackson

      U are a real one bro thanks for helping everyone

    34. Mateusz Jerczynski

      Hello Mr Beast could you help me build my computer ill be building it round december


      Such a good guy :,)

    36. Grant Panek

      8.3 million views in a day.

    37. Charlie taylor

      Hi my name is eernie

    38. Stqcks

      MrBeast will have the coolest stories to tell when he’s a grandfather...

    39. joe harris

      i want to change my profile picture and the most liked reply is what i am changing it to

    40. Kcat44

      "Tyler your meat's in the way"

    41. Further Lisk

      Who’s Carl?

    42. Jacob Manak

      People: I have Gucci shoes Mr.beast: I got protein

    43. يوميات سولى وتوفى وكرملة

      I'm Egyptian🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔 please

    44. Andrew Lee

      What about all the people who want to buy food?

    45. Benjamin Glendinning

      MrBeast should be invited to the ellen show

    46. Ismail Shaikh

      I dont even know what to say or how to thank these awesome people makin the world a better place..... then theres thanos clicking on people

    47. Regimantas Dj

      Your The hero

    48. Gaming with Libra

      How about similar to teamtrees you could make and organisation for the people who need food and collect money for them

    49. Viirus loves L2

      He gets all the money from saving with honey!

    50. Jason Richmond

      Mr Beast thank you for helping the world

    51. Apexgamer #

      u are awesome

    52. Catalina

      Did they just go along with Smithfield on a regular run or did Mr. Beast and crew buy the food?

    53. IDontDream


    54. Fire Champ

      Where's Chandler?

    55. Apexgamer #

      u are awesome

    56. K3lc13 Bal3r

      *You are awesome*

    57. يوميات سولى وتوفى وكرملة


    58. IDJ 103

      Your just are amazing mrbeast

    59. LAM GEAR

      Give back is priceless people with billions barely give back

    60. GuyRami

      Hey, Mr. Beast Can I help promote you in my city with graffiti? (That just means I'm gonna tag your name around the town.)

    61. Ethan Lawrence

      yo i wish i had a job so i could donate.

    62. TOBIAS123TOBI

      @Mr Beast i have bean hacked on my pc

    63. Alec Idk

      He protecc He atacc But most importantly He give the poor people a snacc

    64. Nicholas Ridenour

      If we want to be happy when we see even more effects of what we did with team trees then we need to help as many people as we can to see it :) let’s get it down guys and girls!

    65. Licht x

      next youtube king is you MrBeast

    66. Super Xhaiden


    67. Chava Ortiz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> is a mood

    68. William Schwartz

      Ok Carl

    69. The Griffin

      How is Jimmy both being a good THselr and a charity at the same time?

    70. Mrtopgamer

      Me and

    71. Landis Messmaker

      Why are you the best youtuber.Oh I forgot you just are.

    72. Maryrose Mc Gowan

      Mr beast you should plan with flamingo

    73. Jack Foster

      How do you feel about coronaviras

    74. Michael Ha

      I literally thought they were going to do a sponsor break of honey when they said "honey, honey, honey"

    75. JOHAN KING

      I wonder what Mr beast would do with his money if his net worth was equal as Jeff Bezos

    76. Suyash Tiwari

      Ahhh where is Chandler

    77. Kosmo Munkki


    78. Kosmo Munkki


    79. LAM GEAR

      I love you’re dedication

    80. Dry Coconut

      the world needs you mr beast