DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video



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    DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video
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    1. Angeliliyabbay

      I always need day6 english ver.

    2. MoiraKelly 8_23

      I'm addicted to the song, affected by its lyrics, LSS to its melody and emotional to their voices.

    3. Gresc Iolet

      Don't know why but I feel that it is like a shout out from people that having a depression that want to change but don't know what to do

    4. ลลิตา สืบเสาะจบ

    5. I love you

      You a star in my life

    6. Vince Luther

      I'm fan of day6 song,your song is so nice guys.

    7. Cindy Rountree

      thank you for singing in English. I listen to your music alot even though I don't understand the words coz your music is uplift-en. this song is just that.

    8. Jennifer Wijaya


    9. PinkyStar

      Imagine there are america singer....

    10. Naomi W

      Coming here after watching Idol Radio episode Secret Number and I LOVE THIS SONG^^ "When we live a life Always dreamin' for a dream to come true So I live this life Wanting something I can't see And something I can’t reach Or something that could not exist" I can relate T.T

    11. Flabia De leon

      OMG, ❤️

    12. Hazel Dela Cruz


    13. Hanna Supree

      This is my first time to hear something from Day6 and it's really awesome!

      1. Doraemon Sama

        You should definitely check out their other songs

    14. chels rose

      can we also appreciate the one who made the art

    15. ana ana

      Before this song i have no idea who d6. Wtf i’m doing with my life, i live under the cave for too long

    16. doyi doy

      Love it

    17. Elo Deon

      I think, instead of songs that tell you to fight back and rise to the challenge, songs that empathize with your case are more inspiring.

    18. gguada


    19. Autumn Sawyer

      This deserves the whole world to know. This is our voices.

    20. Kelly Cris

      Hit like if you appreciate it, it looks like a WESTERN song

    21. Baby Lorca

      This is a blessing

    22. Tania Sanjur

      You can place different meanings to this song. It is so, so good as it is sad and desperate. We all have been in a state of despare when you feel like you can't go on. But find the strenght in you, come closer to God and find peace. Sending my heart and a prayers to Day6 members suffering from anxiety.

    23. BTS my one and only Euphoria

      I'm not even a fan of them but this song hits different to me 🥺💓💓💓

    24. Jiminie isTall

      This song is just ..i don't even have the word to describe it ..💜

    25. a n g e l

      I've been loving then since kpop became a thing in my life but dude, this song hits in a different level

    26. Suzumie Suzumie

      Tis is the best korea english version. Joha.

    27. 35. Sabrina Aprilia Nurazizah

      Being here for supporting them to reach 1m n more

    28. Yoss sc

      Aj caray en Inglés! Me encantaaaaa!

    29. bottled soju

      This song represents someone who has been in relationship and has been broken up with. He has been depressed for so long. The term “zombie” used is just saying he has gone ghost , ignoring people around him , doing things a human wouldn’t be able to do , being a zombie relates to having no brain or heart. Their Basically saying he’s done he wondering how will he get do this , we live a life of depression, annoyance,emptiness,agony. “How did this end up like this” the water explains how his tears are consuming him.

    30. Marinette Dupain cheng

      Wow this song is so nice and the eng ver. is more and more NICE !! their voices too😭😭😭✨ Omg the lyrics are so deep omg this song is omg !!!

    31. Marinette Dupain cheng

      Omg Arabic sub tysm😭😭💗🙏

    32. Vaimoana Vao

      This song slaps and has literally been on repeat since I got the notification from when the MV first dropped.

    33. Min Yoongi Genius mi jjang jjang ma ppoing ppoing

      I'm not DAY6 Fan at all... but this song really made me tear up....I'm telling this to all their fans...Take care of them for me....Since I need to focus more on my fandoms, I don't think I'll be able to give them much support....

    34. bts lover army

      im feeling it

    35. Rissa

      This song is great. Literally made me a fan of theirs. Just downloaded their whole album!!

    36. Lică

      *wow i got a diffrent vibe wow*

    37. CHOI CIRO


    38. Keonhee's Big Toes

      I just want day6 to know that a lot of people feel this way (me included) I don't want to wake up and do anything if i could choose I would just lay on stare into a wall the rest of my life... I don't feel like doing anything, I don't feel like having friends, I just want to hide from the world... I really want life to just stop being a thing and pass away without any pain...

    39. Alyssa Fabon

      Oh I’m not the only who hates sun 😂

    40. cutiepiebts

      I love it so much i listen to the both versions all day

    41. azleentsabita

      I’m not a day6 fan but I’m in love with this song

    42. Dianaa

      my local friend loves this song :)

    43. ajeng ashri

      this song says everything

    44. be nice

      I can't get off from this song

    45. krammi

      why am i dancing

    46. Levi EXO-L


    47. yellowcardjimin

      I am not a DAY6 stan, but this song really is amazing. I love it so much! I shared it with all of my friends, because I think a lot of people can relate to this.

    48. TheApa2aje

      Wow english version sounds nice. Its sounds nice when we understand the lyric.

    49. Chai Lugares

      *Me as a song.* Nice, Day6. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    50. _T. aesthetic_

      The whole song and lyrically makes everyone feel relatable and it really hits you at the fact that it is hard because everyone feels the same at the end of the day.

    51. whos brian?

      this song is a whole mood if you ask me, like I've never related to a song as much as i do to this one, like breathing but I've been dying inside? not alive but I'm still walking? today's a present that I don't want? Honey that's literally me all the time

    52. Manisha Rajath

      Guys lets make this a hit.. They are so underrated in Kpop... Guys lets make them known..

    53. Vita Elmy

      thank you Day6 for making this beautiful song :')

    54. Poorvisha Vasanth

      This👏🏻song👏🏻is👏🏻 screaming 👏🏻my👏🏻Life👏🏻in👏🏻 Lyrics

    55. Alexandra V

      Me gustan las dos ver😔👌

    56. Chimbi Jihan

      im a fan now!!!Can ya'll guide me??

      1. 04Ammy04

        Here's a guide for you: Some title tracks to become familiar with who's who on THsel: Time of Our Life Sweet Chaos You were Beautiful I Wait Days Gone By Shoot Me They also have a stuffed animal representing each one of them called Denimalz.

    57. hansda hansda

      day 6 songs never disappoint you.. and the amazing thing is even in the hindi subs saying the exact lines..

    58. vanessa wong

      Why this song is so sad?😭

    59. Dried Fish

      This is what I feel rn, a zombie

    60. 박소현

      지짜... 엄청 좋아..영어 버전 나만 좋냐구.... 가사 미쳤다고... 제와삐... 갓와삐... 갓이식스....ㅠㅠ

    61. ꧁༺ᎧJᏬ ᎯᖇᙢᎽცliռk༻꧂

      i never thought it would hit u even harder in eng

    62. chan yza

      at this point zombie is not a song, it's our lives. it's what we feel and what we live through everyday. it's our stories, the words we want to say, the feelings we want to express. day6 did an amazing job showcasing all of this.

    63. Fielle Sapphire Atama

      on loop

    64. Nayeon Santa Tell Me

      Good night DAY6 🌃


      It's very rare to come across a song with captions in eleven languages. Very thoughtful of them. 💖💖

    66. Dorothy Stoker


    67. S u n r i s e H y u n n i

      Im crying.

    68. Neo got my back

      This i guess descripes the life celebrities. they dream big dreams and begin walking for it (to reach it). but then they become a zombie; ''not alive but sill walking'' ... They try their best to keep walking eventhough they're tired. and when the next day comes, they ''want to hide from the sun'' (wanna take a break~) idk if this makes sense, just an unpopular opinion

    69. Amyra Wibowo

      to be honest, I don't really know what the song is about but reading those lyrics made me cry a little

      1. 04Ammy04

        I think they wrote it to be up to interpretation to the listener. The Demon is different to different people. Could be anxiety. Could be depression. Could be the mundaneness of life, could be self esteem issues. But it conveys a helplessness and feeling like your a drone and its purpose is also to remind people they aren't alone in their feelings.

    70. Mary머럼아-

      I just was know that there is a kpop group call'DAY6' but i never heard any of their songs , then yesterday i heard this song for them and i can't get over them >~

      1. Mary머럼아-

        @04Ammy04 i also heard SHOOT ME,WE WERE BEAUTIFUL,I WAIT AND CONGREGATION all of their music sound so good

      2. 04Ammy04

        They are great. What kind of music do you like? More rock or ballads? I can offer suggestions. Or just stream like crazy and you'll discover it on your own :)

    71. Sivya EXOL

      Why everyone keeps stepping on this masterpiece?

    72. 김수호

      seriously this is underrated, it needs to be heard to everyone!

    73. x killjoy x

      This song makes me want to be sad in a movie. Why is this not an OST?

    74. girl with a yt account

      TAKE CARE JAE!! 🧡

    75. Ari_purple Bangtan

      I was so shocked when the Hindi caption started

    76. raven

      nothin new and nothin feels right

    77. Nayeon Santa Tell Me

      I was here before one million views 🙂

    78. Cactus

      I'm addicted to this song :) I love ittttt

    79. Nina I

      JYP is not promoting this song enough! This song deserves so many more...

    80. Milena Holanda