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    1. 워너블원잇

      교복입으니까 색다른 모습이 보이네요😆

    2. Martining Martining

      Kenapa kalian jatuh kalian harus bangkit

    3. Martining Martining

      Jungmo megang is cat manis ya

    4. Martining Martining

      Aduh filmnya bikin terharu

    5. 오오

      또 다시 시작되는 하루. 늘 같은 듯 같지 않은 하루. 그 안에서 시작되는..불안감? 그리고...두려움. 오늘도 평가라는 시험대 위에 있다. 알고있는 세상을 넘어..도착한 메세지 그것이...우리가 된 순간

    6. peach multifandom

      can't wait for their other comebacks i want to know about the story of their concept more

    7. Theo Edmond

      Il arrive un message de l’inconnu, qui a marqué notre début.

    8. Theo Edmond

      Nous avons été, une fois de plus, mis à l’épreuve

    9. Theo Edmond

      Avec elle est venu l’anxiété, la peur

    10. Theo Edmond

      Mais c’est un jour pas comme les autres.

    11. Theo Edmond

      Un autre jour commence

    12. 박서진

      아니;; 한국인 없어? 왜 다 외국인이지?

    13. Joanna Marie Gallo

      Wait 🤔 thier album is 3 version and the title is "Cravity Hide out Remember Who we are" so this prologue film is title "Hideout" so is thier gonna be another prologue film??? And the title is "Remember" 😶

    14. diana vz

      en plena madrugada y yo acá armando tremendas teorías

    15. Gigie Eda

      Monsta X and Cravity are in the same company... And monsta x are in the cartoon called "We bare bears" . . . . .Do you think cravity will be in we bare bears too? well i wish so

    16. Dolunay ‘Akaleria’ Swestebolier

      he is my boyfriend

      1. 려울


    17. 리혜낭쟈

      이거 다음편은 없는건가요?세림,정모,원진이만 모여요?

    18. mo gu

      Im still in love with this prologue film

    19. Intan Dwi Hartati

      Ini gak ada terusanny apa?❤️❤️❤️

    20. pwarkserim `

      Damn they should be an actor lol

    21. Lizzy Crux

      Wooooo! Looks like a trailer for a movie.

    22. lovelyminho

      bro, sentía que veía una película.

    23. Jon Choi

      y'all just left the cat like that

    24. 모들

      지금 보니깐 또 새롭당 시즌1 이번활동 너무너무 수고많아써❤❤ 오늘 막방인데 막방까지도 화이팅!! 다음 컴백때는 시즌2 나오겠징?? 기대하구있을게❤❤

    25. Yyumi Hong

      Whose voice is this!??? Is it woobin or minhee???

      1. Tiffany Blomies


      2. Tiffany Blomies


    26. Theo Edmond

      Il arrive un message de l’inconnu, qui a marqué notre début.

    27. Theo Edmond

      Nous avons été, une fois de plus, mis au point.

    28. Theo Edmond

      Avec elle est venu l’anxiété, la peur.

    29. Theo Edmond

      Un autre jour commence, mais c’est un jour pas comme les autres.

    30. Claire Carmody


    31. sofia_k uwu

      hay q hermosos :'3

    32. 모들

      이때 비티들빨리보고싶어가지고 맨날돌려봤는데 하루에도 몇번씩봤는데 이게벌써 한달전ㅠㅠ💙 우리 비티들 데뷔축하해❤ 빨리 2편 3편 보고싶당!!❤

    33. Theo Edmond

      Nous avons été, une fois de plus, mis à l’épreuve.

    34. Theo Edmond

      Avec elle est venu l’anxiété, la peur.

    35. Theo Edmond

      Mais c’est un jour pas comme les autres.

    36. Theo Edmond

      Un autre jour commence.

    37. Alya Faza

      i cant believe im watching this for 10 mins since ive been repeating the way the cat loved jungmo's rub on his belly

    38. Danica Soo Bretaña

      When Serim smiles to Jungmo😍❤

    39. Dramcia

      ok i'm here.

      1. Eunsaaang!!!


      2. arbuz

        Co ty tu robisz???

    40. Micelly Jane Lean Jonem

      if they make a movie based on this, i will definitely watch it 100 times. wanna know the the plot

    41. Celine


    42. sicheng's soft cheeks and ears

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> Searches on Google: *hOw* *tO* *Be* *a* *cAt

    43. 형준오빠 팬 /손유정

      아 진짜 나 쓰러질듯...😍

    44. Lchc2910

      No puede ser ya tenemos muchas teorías con las de bangtan y me vienen con esto •_•

    45. うゆたるぎ


    46. Ara

      Ebentar, ini w gabisa bedain mana Allen sama Serim, tolong:")

    47. Вика Лукашова

      Опа, вот это зачёт

    48. Stream 'So What' LOONA'S COMEBACK!

      The instrumentals at the end was Stay 😭

    49. Kim Daejin

      Ah ini klo ff udh gw komen next^^:v

    50. IM YEAH

      they really can acting guysss

    51. Aviza Azalia

      Sedihhhhh sama lagu nya 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    52. Jacci Huero

      The fact that i came here from a buzzfeed quiz 🤣🤣 but now i can be a "been there since day 1" fan kinda Cannot wait to see all of their future mv and hear all their songs lol

    53. Joanna Marie Gallo

      😑 I cant tell if woobin the one doing the narrating or allen I cant distuingish it

      1. Tiffany Blomies

        It's Woobin

    54. Its my Fiesta

      they're all good actors

    55. Chan Pipi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> seriously the best class ever...

    56. zhdh zatiey

      my bias jungmo is soooo freaking handsome!! he always being my pick since produce x 101..i"m soo happy now cuz he got the permanent group as well!

    57. Farida Saadah

      Suaranya woobin kah??

    58. Layla Rhuanna

      não entendi nada mas assisti várias vezes mesmo assim

    59. Ara Naa


    60. 정선희


    61. 긔여운 우리형준이

      크래비티 미쳤어 ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 좋아 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    62. Esther 72001

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> OMG I shed a tear 😢

    63. Esther 72001

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> he matches his surroundings 😭

    64. Esther 72001

      YOOO WHEN THEY ALL PASSED OUT 👀 looking interesting

    65. Esther 72001

      Starship really giving it their all. This looks like a whole kdrama. I LOVE IT

    66. Roshni Jain

      So, the new Avengers of KPOP? Wow.....!!!!!!!!!

    67. Allura In

      Omg the storyline is so great, they can make kdrama from this 😂❤

    68. Kuroe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> what song?

      1. Kuroe

        @Cat Lover oh thanksss

      2. Cat Lover


      3. Cat Lover


    69. 최재원

      진짜 곡명과 활동 방향성이 찰떡이네 ㅎ

    70. ツ.

      Whats the name of the song

      1. Cat Lover


    71. beautiful

      can we have english sub

    72. 桜井アミ[ RAIA] Channel

      Woojin bs baca masa depan???

    73. Elle Vance

      I’m glad more entertainment companies are doing story lines

    74. Saturn Rose

      Okay! I’m just done I can’t believe this another great group I see it’s going to be popular in the us I just officially became a Stan... like I Stan bts I Stan nct I Stan SuperM I Stan cix i Stan vav I Stan shinee I Stan Big Bang like I just can’t fit anymore lol who am I kidding man ....

    75. Jhon carl Panganiban

      I wish this is a kdrama their sooooo good

    76. Alexia Erika

      jungmo i love you

    77. 하양이

      형준이가 데뷔라니!!💘 형준아 축하해🎉🎉 형준아 꽃길만 걷자!💕🎍 형준아 파이팅>

    78. G C

      This was so good. I’m gagged-

    79. LisaCollins

      I have goosebumps....

    80. Noor Sehun