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  1. K G

    In Mexico the president made the army temporary police outranking the regular police and it's not making a huge difference but it does make a presence that at times might prevent something from building up. The downside is if you do something wrong you'll probably get smaked a bit before any questions, aside from that they usually stay in the vehicle just patrolling with the turret turned on and siren off, Wich never made sense to me you can see them a mile away even in the day.

  2. tizben

    Peaceful protesters tho?

  3. Emeraldforest

    Hey Joe. The idea of staying home and closing everything down, was done to stop hospitals from being overrun. If they had, anybody needing urgent care, baby to ball hanger, would have been fucked.

  4. Frank Maitland

    KRYSTAL is a Actual news person and Rogan thinks he can teach her something.

  5. John Milhem

    "Other countries handled it much better" One word for you: Australia

  6. Joe R

    The stock market is a graph of rich people's feelings. Nice one

  7. Matt Smitchger

    Military has more accountability than cops. So they are less likely to do what the bad cops are doing.

  8. Paulina De Luca

    She looks like a female version of Christiano Renaldo

  9. BeTheMonsterOrBeDevoured

    Krystal and other leftists always say “it’s not even debatable!”

  10. Kenneth Holt

    She literally took like an hour and a half of talking to come to the final conclusion of communism

  11. Ivan Alayon

    Let’s blow the lid on this

  12. Lord Kanye

    Joe's opinion is like a chameleon, it changes based on the environment

  13. burntvirtue

    Police need to deal with the looters. Police. How is it not obvious that they are currently ignoring looters and assaulting peaceful protesters.

  14. Mara Jade

    My argument... You have tank¬_¬ I build sportank^_^ You carry 20rnd smiauto hollowpoint coward tool¬_¬ I bend knee and get handcannon of my own with 🔥 rounds^_^ also a rediculous pike?spear? Thing! You carry 30rnd auto machine gun¬_¬ I operate 20mm naval gat from 1887^_^ You wear armor¬_¬ I wear DIY special armor that ive worked on for🤔14 years now that bridges the gap between gothic plate and modern armor and an assault coat that stopps .308 repeadetly and after what 4 months of conspiracy crap and I can climb and jog pretty good in 75lbs of fuck off^_^ im also investing in some shield thing but idk🙄 As a farmer I have no quarrel with anyone.....with that said¬_¬ Im native^_^and im well versed in many things... In the grand scheme of things ya'll arguments are moot🙄 too burn history is the worst form of ignorance 🙄 im also 27 and come from squaler and criminal BS¬_¬ and now i own land and sit on 6figs🙄the world better open soon🙄i want to retire at 30✌^_^👍

  15. jarett meyer

    Krystal is awful at letting the other people finish their point and have a normal conversation......

  16. Bake Master

    Joe fanned out in the first 20 seconds. This'll be interesting.

  17. Daniel Tinaro

    The system is rigged and has been for a long time. Me( banker) let the people fight it out in the streets while I keep running away with their money. In US society it's all about the money. Nowhere else in the Western World is there so much income inequality. When you have plenty of money, you have choices when you have little money you are a slave. Here is an idea how about we let all the homeless run the government? Working for a lifetime and just surviving is slavery. As humans in general we are not learning from history and we are bound to repeat it over and over again in different looking forms.

  18. Liam Knight

    Joe said he's only seen videos of 4 black people looting... the rest are white. Obv not seeing the same shit I am

  19. kevindanielpg

    I know that this lady is not being 100% truthful but the fact that she crawl under Joe's skin just made my day, really he hasn't being challlenged in a while and just to seeing sweat makes me happy cause the guy is interviewing real people with real opinions

  20. Irwin R. Schyster

    Jre hasn’t had anyone good on in a min

  21. Daniel Gagne

    Im afraid this will be used to justify a massive increase in police numbers.

  22. David Joyner

    48:20 Why is "mandate in" even a thing? Don't we have a judicial process to pass and establish law? Tired of politicians just speaking laws into existence. The sad part is, the people listen and comply...

  23. Zachery Santa

    I would pay money to watch Donald Trump get his ass beat by a woman.

  24. Semper Skeptical

    Wow shes pretty insufferable

  25. James Lykins

    Gtfo with that name

  26. Thomas Chauncey

    What is it about the ruling class that they have lost all empathy for everyone else around them? It's like they've become Morlacs.

  27. BradyG

    My mom has always taught me that life is a game and you have to work hard and play that game

  28. zen Edwards

    I have to say this..Joe your comment section is amazing 😆😆😆😆.... Joe's unreasonable fans: im mad all of these damn looters black/white doing this to our country. Reasonable person: but you only care becuse this is effecting your environment and you're unbothered by a life lost by a horrid cop. Joe's unreasonable fans: you should do a peaceful protest for your voice to be heard!!!! Don't damage our city in which we're invested in....find another way! Reasonable person: y'all killed MLK while doing just that, so what should we do now....? Your only upset when your life is effected, and feel like the person of have nots..... Joe's unreasonable fans: mannnnnn that shit is crazy...hail hydra!!!!

  29. J K

    These guys are smart. I love their show. Agree or disagree, it’s an excellent source to get some nuance in your game.

  30. Helen

    When grandpa whips out his readers : 2:10:05

  31. holyworrier

    Max Baukus is the dude who refused to open the floor for debate on M4A as the chair of the committee. They were throwing activist doctors out of the room if they protested. We wound up with Obamacare..

  32. Skyrant

    I really would love to see Dave Chappelle on here to chat with Joe, nobody presents black racism like Dave does.

  33. Dani Mother of Dragons

    She is so brainwashed. He didn't call for the protesters to be tear gassed, and they were not peaceful. They had literally burned down the building he stood in front of before. The secret service did that, and they had to move them ...half those people want to kill Trump....she's talking about dehumanizing yet liberals dehumanizes every single person who don't agree with them...

  34. Hugh Guess

    How good is this, 3 of the best together on one show !!

  35. Ivan Alayon

    The American people need answer not drama, BS

  36. J_Rab101

    Same way the democrats said to narc on your local businesses for opening up shop, they should put a call out to narc on all those that are rioting and looting. If it’s your “friends” they aren’t your friends and you should rat them out. Community first

  37. 6stringzstrummin

    never commented on one of the JRE podcast YT but i gotta say this is one of my favorite podcasts... and top JRE i have to say Bas Rutten ... cuz Bas like Tyson just has the O.G. fighter crazy stories... love the podcast Joe!!!

  38. Jake Plummer

    Rioters are employing guerilla warfare. It is the duty of the protestors to purge them from herd, otherwise, they should lose their privilege to protest.

  39. Tatavo

    I like these two and watch Rising a fair bit. However, I think Krystal has it wrong on her views about bringing in the military. Citizens are for this - because the police are either being told to stand down or are struggling to quell the riots considering their sheer size. Also, she keeps citing tear gas and rubber bullets but wasn't this already debunked? Neither were used - or perhaps that was just in regard to Washington DC when Trump went to St. John's. No one was injured or killed at that moment. Just like in towns where open carry is legal, you don't see the rioters, because citizens are out on the streets protecting their fellow citizens and businesses.

  40. Russell Walton


  41. Vikka Jackson

    Reading these comments gives me hope for the future. Love Krystal and Saagar! God tier content.

  42. Michael Smith

    lying...they did not use tear gas nor rubber bullets on peaceful protesters...sheeesh.

  43. Ivan Alayon

    It’s really messed up that the American people can’t get a hold of you

  44. Rui Cao

    I’m only 60 seconds in, does she ever fix her beetlejuice hair?

  45. Devon Nelson

    1:28:10 wonder what the cut out of the video with that look on Joe's face

  46. Matte Black

    Friendly reminder Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  47. James Bond

    Just watched Theo interviewing Boosie, this should be fun.

  48. puremajik

    There are many countries like Australia and UK that paid employees salaries to employers to keep them associated with the employers and it has worked very well to keep things going

  49. Audra Lewis

    Such a typical, sad old tired useless take: order over justice. Can anyone read MLK and catch up?

  50. nickolai vuicich

    Did they go over any of the cases where cops are killed by rioters? Could anyone be so kind as to timestamp it for me? Im sure i just missed it.

  51. burntvirtue

    Saagar: "a lot of them are sociopathic criminals, taking advantage of the situation." What a great way to describe cops!

  52. pobtron


  53. Max

    What does she want? Does she want the USA to come together? She is dividing people into groups. She is not arguing for anything, just dividing.

    1. Max

      She hates rubber bullets and tear gas grenades lol ha

  54. Seaside smiler Tj

    This is so refreshing with all the 24 hour fear bullshit bring force fed to us! Bravo

  55. rainingtrees

    "Law and order" seems to be a phrase Joe is using a lot. I wonder if he knows it's a dog whistle?

  56. LazyLion

    you think she married a guy named ball so that she could be a crystal ball, or is ball her maiden name and she just had cruel parents?

  57. felix serdena

    real journalism

  58. glenben92

    Somebody, somewhere, needs a slap for that name. Krystal Ball? How much for half an hour? 😂

  59. Marty Crews

    Watch now Truthleaks live


    If anyone cares the looter's stabbed and killed an old black man trying to protect his shop who was also an ex. police chief he was in his 70's the looters or the killers live streamed him dying and bleeding on the sidewalk RIP Mr.Dorn look it up if you dare

  61. cjcman87

    Sic the military on the looters, you are siccing the military on everybody including the peaceful protesters. I agree with her on this. Military will make people protest more.

  62. Ed’s World

    Asian provocateur

  63. Bishop McLean

    Rogan mirrors guests

  64. James Gant

    The police have to be held to a higher standard and better trained to deal with looting and to also not instigate unnecessary violence against protesters. It’s training and leadership that’s needed.

  65. irishWK97

    I dont appreciate her talking over and interrupting others when points are trying to be made. Was a decent discussion overall though.

  66. Marvin Smith

    Shes giving me jungle fever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Alan Pitt

    What is the new left and new right?

  68. Ivan Alayon

    Please help us, the American people

  69. Gofast22

    This guy Patton whoever is a definition of what's wrong with this country!

  70. Nicolas Walsh

    That’s a sweet shirt joe has on anyone know where it’s from?

  71. Michael Criger

    Hooray! Three of my favorite people to watch on youtube!!!!! Can't wait to listen to this!

  72. jeffrey mung

    Lmao Joe's old

  73. Refugee

    Anyone else trying to lookup SHIBLETS?

  74. Cory Washburn

    Me starting the podcast: I really hope Saagar debates Joe on weed.

  75. Isaac Is The One

    2:40:00 Don’t know why she said that, there’s plenty of black people in America that are wealthy.

  76. Mr. Lake

    I’m cutting ties from all media including podcast like JRE. I’ll stick to sports and nature shows!

  77. Pink Blush Couture

    Read the chapter 13 book of Revelation talks about this how healing will be performed power given to men. Hear what Elon says about the implant 19:46

  78. Lorcan McSharp

    40 minutes in. This is discourse!

  79. Danny Moore

    Yo. These guys are talking about David and Goliath war strategy.

  80. General VV

    2:18:32 I mean no disrespect in any way but does anybody else think she looks like an alien???

  81. Trey Don

    Seems like Krystal is the only one who really understands why the looting and rioting is happening in the first place....

  82. Ivan Alayon

    Don’t be afraid, we are all in it with you

  83. BayouBillyBones

    Man, Saagar is stupid. “We need to crack down that would have stopped it.” MFer, cops thinking that they were “bringing back law and order” is what gives you the police attacking peaceful protestors in the first place. Listen to Krystal, take a break from pepper spraying 7 year olds and answer the call about looting four blocks away.

  84. Kristof Krause

    Born in Stuttgart. He should get a german passport. It's quite useful I suppose.

  85. Kool Story

    Let's face it... I just want a sexbot that does dishes and doesnt complain Who's with me?

  86. Ryan Merritt

    This interveiw is existential.

  87. Ivan Alayon

    Please interview David icke

  88. Tod Benjamin

    Gu e ss where your off joe... de-escalation puts the fire out, you've got to put out the firestarter... your wrong, krystals right, I'm surprised you don't see that..

  89. okmann98

    I don't always agree with Krystal & Saagar, but I think the contributions to the realms of political discourse and journalism that they add with their show can only be described in superlatives. They are honest, and speak a popular opinion that is too often repressed in traditional media. True journalistic vanguards the both of them, and I take my hat off to their work.

  90. Narc

    It’s like when your two favourite DBZ characters fuse to defeat the forces of evil.

  91. Scott Krants

    TRUTH BOMB: Black D.C. Resident Tells Far-Left Group ‘Go to Chicago’

    1. Scott Krants

      What’s going on is a spiritual battle. The reality is that most of the few cops that are evil, don’t give a crap about what color you are. If you’re black it makes mainstream news and is perpetuated all over the place. If your white or latino it doesn’t. What is happening is class oppression. The people in control and the people who control mainstream media (deep state, most politicians, most super rich, and most people in charge of the banking system), want to eliminate the middle class altogether. They want to make us all dependent so we are controlled and begging. They use racism to cause division. Racism, the shiny keys to shake and look at in one hand …. While with the other hand they are robbing us all blind of not just our money’s but our liberty’s. If you want to hear the truth listen to David Knight, Ron Paul, Jesse Lee Peterson, Tucker Carlson

  92. Scarlet

    Can they come back each month leading up to the 2020 election? These were 2 good guests & I like that this female guest hasn't gotten a lot of negative comments unlike most female guests that come onto Rogan's podcast. For some reason I notice in the comments section a lot of folks don't like the female guests lol

  93. dylan sarver

    1:03:00 solution is national guard only armed with riot shields, cuffs and pepper spray. Lined the side walks and stand there to deter looters and let them protest, peacefully.

  94. Sirrak Cheboud

    love the back and forth between Krystal and Saagar. both have valid points

  95. garrett21

    Hell yeah finally

  96. chris spicer

    At an hour in. She’s contradicting herself and doesn’t even realize it. Idiot.

  97. jonathan melendez

    The military is trained to deal with riots especially military police and even other jobs like mine combat engineer have received riot control training non lethal training mixed martial arts de-escalation training. We're not just trained to kill but also to keep the peace.

  98. Rick _

    So the synopsis of this 3hrs is we need to have a lot of difficult conversations and become politicians so we can get in on that graft!!😊👍 And should definitely vote.

  99. Ivan Alayon

    Joe rogan, it’s your duty to help the American people

  100. J Dot

    Krystal your part of the problem ... you look nice ... but you just don't have accurate answers .