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    BAEKHYUN's 2nd Mini Album "Delight" is out now!
    🍬'Candy' MV:
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Candy
    02 R U Ridin’?
    03 Bungee
    04 Underwater
    05 Poppin’
    06 Ghost
    07 Love Again
    BAEKHYUN Official
    #백현 #Delight #Candy
    BAEKHYUN 백현 The 2nd Mini Album "Delight" Sounds Room ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT

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    1. Melya Roza


    2. Handayani Yani

      Semangat oppa We love you baeki

    3. Unicorn Chick

      eventho full album are out im still listening to this Lol it's nice when it's combined like this n ofc it's great to listen to all full ver

    4. gray ft


    5. Czennerie

      Baek's Delight's songs have much common SM effect....😊 Like... R U Ridin' Love Again Poppin' 🥰😊

    6. Kim Garrett

      i feel like ghost was really underrated here, like it really didn't catch my attention until i heard the full song (and now it's my 2nd favourite in the album)

    7. evodya arun rahma

      Keep strong...

    8. Idk nan molla

      Poppin gives off Betcha vibes

    9. B_ Hyun

      I just love all the track in this album. DELIGHT

    10. BaeCute 04

      It's already out but I came here to watch him eating bread .

    11. callmecoi

      R U Ridin is a banger fr

    12. سلمى احمد عبد الرحمن

      بيكى 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    13. liana fitra

      Udah gada nih yg masih nontonin ini? :(

    14. Sinyi Dawani sitompul

      Love you so much Baekhyun💗💗

    15. Jiawei Zheng

      I like Baekyhun!!!‼️‼️

    16. Anjel seyedi

      My angel

    17. Anjel seyedi

      I love you

    18. Kim LEmees


    19. Kim LEmees

      يارب توصل 2 مليون

    20. Kim LEmees


    21. Naayy 99

      Baekhyun, i'm your candy

    22. eribiii comel


    23. اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناح

      تعبت واني أقول اتجننن

    24. اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناح


    25. اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناح


    26. اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناح

      يمهههه احب هل بشر

    27. اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناح

      اتجنن ذي الأغنية

    28. Awin Army

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Im new exol

    29. حساب دعم لقناة تشانيول !!!

      This Album is great ♡

    30. nurulirmamerdeka 27

      My husband

    31. Isa aa

      Chill? Chill.

    32. ღι ʅσʋҽ ყσυ ραɾƙ ყҽσʅღ


    33. ღι ʅσʋҽ ყσυ ραɾƙ ყҽσʅღ

      بيكااااااا بموت فيك

    34. ღι ʅσʋҽ ყσυ ραɾƙ ყҽσʅღ

      سترمووووو خلونا نوصل المشاهدات 2 مليون

    35. Priya Soni

      Baekhyun visuals are so soft like marshmallows:,)

    36. Maria Lupita


    37. Edwin Mananap


    38. Kataku co

      Secret number

    39. nctiddy

      every song slaps

    40. وقعت في متاهة العشق اكسو


    41. وقعت في متاهة العشق اكسو

      اكسو ال سترمو خلي نوصل المشاهدات 2 مليون

    42. Husna Nurhalya

      I love u my bacon

    43. mebrure ay


    44. Eva Mira santika

      Aku masih gak paham, gak ngerti, kenapa dia sesempurna ini cakep, suaraa indah, lucuu, baik pasti... Owhhh pujaan hati sejuta umat,i love u 🤗🤗

    45. Shofiyyah Hanifah


    46. Chicken Dimsum

      He is always awesome. YES HE IS!!!!!

    47. Noeme Dumaboc

      the song is not so catchy

    48. Viviene Rabano


    49. Nurul Dewi Ramadani

      kyutttt baekhyunaaa

    50. Puji Sulastri

      Awww baekhyun♡

    51. Baekhyun Byun

      So cuteee

    52. Roberta Colucci

      How to read: Delight How to pronounce: Best album of the year

    53. Penelope Duncan

      R U Ridin❤️❤️❤️❤️the groove N beat is killer

    54. Lili Torong

      his voice😍

    55. trum pet

      We always love you from myanmar

    56. Büşü Genç

      greek delightçılar çıkıyomuş bide Allah korusun TURKISH DELIGHT Turkish EXO-L


      *Baekhyun's* vocals are so good that you feel every words he's saying, his vocals are not up for any debate, anyone that has anything to object that he's vocals are not good should really check out their ears

    58. Büşü Genç

      Bayram bayram güzel gider Turkish delight

    59. Kim Namjoon


    60. Natha Alika

      Ridin' nya nct dream? Love again nya nct 127? Poppin' superm? Konspirasi, wkwk. Kagak canda doang:(



    62. Sukheina

      R U Ridin'? is definitely my favourite

    63. Thabitha K

      I.M C.R.Y.I.N.G! I love this TALENTED human

    64. Liezel Dimalanta

      Congrats to the lil bro of Wang family! Hyungs are so proud of you! 🤍 the first time i know you was at Scarlet Heart Ryeo. 😘🥀🤍

    65. Elsie Azores


    66. tansu tansu

      Oh myyy "Love again" hits me. I love all of this songs. It's pleasant to listen cause these songs have something common. And second cause is my Baekhyun's voice. I just love him...

    67. Kim LEmees

      اكسو ال خلي نوصل المشاهدات 2 مليون

    68. Subu Rose

      I believe he's the eldest in SUPERM but look at him. He's still that same dashing cute baby baekhyun. I don't think he'll ever age

    69. Isadora Alves

      Perfeito sem defeitos

    70. Gati Shinde

      Exo-L: We are bored in the quarantine. Baekhyun: 2nd mini album Delight. Exo-L: 😭 😍

    71. Aizhan Kanaeva

      Love you

    72. Aizhan Kanaeva

      Love you

    73. kakak tua

      Excited for his next project!

    74. kakak tua

      Candy is still my favorite

    75. kakak tua

      The best voice

    76. kakak tua

      Best male solo artist certified

    77. kakak tua

      Best album of the year

    78. Kelly Tiffany Fevie Rey

      Totally a B O P. Love him and his music

    79. Fernanda Negrete

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> Does anyone know the model of the headphones?

    80. Carine

      Never disappointed with Baekhyun 🥰