Stray Kids "Voices" Performance Video

Stray Kids

Stray Kids

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    Stray Kids "Voices" Performance Video
    Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM "I am WHO"
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    1. Jade Caldera

      who were the stupids that disliked this peace of art??? -_____________-

    2. Ines Gerault

      J'adore trop bien vous êtes je vous adore 😂❤️

    3. jimins bitch

      this is their best song 🚫🧢

    4. Zakura san Gaming

      Stays please watch all straykids music videos and dont skip the ads this way we can support straykids

    5. annisazni

      less than 24K v13ws more to 21M

    6. Kirina

      I have anxiety, depression and OCD....

    7. NoJamBros

      From Tower of God TOP to Voices the lyrics are relatable, and the beat is Hard

    8. miss starlet

      can yall just help to appreciate how good bang chan looks

    9. Roja Stay

      Stray Kids I want you to be on top, the first, the shining kpop boy group, I still support you, I love you so much, you are my spirit, my motivation, I feel alive and happy, I have hopes and wishes to become true such as have a lot of money from my work to see you in real life

    10. Roja Stay

      Actually Stray Kids make Stays stay

    11. Roja Stay

      Stay with you

    12. Roja Stay

      Keep fighting

    13. Roja Stay

      Keep spirit

    14. Roja Stay

      Stray Kids I love you

    15. Roja Stay

      #Voices #StrayKids #Straykidseverywhereallaroundtheworld #YouMakeStrayKidsStay #Skz #3racha

    16. Mima Sis

      I really love hyunjin's rap part in this. That is the best part in this song for me. It got my attention.

    17. sheibi el turro

      Esperen... tremenda teoria osea vI TODOS LO MV Y QUEDE COMO WUATEFOK ._.

    18. Denise Ojeda

      felix mi patrón😎

    19. Conceicao Coelho

      A voz do Bang Chan é perfeita.

    20. sweet potato

      *the voices are only in your head*

    21. Milena Wójcik

      Today we must score 21M

    22. LUCKyme

      tower of god op brought me here

    23. Nice Potato

      Хлебная жаба

    24. درسا یزدانی


    25. Kaitlyn Bougher


    26. Lollipop Jimin

      Stray kids are amazing👏👏

    27. Gaby G

      I came back from the new voices video without woojin it sounds very good stil ... with and not him being there

    28. Park Chaeyoung aka Rosé

      I’m literally crying right now😭😭😭🤧✊🏻♥️ I remember when i listened to this for the first time and then I finally found out the name and group, I felt so accomplished, and from then on I was a stay.

    29. Xx TypicallySilent xX

      I kinda miss their old songs tbh :(

    30. Seventeen CARAT

      i miss woojin. the fact that he had to leave the group just makes me depressed. and what hurts more is that he left on my birthday. i really didn't expect it. i had surprises and all, but woojin left. and that was probably the worst birthday i had in my 13 years.

    31. عاشق توايس - ولد


    32. Martina Saball

      El volumen no es suficiente cuando escuchas Voices

    33. timmystatistics

      This is like, one of the best songs ever and I’m not even a stay

    34. Paulette Abigail

      Los amo, orgullosamente STAYRMY

    35. - Diana Karen Kuri Perez -

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> MANNNNN

    36. ӀօѵҽӀվ քąìցҽ

      this is one of the best songs created... ever!

    37. Jeon Jungkook

      Ok but no one is talking about Bang chan high notes and it's shows

    38. Roja Stay

      Wow this show need a great views

    39. vivi Love

      Esses mininos tem futuro 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


      I love changbin rap

    41. rubbyyy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> cOrOnA sAuRuS

    42. UwU


    43. kpopinvenus

      *_I think now Changbin is wearing the full suit..._*

    44. Mansoora Raise

      So every company has their own style right? When you are new the song feels like Got7

    45. xXxWolfy GachaxXx

      I'm normally a BTS fan but I have to admit, these are amazing.

    46. Ella Jonhson

      Their song is the best

    47. Mailin Paredes Ramos

      I love this song.

    48. 晓薇Dorika Time

      The lyrics are too relatable

    49. cielatenea

      This song is very powerful and healing! I dont know how to say it...but you wanna cry and after that you feel with more everything is gonna be ok.

    50. Eliana Gaitán

      Best song

    51. Ryszard Redelbach

      jezu bts jak ja was kocham

    52. My Hanh Nguyen

      this song just make my insecurities and anxiety go away

    53. Candy Bel

      Watching this before my AP Lang exam to calm my nerves

    54. Beatriz Moura

      Mds ,que liiindo ,Jesuuuuuis 💜💜💜💜🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    55. Noemi Loayza


    56. taekook is Real

      Amo essa Performance 😭♥️♥️♥️

    57. Ola Połoch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a>😍😍😍

    58. Cristina Scotti

      The world right now lmao.

    59. Нелли Валитова

      Я на протяжении клипа: 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰

    60. Jaycel Lagrada


    61. Jaycel Lagrada


    62. Jaycel Lagrada

      Nostalgia feels.

    63. Jaycel Lagrada


    64. FuZi多 So2

      The "Haaaaaaa" is an eargasm

    65. bluemyaa

      This performance is THE performance. I get goosebumps everytime i watch it ;n;.

    66. jimena pereyra

      Flacos los amo

    67. quynh nguyen


    68. chai aAaAaAa

      i still come back everytime

    69. Syifa Salsabila

      hyunjin really good at showing his emotion, the drama queen indeed

    70. Syifa Salsabila

      i can't get enough of minho falsetto

    71. Rocío G.C

      Is just me or this song is freaking INCREDIBLE?! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> give me goosebumps. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> I am obsessed about how Chan say Step out them voices

    72. Vy Nguyễn

      Non fan stopping by cause this song is lit af 🔥🔥🔥

    73. KPOP iSHhh

      They were prepared for Corona y'all

    74. Matheus gg

      stray kids destroys us from quarantine and makes us smile

    75. Sofia Ferreiro fernandez

      this is the best song ever

    76. Vivi niee

      Aaaaaa andwaeee

    77. I'm_ _Yt04ka

      Здесь есть русские???

    78. Pamela Nicole


    79. chimtaestic -

      *Im new to the fandom and this is the first song i hear :)*

      1. chimtaestic -

        @jeonginsmile s Ok, thank you!

      2. jeonginsmile s

        Welcomee 💗If you liked this song you should listen to: victory song, TMT, my pace and victory song

    80. Call or TXT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="161">2:41</a> Me and the squad once the CDC deems it safe to go outside again