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    In the mountains of Yunnan, you can always find edible wild fruits all year round. Yunnan Lilac fruits, sour plums and Yunnan olives are the most common ones. Although these fruits are sour or astringent, we can always make them into delicious snacks.
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    1. Naaz Nurulhuda khan

      Hey where are you from ??

    2. samia sirhan

      يال لهذه الطبيعه الخلابة


      Suka banget sama dianxi.cantik dan pandai mengurus keluarga. .

    4. Santal Village Life With Priyadarsini

      Peaceful life... Love from India

    5. Mommy Rhinz

      I love your place..how i wish to live like yours. Very simple life and so relaxing.😍

    6. عيون الليل


    7. Shanta Rai

      Nice video#gaunlechannel

    8. Karbhari Dinesh

      Im your daily video looking

    9. 호산나

      누가 번역해 올리는거지?

    10. Karbhari Dinesh

      Hi dianxi

    11. Ngọc Anh


    12. star15

      이게 왜 얌무님 채널에 있음 ? ;;;;

    13. Quyen Thao

      Mún lm chị e vs bà này gê

    14. Rindi Antika

      Tolong dong yang ngerti diterjemahin

    15. 珍妮


    16. N00B Of CODM

      Hi Dianxie ... I hope you and your family are in good health ... Greetings my name, introduce my name sri I come from Indonesia, a lot of your videos that I have watched because our interests are the same, namely food processing, only now this is our country being hit by a corona outbreak how are you doing? Hopefully the situation is fine. Most of our region lost their livelihoods as well as my husband cannot trade as usual so that it affects the lives of our family and family from the late payment of our children's school fees to the point where we have to downsize food to stay afloat .. Maybe for some people who is capable of this has no effect but for us it is very very impactful ... Hopefully you and your family will not feel the difficulties we feel ... Warm greetings to the beloved family of grandparents as well as your younger brother ...

    17. Rida Alifia



      Well, we r in lockdown session , but we r very happy to see your videos, especially my son , every time I take phone he is asking to play your videos . 😊 dianxi stay safe ok

    19. Joya Galagate

      Copy cat

    20. jade nosyas

      I love to live like her

    21. David Pham

      So amazing life

    22. Sneha Kambale

      Corona girl

    23. Sanjuna Ramshad

      Any one from kerela ....wayanad

    24. ถวิล โสด


    25. Nguyễn Đức Quang

      Một cô gái đảm đang nhất mà tôi từng biết ! Nơi em ở thật là thú vị ! Mình muốn mua một cái nồi hấp bằng gỗ giống như của em mà chỗ mình không có !

    26. Bhagya Wanninayake

      Wow exellent

    27. Anu prabhu prathima prabhu

      Hai mam like your vlogs goings amazing dr i don't know your language ..but i understand and Cunttunisly seeing your vlogs... I am from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 karnataka

    28. Alby George

      Wht a butfl place...

    29. Trang Nguyen

      Yêu em cún quá

    30. Athichat Sukhund


    31. Ajengleedya


    32. Kaling 13

      Please prepare a recipe on Bats, lizards and cockroach. I would love to have it.

    33. Nona AdeL

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a>) Buah kom 😂 Endeuss bet kalau dijadiin manisan 😋

    34. Anto Widagdo

      Helloo Apenjie... glad to see you safe from that pandemic virus. Hey, can you upload a video...cooking this old recipe called Beggar's Chicken...? Please.... Thank you Apenjie... !

    35. Nazmush Shaker

      most beautifull thing of her that is when she collect something and wash it

    36. Hùng nguyễn

      Bạn ơi đăng clip video tiếp đi ạ

    37. 施昭炳

      小哥午安 妳們山村裡 缺農工嗎?

    38. Lavie Gaille Rayos

      She is safe in China

    39. Rakesh Hota & Rajesh Hota

      same tree in India

    40. Rakesh Hota & Rajesh Hota

      we make pickle and chutney with this sour palm

    41. Rakesh Hota & Rajesh Hota

      in India we have this fruit we have a sweet kind we have a sour kind too we called them kull in bengali language there are more than 22 languages in our country India

    42. Priyanka D. Mahyavanshi


    43. Priyanka D. Mahyavanshi


    44. NiCoLa Leung


    45. d

      Such intricate video editing and shots, its crazy I wonder how many times you have to walk back and forth for a scenic shoot.

    46. leigh dee diane lozano

      i wish you have Q&A video. to answer our curiosity 1.when.did you start vlogging? 2. how old are you? 3. who is ur camera man? 4. who edits ur video? who else have questions for her? 😊😀

    47. Thanh Vip

      I'm from Vietnames 😍, i like you so much, you are beautiful

    48. Jenny Ve Hondrado


    49. brian barrett

      love your videos

    50. Santhosh Kumar

      Please be careful because of coronavirus

    51. Allu Arjun

      I am from India Delhi.. Here Corona Virus is spreading desperately... What about in your side???

    52. chiến vlog

      Nhìn ngon quá 😊♥️

    53. Hana Wang




    55. kaon4shi

      In japan we do some sour plum liquor (umechu) by adding some sugar, shochu (a distilled beverage) and plums (we call them ume) then we left by 6 months minimum. I think it’s similar to chinese liquor as well, right?

    56. Gre Dark

      Algún mexicano aquí???

    57. الادميرال Stra

      Please stop eating lizards, bats and pig😒🤢🤢🤢🤢

    58. Merida O'hara

      I subscribed after watching a few minutes of her video. She's amazing and I love Dawang❤️❤️

    59. miya deniz

      is there corona virus

    60. Inday Love Bancale

      Hello my friend im watching until end video,,I'm your new friend watching Riyadh Saudi Arabia, I hope you visit my room thanks, I love everytime you do the food or anything,,I support you always my friend

    61. hazel lol

      Every Indian specially northeastern eat this berry n we make pickle of it...

    62. kirsteneddington

      Danxi, can you put up your dried chilli spice mix, amazing lady! Cute doggy too. Could only dream of a life like yours. Beautiful lady!

    63. Jun Mitsuya

      Awesome vids always! Your biggest fan in NYC.

    64. Narmadha

      Is there no covid19

    65. Senju Natarajan

      Sour plums are my most fave fruit ever!!! Love ya videos!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️



    67. Anshul

      Andi bndi shandi china ki ma ka bhosda

    68. Anon Emus

      I often find myself jealous of such beauty and bounty but I imagine it is a lot of hard work everyday

    69. Shishir Bansod

      我想和你谈谈我想见你 我来自印度

    70. shall.

      Hello Dianxi, my family and I live in Brazil and we love your videos. However, we are concerned about you and your family. How is the Corona Virus in your region? It's all right? 您好,Dianxi,我和我的家人住在巴西,我們喜歡您的視頻。但是,我們擔心您和您的家人。您所在地區的日冕病毒情況如何?沒關係?

    71. Dicky Mahardika Nurdiansyah

      You're so beautiful sweetheart

    72. Jhoan SH

      i love you Dianxi

    73. Dolal miah মিয়া

      Nice 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    74. Thu Hoang

      Qua cuối cung la me rừng sao lai dịch la trám nhi

    75. Rayyan

      Love from Malaysia

    76. Kuro Nagasaki

      Ikaw yung pangarap ng lahat. Minsan lang ako mainlab sayo pa na isang prinsesang ubod ng sipag galing pa♥️ sana makilala kita kahit sa kabilang buhay pa♥️

    77. Anu Nair

      Any മലയാളീസ്

    78. Doris Carmo

      Parabéns pelos vídeos eu amo cada um. Mas poderia traduzir pra nós brasileiros pf

    79. Diana Hernández

      🇮🇹 aquí en México se mira es buena para comer

    80. Jennifer Cruz