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    From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
    RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
    DIRECTOR: David Lowery
    CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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    1. GarettLovesMovies


    2. N E K O S H O G U N

      ...Hold up, GAWAIN and the Green Knight? Oh damn.

    3. D M

      I didnt know there were so many mexicans in ancient europe. Good to know.

    4. Corvo Attano

      Berserk Origins: Casca Father's

    5. Xolander

      nice shit

    6. Isaac Lewinson

      “A24 loves setting people on fire 🔥”

    7. Julien Papin

      It’s coherent with Hereditary (2018) from Ari Aster

    8. MsVegasguy

      Will NOT be watching insult to the North European people. When will Hollywood Jews stop trying to blackwash our history?

      1. Maximum Matrix

        MsVegasguy I hope this is a joke...

    9. Figuero 123

      Very witcher vibe


      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Opened many minds tonight 0:57 💜🔥🎬 👇👇👇👇💛

    11. mark de bakker

      Is that the same atmospheric music at the start as in David Lynch's Rabbits?

    12. Miguel

      A24 Quality Seal.

    13. ll

      God Bless A24.

    14. skekSo the Emperor

      So we're casting a Indian actor in the role of English white knight? And before anyone throws the whole: ''well the story is fictional so what's the big deal''? If that's your argument then you should have equally no problem with say a black girl in the role of say Mulan or some other Chinese folk tale? Or a white guy in the lead of a movie taken from an ancient Hindu story set within India? Or a Mexican in an ancient African legend. I mean after all it's all fiction. Dev is a fine actor, but it is highly likely he got this role solely due to the colour of his skin because of ''muh diversity''. It also seems this only sort of thing is only acceptable when it's done with European folk tales and legends, while if this kind of casting was attempted in a non-European legend it would be a total shit storm.

      1. Matto

        skekSo the Emperor Understand what you’re saying, but seeing as I never read the original story I’m not too fussed. This movie looks great

    15. KingDavid TV

      A grim and horror fairytale im so sold

    16. Simon S

      A24? Sign me up.

    17. Chris Cloud Staring at Fire

      First shot is someone set on fire, just in case you forgot this was an A24 movie.

    18. Nova M.

      They better not pull a 'Game of Thrones' ending.

    19. Second Son Of Krypton

      Ah, yes. Welcomr back to Hollywood Completely Misses the Point of Yet Another Fairy Tale. See also: King Arthur Legend of the Sword

    20. Joel Ostrem

      Okay but why is no one talking about how this music is exactly the same as the Resident Evil Director’s Cut Mansion Basement song?

    21. Ndre Exia

      Its look like dark souls

    22. Casual

      So, is this India, Israel, Africa, Europe? Very distracting having people from different countries pretending to be one people in an otherwise interesting-looking trailer.

    23. Phoebe Clark

      Me: *hears the title ‘Green Knight’* Also me: “BLACKAMOOR?! Nah, that’s strike 2, bitch, I’m tired.”

    24. The Bahamian Rainman

      1:02- That fox looks slightly..... off. It's got to be either a puppet or straight up CGI.

    25. The Golden Thread

      How did Pajeet get to England?

    26. 3571113


    27. Marcel Klein

      Has a cringy feel about it. I will not watch this.

    28. James Valente

      Finally, some one will tackle this tale with some real guts.... interesting. Might be worth seeing!

    29. Miss Heathen

      fucking amazing!

    30. Nico benji024

      In terms of story/monsters I get this Dark Souls vibe lol

    31. Minigun101

      Glad Lysa Arryn made it out alright.

    32. XClueDead

      Awesome, medieval hereditary

    33. Ryker Quackenbush

      Super stoked. :)

    34. Room2Move

      I’ve never seen a trailer this awesome; honor and courage is alive and well even today💪🏻😎

    35. AJ P

      More cultural appropriation. This is reaching sickening proportions. Imagine a white vishnu. Imagine the backlash. The mewling. Yet we are expected to suck this up over and over again.

    36. Masaladas

      That first shot felt like it took direct inspiration from Kendricks “HUMBLE” music video

    37. Sunny xox

      @0:15 IT Chapter two trailer music

    38. Mart In


    39. Charles Renzi Murphy

      This teaser is marvelous!!! Wow!!!😱😍

    40. Robert MacKie

      Why is it acceptable for a Scottish Knight to be played by an Indian guy, when massive protest would ensue if an Indian figure was played by a white actor? Imagine the outrage if a movie about Gandhi was made staring Ethan Hawke as Gandhi.

      1. Franz T

        @skekSo the Emperor prince of persia and god of egypts

      2. Robert MacKie

        So everyone would be cool if Ethan Hawke played Krishna or any other Indian myth you can drum up? No. It's only a non-issue because it's an Anglo being replaced.

      3. Maximum Matrix

        skekSo the Emperor Normal people will see that this is a movie made for entertainment, based off of a heavily exaggerated legend. I’m not too worried about the colour of someone’s skin, and neither should you.

      4. skekSo the Emperor

        When was it done?

      5. Franz T

        @skekSo the Emperor it was already done and no one cared

    41. LePhil 333

      Looks good


      I said you could have my head... but do not touch the neck.. the neck is still mine

    43. Guy Maybriar

      I fell in love with this tale back in high school and always dreamt it to be made into a movie, much like The Canterbury Tales. A24 has made it come true, thank you.

      1. Visuals For You

        What's the tale about?

    44. jd4963

      The howling wind/foghorn sound in the beginning is, I am pretty sure, the same sound used in many of David Lynch’s movies.

    45. Nathaniel Barton

      That's my type.

    46. grnman86

      At 00:19 it Looks as if he almost has horns, by the way the circle behind him and the top of the K produce a horn illusion

    47. Sam B

      The winning formula is "make everything as dark as "Game of Thrones"....

      1. ll

        nah, this is darker

    48. rouke bangma

      The witch vibes!

    49. Tobyn Hiatt

      Read this tale and school, now this shits got a movie. Classic.

    50. UnableToWin

      I am in love with A24 now.

    51. dmc 6

      Oh that vibe of Dark Souls...chilling

    52. Ren The Villain

      Is it weird im getting a dark souls vibe from this movie?

      1. Ren The Villain

        @Franz T seen it but this is yorhm the giant vibes lol

      2. Franz T

        Look up king arthur legend of the sword and you'll have your arthurian dark souls feelings

    53. Frank Slater

      Looks like a great film. I just wish they would stop casting ethnically foreign people to play key figures in our history & folklore.

      1. Grant McDonald

        It's not that bad.

      2. Rohan

        You'll be fine

    54. 호러아트공장 - Horror Art Factory

      A24 is at it again. Super excited for this!!

    55. cedricSSW

      DARK SOULS THE MOVIE I’m not saying this because “it’s medieval and dark so it must be like Dark Souls” but as a Dark Souls expert this teaser does have some dark and gritty vibe to it. Even though it won’t have demons/fantastical creatures in the movie but it does have some Dark Souls vibe.

    56. EtchedInStone

      David Lowery, reliable.

    57. Taurus Dragon

      Alicia acted in Ex Machina and now she's also in this movie? BTW the soundtrack for the trailer is GREAT! Go check out Secession Studio he's the one who crafted the music!


      Sir Gawain, a white European character played by a non white...Typical pc revisionist bullshit.

      1. skekSo the Emperor

        @BENTLEYQUAMP Gotta love how idiots excuse this sort of bullshit cause: ''well it's all fiction so what's the problem''? If they made a live-action movie of the Jungle Book or Aladdin and cast a white kid in the leading role the outrage would be deafening. Even though by their own logic there should be zero problem cause it's just fiction.


        Fictional character or not, he is white European fictional character! Amazing how "cultural appropriation" only works one way!

      3. La Avaler

        They are revising what exactly? A fictional character?


        Not sure yet prick, got any ideas? :))

      5. Rohan

        Oh no what ever will you do :(

    59. Christian Hagerman

      How did I not hear this was being made?!?!? I've been dying for some true Arthurian shit and Gawain and the Green knight can potentially be done great justice told in modern film.

    60. Ares90210

      I wonder what the budget is for this film. Could it be A24 most expensive film to date?