Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Jocelyn Garcia

      Geese she can’t even act in a Video. 😲

    2. สนธยา ใจแข็ง

      i love Megan Fox

    3. she crimson


    4. Deni Arias


    5. Cody Watts

      Much better this 2000s style suites u man. Keep it coming

    6. Jackie

      Meghan Fox is sexy AF

    7. Pharaoh Majesty

      .... This was shit 🥺 I'm very disappointed! 🤩 Megan Fox though 💋💋👸🏻 GORGEOUS, MY LOVE. 😒 The music 🤮 and they are both to sexy for such an unsexy video... VERY DISAPPOINTING ❗😰

    8. Veronica Mejia

      Y’all sleeping on this song it deserves way more views 🔥

    9. Number 2 Kerbs

      Yo Mgk my mom lives your musics and I think she would really love it if you could send her a video of you saying hi to her

    10. Vasile Wilcox

      Who else is listening with duct tape over their mouth.

    11. sippin cum

      why tf is megan so peng for

    12. KingLogic

      For anyone wonder megan fox doesnt do movies because producers and directors all said she was a crazy bitch and to hard to work with

    13. monnyka03

      I guess Megan got tired of the “way he lied” 😝

    14. hanri porang kurniawan

      Wait i think he's a rapper

    15. Irham Syah

      He stop become a rapper after dissed by the real slim shady 1 year ago 😂🤪

    16. Marshal Bike

      Yo megan fox and mgk would be the best couple

    17. Bass F0X

      No hate but he is a better singer than a rapper

    18. Aeriel Bryson

      HELLO 2005! 😍

    19. MasivSkilZZ

      Had to change music category since eminem claimed rap

    20. Will K

      Diss Eminem again lol

    21. Ryland Louvierre

      This is actually really good. I'd rather hear this than his rap songs.

    22. Marzo McCutter

      Fucking great...Tommy Lee ;) ... Greetz from germany dude

    23. pikpok3132

      damn, Eminem really hit him hard

    24. Anissa nian

      I ship them

    25. TheAyreanna

      Why is Megan fox so popular with people? People are like “omg Megan Fox. How could they ever get her I my video?” I don’t get the hype with her lmfao am I crazy? She’s just like blah in my book.

    26. Bzilly

      Love your music, but this shit is the best thing you have done, please keep making more music like this,

    27. lud bezak

      she doesn't age (Megan) amazing oO

    28. Ave ver the 4th

      Nice he changed styles I love this song 2nd time hearing it

    29. sethjaspers

      I need to know how to get this hairstyle

    30. qopoy dnon

      genres. Truly one of a kind

    31. Bree Lynn

      this is giving me Mr Brightside vibes

    32. Kayla Smith

      What happened? Did Eminem slap the rap out of you? Bet you won’t let that happen again 🤣😂

      1. wiseguy 26

        Lol hold this L, MGK been responded back to Killshot in 2019 when he dropped his hotel diablo album which was a hip hop album look up floor 13. Btw are you living in a rock? He's been dropping fire hip hop tracks all quarantine since March.😆

      2. snake doctor

        Shouldn't you be in a room servicing couple dudes ?

      3. qopoy dnon

        Does this remind anyone else of "please don't leave me" by Pink? You know but way hotter.

    33. G Amergrl

      Damn I like this song and Megan Fox is still hot..

    34. はじめかいちょーの不謹慎なお部屋&eminem


    35. Leah Langley

      I really like him better as a punk rock artist rather than a rapper. And Megan Fox has not changed a bit. A fox is still a fox 😅

    36. Capital A

      Wasn’t into his rap but his new musics fire

      1. wiseguy 26

        Look up smoke and drive by mgk.

    37. jamie moore

      JMO but this is where your talent really shines stay away from the rap and own the punk rock scene.

      1. Mason Keown

        He’s literally an artist you never get bored of cause nothing sounds the same

      2. Mason Keown

        He kills both

    38. Adam Chaffey

      Bruhhhh keep bringing more if this!!! Megan Fox is fire still. and TB drumming is serenity.

    39. Sayuri Rojas Flores

      Y did I think this was Charli and Dixies mom?

    40. Victorio Orosco

      GC did it better

    41. Anna

      Very blink 182

    42. Jamie Nottger

      Didnt Megan Fox do an Eminem video too?

    43. The Dangerous Moral

      I love it !!!!!!!!

    44. MrScottyk90

      seems eminem hit MGK so hard, he quit rap, cut his man bun and turned into a blink 182 coverband

      1. Alfie Mellowes

        wiseguy 26 u just put him down 😂😂 he won’t be able to respond now

      2. wiseguy 26

        Bro are dumb? He's always messed with rock music even before Eminem. Also he cut that man bun like 2 years before him and Em dropped those disses on each other. Hold this L kid.😆

    45. Asher Gardy

      The way he says “yead” reminds me of certain alien chasing angsty singer 😂


      Where is Travis Barker?

    47. Jax Mertz

      colson looks like "what the hell"

    48. Donovan Kemp

      Does this remind anyone else of "please don't leave me" by Pink? You know but way hotter.

    49. JOSEPH Mysko

      Wow very nice guitar riffs here awesome stuff

    50. Dr. Dinkleberry


    51. ShѦnkzTV

      Everything MGK has put out sense this whole quarantine ive gravitated towards just about everything he has put out I love them all and I love his switch up on style almost making his own genre. Love it

    52. Yuda Issantoto

      Megan Fox is a vampire.

    53. ines machado

      She legit looks his age! looks great

    54. Fernanda Ideao


    55. YEET god 223

      Mgk just became a love singer

    56. Eduardo Rodrigues

      This mv feels like a darker version of Blank Space by TS

    57. R.B. Meneo

      Halseys punching the air rn

    58. Michael Le

      Eminem destroying this guy's rap career is a blessing in disguise.

      1. wiseguy 26

        He still raps and always messed with rock. The Killshot did fail 4 sure I can say now.

    59. Elizabeth Contreras

      You are my inspiration mgk

    60. Darric Kissinger

      Real questions is was miss fox ever in open toed pumps

    61. SkiLLzZ_0uTl4w

      Megan Fox still as hot as in first Transformers

    62. Tristen Lay

      Collab with brakence please

    63. April Nicole Hill


    64. LucasLA

      This sound suits MGK so well. Absolutely killer song

    65. AAA

      I'm happy that he dissed Eminem even tho we all knew that he obviously was going to get destroyed by him but still we got to know mgk.

    66. Dezyk

      So punk's not dead! Thanks for bringing it back

    67. GoodRapperMusic

      the drum fill between the hook and verse sounds like one from the Blink 182 self titled album (i think "Feeling This" has it a few times). And I know its Travis on drums for this track too and I think he produced it too, so i'm sure he is using the same effects

    68. Renzo Urzola

      This video is the best thing to happen to this song.

    69. Antoinette Maniscalco

      2 beautiful Taurus ♉️

    70. b w

      i wish megan fox had a chorus part to sing in between mgk’s lyrics that would have been dope

    71. Seanald Donald

      only good thing to pull from 2020

    72. Asura

      I remeber years ago Megan talking about getting too old for half naked scenes, she definitely didn't k ow what she was talking about!

    73. Berkay BAL

      em dissed him so fucking hard that he quit rap for making pop songs. nice evade mgk. rip.

    74. J N

      I thought he only rapped. I like how he did a pop song.

    75. Ilyes Adam

      Rook will be mad ...

    76. Elijah Walker

      Eminem killed him so bad he got kicked into another genre

    77. Brian Anderson

      This is trash holy crap rapper turned boy band what a loser

    78. SixS3v3nTwo

      So this is what happens when you get banned from rapping by the GOAT.

    79. CrazyAKo Official

      Isn't this dude a rapper or something

    80. Taiwan Numbah whan

      Shady killed his rap career so hard he transferred genres