International Subway Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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    Where in the world do these international Subway sandwiches come from? Find out in today's episode, International Subway Taste Test! GMM #1695
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    1. Liam Pearson

      Eventually uk did you proud xD also isn’t peri peri from Portugal

    2. Liam Pearson

      We may have bad food but we have a fantastic way of saying obesity. American

    3. Yuri Rodrigues

      US dont know anything outside US

    4. Haley Minter

      there was definitely cheese in that sausage

    5. Helen

      your should make cakes around the world!

    6. MasterGaming Nic

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> Link: “Is there a magnet down there or something?” Yes. Link, it’s called gravity.

    7. Danielle Patterson

      Is there a playlist of all the darts episodes?

    8. Zyriarch

      I wanna see "international original burger chains" like how there's Sibylla and MAX in sweden.

    9. Jack Heffernan

      why is Gus Johnson randomly popping up in some videos lately? I love it tho

    10. JoshGamer2008

      I’m from the UK and we don’t have that

    11. joan of fucking ark

      rhett looks like charles manson

    12. Zonia Flx

      I bet link at this point is taking darts lessons just to have an edge in these games.

    13. Adrasteia Rose

      I become more and more attracted to Chase with every single video...

    14. Saad Naveed

      this was made on my birthday

    15. Panduh 13ear

      Huh, I thought subway was just a choose-your-own-toppings sandwich place.

      1. Hannah

        There are premade sandwich options too though. You can build your own or customize one of the options.

    16. Denielle Sookoo

      You guys should do an International street food taste test with stuff from the Caribbean

    17. Moody Niessuh

      My heart started to hurt when Link didn't get the dart on the UK 😔🤭😭😭💔

    18. xXKennethIsAwesomEXx

      Link's TMR shirt and Gus Johnson made the video

    19. MDestron2282

      Does Link like food? Like, at all?

    20. DedSec

      Now I want subway.

    21. IceColdK 94

      there should be a competition to be able to play an international taste test with Rhett and Link 😊

    22. hi there

      gus jon ???>.

    23. Wixx

      Why is Link part of a taste testing competition when he dislikes the most basic of flavours?

    24. vaishnavi more

      Then they wonder why subway is not famous in India 😂

    25. Trocar75

      Yo link like third man recorders

    26. Madeleine Nestunk

      Rhett: I hit the country that dosen’t exist Every norwegian: 😐

      1. Forrest Robles

        @RcGamerYt they're an urban myth

      2. RcGamerYt

        Everybody knows that Norwegians don't exist.

    27. rhonda90402

      Is that a Peruvian sweater Link is wearing?

    28. Iconic B055

      protein bar taste test!!!

    29. Uganda knuckle Knut

      Anybody trying to find their home country!

    30. Brendan Beckett

      Does Gus work in the same building as GMM or something?

    31. Charizard Feraligatr

      WHEN-GUS ?? WHAT

    32. Samuel Grosser

      Was that Gus Johnson?

    33. Lily VandenLangenberg

      Please do a “National foods” taste test! Take interesting foods from across America that can only be found in certain cities, and then have them taste test them! An example would be “booyah” from Green Bay, WI!

    34. azucena vela

      im left handed

    35. Noob$lay3r

      The thing that blows my mind the most is that Argentina, India, Egypt, and Vietnam have subways

    36. DoJ

      I love how she said "nicole do not apologize"

      1. Forrest Robles

        For real lol how dare him not like olives and cucumbers 😠 I felt attacked lol

    37. Asteroid

      Man, it really was more fun when Link didn't know the proper technique. Honestly, I used to laugh for a whole half hour when watching these.

    38. Francisco Carbajal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> is that Gus Johnson?

    39. Cgc Noob

      The Poland sandwich looks insane

    40. Jesper Thureson

      rhett throws an arrow at the map and tries to dot the uk but dots Norway and he says "I dotted a land that doesn't exist" 😂

    41. Steve Goldman

      Just an idea. Can you do one of these types of videos where you don't tell us ahead of time where the thing is from? I want the fun of guessing too.

    42. Chris A

      Am I the only one who sees Gus Johnson in the back

    43. CodeAlias

      Can we get a 3 hour video on what foods link doesn’t like? The guy has the palate of a 4 year old.

    44. Fleezus Christ


    45. Racs R

      Go back to the old intro where ur logo is in the fire of the chicken

    46. ICOFRITE

      Rhett looks like Marv from Home Alone...

    47. ShiiDox

      I swear Chase will get Link back

    48. Dr. Coomer in the UK isn’t that bad

    49. Kazooples

      The analytics on this episode at around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> must be wild

    50. André Díaz

      These guys are funny, but they are total ignorants

    51. Cravin R1

      Don't tell us where the food is from until after they guess. That way we can play along

    52. cole manchester

      Gus has been in several vids!

    53. nina jankovic

      okay but the poland one looked so good🤤

    54. Josh Hunt


    55. Nathan Chandler

      Piri piri is from Portugal


      i luv india

    57. Bolca46

      it's strange not seeing chase's belly

    58. uncensored008

      My god, that UK sandwich looks like the greatest thing ever.

    59. goose boy

      I paused to use the bathroom right before Gus's cameo and when i came back I thought I was hallucinating for a quick moment

    60. Hammer John

      Norway exists, now im angry. Prepare for vikings.

    61. SamsMemeArt 1608

      Me: sees the title and looks at Link for 0.5 seconds Me: Ok Link gonna win

    62. Brooklyn G

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="384">6:24</a> chase became his Johnson for some reason!?!?!

    63. Demetrius Nichols

      Moist and Burger?!

    64. Penny

      they should do international MREs

    65. Red The Plush

      Wait...GUS WORKS AT SUBWAY?!?

    66. Kiran Middleton

      That first one looks bomb wtf

    67. S GL

      I thought "did chase suddenly get thicker?" but, it was actually my God Gus Johnson.

    68. Commissioner Groudon

      They still called gus chase lmao

    69. 0Etcetera0

      Gus is the next Where's Waldo

    70. Igovski The betrayer

      Gus is just the Deadpool of gmm

    71. Kellen Morse


    72. Malin Markström

      Okey A lot of people noticed Gus Johnson .... but..... um..... Why is he there and why do they pretend like it is still Chase?! 😂😂

    73. Carmen Walker

      i have never in my life seen that in the uk

    74. TheMaskofVegito

      For a second, I wondered why they didn't choose one of the other Indian subway sandwiches which are so much better, but I figure it'd be easy to guess with those flavors.

    75. John Mosier

      There was definitely cheese inside the sausage

    76. chub

      What's guuus doin

    77. CanadianBacon7890

      hi Gus Johnson!

    78. Katie xxooo

      Hahaha you liked the uk one!

    79. jasonwarbird

      Moist Burger...

    80. Joshua Morgan

      I think that sausage definitely had cheese in it........