Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!

James Charles

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I give a makeover to Tik Tok LEGEND Rosa, also known as AdamRayOkay! We fixed Rosa's contour and messed up lashes while talking all about Adam's rise to fame, quitting his job, what Rosa means to him, and so much more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


    1. Skater Schema_221


    2. Emily Jackson

      Hollup Rosa is a dude?!

    3. voodoo baby

      james talks fast as hell omg

    4. Sarah Hall

      adam: cusses james: *quietly* yeah

    5. Breanna Barron

      OMG I LOVE

    6. JayneMoala

      You’re fkn lyiiiiin, lemme see 👀

    7. Charmes Burton

      hello James i love your videos

    8. olivia madril

      anybody else realize his foundation don’t match again?

    9. Suupa SuS

      I’ve loved Rosa from the beginning and this video made me LOVE Adam he is so wholesome and pure wow

    10. ReverseQueen Raya

      I love him

    11. Shantol K

      Wait... you can make money off of tik tok? I don't understand how people do that for a living :S

    12. Laney Torres


    13. reese chin

      why is it that literally everything james does people find some way to pick at him? james: **breathing** haters: _omg did y’all see what he just did??? not okay!_ like cmon he’s so happy why can’t the haters just be happy for him too🥺

    14. Got Em'

      Can James Charles, Please call his haters Step-sisters someone, Message James Charles.

    15. cameron duplechin

      honesty had no idea rosa was a boy

    16. michael saquimux

      Wtf this was to short

    17. Kenzie B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="767">12:47</a> ok but why does james sound like Chuck-E-Cheese here?

    18. Zelda Fan

      I really have no issue with James. He's super friendly and makes the people he's with super comfortable. That, and he actually tells you what he's gonna do before he does it.

    19. Ivan

      ROSAAAAAAA!!!!! 💕

    20. Matilda RODGERS WILSON

      what is rosa's tiktok i want to go follow

    21. Natalia

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a> james said 🥕🐡

    22. payton alyson

      I AM DYING!!!!!!! at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> when James was dabbing the beauty blender his double kept on FLAPPING HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!H!HHhahah

      1. Aisha

        payton alyson DONT KILL ME😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Shoe Pink

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a>

    24. Briana Hernandez

      “Can you even breathe” 😂😂

    25. Katiexkat


    26. Labs_ Gaming

      Ok guys I’m gonna Make a yt call Charles James my moto is hi brothers

    27. ariana daniel

      who wants to see Adam have a FULL transformation with a wig.

    28. Elon Musk

      I dont see why everyone hates on James Charles. He seems like a genuinely nice person to hang out with.

    29. Luke Haberer

      BYE SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE GO AWAY AND QUIT DRESSING LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!😒😡 what kind of world do you think you live in? I am sorry for the rude comment but I knew that someone needed to knock some sense into you're brain! So what I mean is loose the earrings, cut your hair, loose the makeup and get a real job like a man follow in your fathers footsteps because he obviously has the blood of a worker! And that is something that I like

    30. Lilly Burn

      Rosas laugh do

    31. Tiffany N Xander Benefield

      i love u james im your BIGGEST FAN

    32. FBI Agent #1 Cool

      Sorry my eyelash is on your screen

    33. no englishie

      hes so sweet

    34. Spanish Periodt!

      Did he say guy?

    35. A R

      okay James that outro is toooooo long even Adam was sitting there like "fuckk"

    36. Bethany surline

      James is a good interviewer

    37. Zoey Copes

      I just called the number and it went to voicemail

    38. Zoey Copes

      I'm gonna try and contact both of them some how.

    39. Zoey Copes

      James and Rosa should make collab merch and it should say things like, "Unleash your inner dude" "You gotta Brush", or a hoodie with highlighter palette and a contour palette both compacts being James and rosa's fave colors and it saying "all you need" on the back, and lash on the first and last letter of the phrase. Hopefully, some team of James or Rosa will see this and make this because I would totally buy this.

    40. weirdo !

      we didn’t know we needed this, but we did.

    41. lila bell

      James ask avani to do collab!! ❤️

    42. Inez Apodaca

      OMG I’m a big fan of her

    43. Jay’s World

      OMG Du come here James why you not practicing social distance dude

    44. erixa1x

      Allot of people will be scared here 😂😂😂😂

    45. neejoy sola

      No one: Not even rosa: James filming a youtube video: you wanna film a youtube video?

    46. Eusebio Santana

      Cuídate hi sis my first time coming to this Chanel and i kind of like it

    47. Lucia Gomez

      James I texted you plz answer

    48. Dylan Loose


    49. Inez Apodaca

      U are literally doing rosas makeup 😯

      1. neejoy sola

        Rosa has her eyelash upside down 😆😆😆😆😆

    50. Stephanie Marin

      Such a great collab!

    51. Dank Memes

      zood come ere ?

    52. kiyah marsh

      Your the best

    53. iiamlauryn_

      Wait dude your fcking lying you guys didn’t make a video

    54. gacha miyah


    55. Belia Starreveld

      Do a collab with abbyrartistry

    56. Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET

      James: **Covers Rosa Video** Everyone: Stoooooop don't make fun of Adam's accent~~ Adam & James: Y'all here sum'n?

    57. Ariana Legend

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> lol

    58. Kapu Timmy

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    59. Nahiito Xox


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    63. Funkyjustdance Monday

      Rosa has her eyelash upside down 😆😆😆😆😆

    64. AnneeJae Jacobs

      Yaaaaaaaas ma boy james and rosa. I watched you when I was eight years old.I am now ten

    65. Kingfckn Cole

      I hope he stays popular and makes money 😩

    66. beebop

      ᔕᗰᗩᒪᒪ YOᑌTᑌᗷEᖇ ᕼEᖇE. ᕼEᒪᑭ ᗰE OᑌT?! I ᔕᑌᗷᔕᑕᖇIᗷE ᗷᗩᑕK ᖴᗩᔕT👍🔥❤️

    67. Pandora The unicorn panda unicorn

      Hi can I get a shout out

    68. Sofia Cubillos

      Me when I got the notification of this video: you f in' lyin' lemme see 😮😮😮

    69. Sofia Cubillos

      When he bit the lip liner 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀 I literally dieddddd <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="635">10:35</a>

    70. Casey Church


    71. Ciara Fitzpatrick

      I would love it if James did my makeup I suck at it

    72. arely mendez

      So she is a he?!?

    73. Hannah DeSantis

      I want to see him with a wig on

    74. Madison Blundell

      I thought Adams contour was gonna get on James , when they hugged 😂

    75. Carolina Aitken

      I am new to your videos...AMAZING! Love the energy. You are soooo much fun to watch. I accidentally came across one of your videos...I am in love, with all your tips with make-up tricks. From all the make-up artists I have seen, you make watching entertaining and educational. LOVE IT!

    76. Victoria Molmer

      I am so proud of James, he has grown so much. 💛💛💛

    77. Dee Fame

      I didn’t like how this played out ... watch my video for more explanation friends

    78. LB - 04SJ - Madoc Drive PS (1532)

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a>

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