BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA



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    1. Mayra Herrera

      I couldnt expect less from them. Mind blowing.

    2. Катя Михайлова

      *Русские вышли из чата*

    3. ddnlee24

      I’m beginning to think Dionysus has a double meaning..when they dance n it goes gripping they do the doggie style position like they gripping an 🍑😉..

    4. sryzt mrzn

      Oh my god.. what was that 😱😱😱 at first boy in luv then Mikrokosmos 😭😭😭😭😭 that Universe and that two world I cried so bad... Thank you for everything... bt deep down I know every Army were worried until Dionysus their heavy breath and so many perfomance.. they really are Great.... Legends

    5. A Kgl

      And people still putting other groups energies and stage presences over BTS.

    6. Cathy Nolan


    7. Beyleni Agse

      they mics color RM turquise blue Suga black Jin pink Jungkook purple j-hope red v emerald Jimin Gold

    8. noodleSoup

      Aadhwomwbd.....It hit 9 million views while i was watching

    9. It's Desy Wulandari

      Gorgeous. That's it.

    10. Arely Gutierrez

      I LOVE YOU BTS!!!!!!!

    11. คิม แทฮยอง


    12. Mayara Ketly

      Meudeus cara, BTS são incríveis demais, não tenho nem palavras pra expressar o quanto eu admiro eles !!! 😭😭😭💖

    13. Amaris zoey Rubio


    14. xiua chen

      holy mother of god.....

    15. Tsalitsa Normadina

      This is insane. It's totally insane.

    16. Debora Novi

      22:19 - 23:20 Since I first saw, Jimin forgot to button his pants? Or what? I laughing now😂 please don't hate me guys😂

    17. barkha Singh

      I would have faint 100% if i was there

    18. уυкιςнαи T-Dancer

      I reaally can't help my self from laughing .... they always have the grand opening more awesome like bringing a horse in the stage 😂😂 Well CL bring a bicycle but horse bruh .

    19. Sakshi Jamuar

      No one, literally no one can give such an incredible performance, singing, rapping, dancing with such energy altogether they r insane, their performance shows how much they love their Army, i really feel proud to be a part of BTS ARMY...No words for them, only love 4 them♥️💜😘

    20. Barbara Meyer Lopilato

      Aprende. #gramys así es una presentación de un artista!!!💅

    21. Vivien Reacts

      Holyyy......... Omg omg omg, holyyyyy, omg omg omg....... My babies, loveee you so much...

    22. Slep Happy

      l LOVE

    23. Arlesienne Zidane

      Glasses Jimin 😍

    24. Joon's Persona

      The most legendary performance of the decade I think

    25. Joyce Banaday

      Following BTS from the start I just think "I Need You" is the song that brought BTS to who they are today...and hearing it again with Jimin dancing beautifully it just so emotional for me😢😢😢im just so proud of this stage❤

    26. 최은수

      진짜 너무 사랑해요아오유류류류류류ㅠㅠㅠ

    27. 류지안

      방탄은 위대하다,,,

    28. Yamila Arbildo

      Doshito mis bbes 🥺♥️

    29. Aliva Camalia

      Ter epic

    30. Cynthia N

      I just love the msg these guys send with their Art!This performance was freaking awesome

    31. Bunda Marrychannel

      RM SO 😍😍😍

    32. Fatimah Imey

      Taehyung Jimin❤️

    33. Manita Ghale

      Oh my god bts killing Amry❤

    34. Minecraft Gamer

      They take the words 'hard work' to another level

    35. Eri Sotunsa

      They just go above and beyond every single time. They are so talented and so hard-working, the 7 men and their entire team are just incredible.

    36. Feli Ralte

      Baby Jk ...I love you

    37. Ayukhrnii

      jodoh gue yaampun wkwk

    38. Stan for Bighit Family

      more than 10 days, but still on trending. Even haters click replay button with unbelievable face 😂

    39. Tandeep Kaur

      In the ending of boy in luv ( 8:35 ) focus is on Tae's hand and in the ending of Boy with luv ( 12:29 ) focus is on Jimin's hand. Can you see the difference😂😂 I think cameraman is also ARMY...😉😂

    40. Ali Mohammed