Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef vs. Cheap Beef? (GAME)

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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    We go toe-to-toe with Kobe Bryant himself to see if we can tell the difference between expensive Kobe Beef and Cheap Beef. GMM #1367
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    1. Justin

      I’ve been a Celtics fan my whole life and I STILL grew up saying, “Kobe!” whenever I made a good shot in basketball or tried to throw a wad of paper in the bin. The Mamba is a legend. So stoked to see he’s on GMM of all places, I never expected this.

      1. Abigail Despina

        And now he's not alive

      2. bon bonfan


      3. Venus Bubble

        Not anymore

      4. gvo

        Dawson Is Cool right bro stfu no one cares

      5. LilBerzy TV

        Justin same im a celtics fan and have still had the most amount of respect for him

    2. Jonathan Greenroad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="683">11:23</a> (Kobe hiccups)

    3. Noneur bisness

      Me: oh this looks cool ima watch. 2 minutes in, *realization 😔

    4. trystin navarro

      this just made me really sad

    5. Lizzy Garcia

      Who's here in 2020 and misses Kobe Rest in peace Kobe we love you😭⚰️🌹

    6. Mitchell Heyda

      Such a down to earth guy, miss you Kobe.

    7. Mary Black

      I was playing Grand Theft Auto the other day and crashed my helicopter and yelled Kobe! It was sad and I felt bad.

      1. Supreme Steph

        not cool

      2. Cody Smallwood

        kinda messed up

    8. MD J

      I miss Kobe so much😖🤧

    9. ioan kolev

      People, be more serious. Kobe is just a random guy, why do you care about him?

    10. ALIZIUM Vlogs

      Omg this guy was great 🥺😩

    11. Junior Vazquez

      Rest In Peace kobe

    12. Bobby Duca

      This was in my recommended and now I’m sad😢

    13. Aaron Cruz


    14. Aurum TheBrave

      Good times. Take me back to 2018.

    15. 10K Subs In 2020 Challenge

      How is this getting recommended to me now in March 2020?

    16. Yee Yee Hockey


    17. Leertok


    18. Ammar Hammad

      Anybody in 2020?like if u miss Kobe

    19. Lion Film Production


    20. Bryan Beam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="668">11:08</a> lol hiccups

    21. Robbie Seeley

      Crazy that he’s gone man

    22. Twitch _Baze-z

      2 years later this comes in my reccomended section and see the video, pls do some footage for him that he is giving us strength and we right now are going to go through some dificulties ( CoVid-19) and he'll help us from heaven

    23. Noah _

      Rest In Peace to the legend himself Kobe Bryant

    24. food asmr

      it’s really cool to see how comfortable kobe is around rhett and link

    25. Mike Train lane


    26. koen woiczyk

      man i feel so bad for kobe he was such a good person

    27. Dream_ BuildZ

      Who watching this sadly

      1. ioan kolev

        Probably nobody

    28. Nerf wars 800


    29. David J Garcia Media

      Damn this episode put a tear in my eye

    30. mikayla matlack

      he is funny and always will be he might not be here phichly but he'll always be in our hearts the pilot wasnt licensed and its a bruh moment where he shouldent be gone but its someone elses fault

    31. Rising Hoops

      How dare THsel suggest this to me🤧

      1. ioan kolev

        How dare you think Kobe's popular

    32. OverStrezzed

      Jeez his hands are so huge

    33. Caden Norris

      Why recommend this to me now

    34. Coldii

      Chester and kobe were both on gmm. Sad thought 😥

    35. lil ZoD


    36. 6 Train / BFW Official


    37. Pizza dizza

      Imagine watching this in 2020🥺😥🥺😥🥺😥🥺😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    38. fricking salmon

      THsel algorithm is a cold blooded man

    39. Xiomara Medina

      Who is watching this in 2020 cuz I am watching this in 2090

    40. Creepystone Animations

      *for kobe*

    41. Saint Reality


    42. Cameron Hooper

      What a man. 😔

    43. MiaAgain

      This makes me so happy to see kobe

    44. UndeadJohn

      Who else is watching this in 2020? Man....Rest in peace, Kobe

    45. GrubWarp

      A legend

    46. Anna And River

      We all know we miss him and we know he misses us to but he is in a better place now. Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi

    47. liang dynaty

      rio kobe

    48. Alpha Raccoon


    49. potato :3

      They should have him here again

      1. Can I Reach 1,000 Subscribers for no reason?

        They can't

      2. eddyzow


    50. ToXicity

      .... why... just why💔

    51. Ben Sorkin

      Rest easy good buddy, may all your shots be slam-dunks up there.

    52. Tri Man

      I miss Kobe. Like if you miss him

    53. Big Gay


      1. Can I Reach 1,000 Subscribers for no reason?


    54. IcyGamer

      I miss him

    55. Black Hole

      This depressing to seeing this

    56. The Legend

      Good bye Kobe Bryant I will always remember your work in my heart 😢❤️😭🏀🏀💙🥺

    57. Modern Crusader

      Did Kobe canabalise himself???

    58. Bryan Christenson

      Welp this episode is infinitely more depressing

    59. Rosa Primero

      Wanna cry

    60. Zenzaniera YT

      "Don't be sad it ended be happy it happened"

    61. FOrtnight Lets

      Dang bro I miss Kobe 😦😥😥😥😿😭😭😭😭😭😭

    62. Gachalifeme 402

      Aw and to think that he’s gone now..😭

    63. Ellen Watts

      What a class act. Heaven has gained a diamond

    64. Grip Riders

      I come from the future and I bring bad news

    65. rikhil passi

      Hit em with a peace to the fallen for the GOAT

    66. Xavier Ramirez

      Stop talking about Kobe. No one cares

      1. ioan kolev

        You're totally right

      2. Gangster_Pat

        Bro do you even have a heart, he was a legend, and to see him go is hard for many people. So maybe lighten up a bit.

    67. nba_Denzel


    68. nba_Denzel


    69. nba_Denzel


    70. nba_Denzel


    71. nba_Denzel

      Im sure going to miss kobe

    72. nba_Denzel

      I said mane

    73. Maggie Martinez


    74. Ari Pg

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> someone predicted the future...

      1. CliffFN

        Ari Pg How??

    75. ZRS SRZ


    76. nba_Denzel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> look how kobe bryant hands when he bite the taco Kobe:see you can play basketball

    77. nba_Denzel

      I enjoy watching kobe bryant eat tacos

      1. ioan kolev


    78. vlad productions

      Kobe: dies THsel: *let's recomend this*

    79. MineTopiBlox

      Amazing video that's weird Kobe was researchung your channel before the challenge

    80. PJDaBoss405

      Remember The Legend, It Will Make You Sad, But Don't Make It A Sad Memory But A Very Happy One. Remember Him With A Smile And Not A Tear. It Is Upsetting But Moments Like This, Remember And Laugh About It.