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  1. esther


  2. 지원

    강영현 머리 색깔 진짜 잘 어울림 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. zombiekiller j

    If I had jae's voice I would never shut up

  4. JJ Y

    미쳤다 진짜 뒤늦은 입덕 밤새네 ㅠㅠ

  5. Lisa Nur F

    I like his voice <3

  6. ara tiara

    My love

  7. Senpai Oppa

    We PH MyDays will be waiting for you back here in Manila. Love you guys!

  8. Sungee Sungee

    This Lyric is so beautiful. OMG 🥺💖✨

  9. pemika pin

    Luv it whether version it is

  10. laura mosti

    Che meraviglia! Vi adoro day6

  11. Krista Long

    03:29 01:47 0:34

  12. Aqilla Salsabilla

    I stiil watched this until jun 2020 ^_^

  13. Kay Kay Young K

    When bri bri call himself kay kay young k I busted my biggest uwu

  14. Corazon Padua

    Day6 im not a fan but please continue to make amazing songs. Your songs are so heartfelt and it really inspires me. Xoxo

  15. Sarah El Kamel

    Im not even a fan of day6 but this song just describes me after i lost my dog who was everything for me ... goodbye angel you were my bestfriend and you still i will never forget you buddy

  16. Jemila Saeed

    So relatable

  17. xya jewy


  18. Marvin Gabriel

    Let the demon sing me a lullaby -ME

  19. hihi TM

    3 days in this fandom,yes

  20. Idek

    this is just that song you can listen to and even if you’re really happy, you will cry. you’ve been warned.

  21. Jiminie Pabo


  22. Idek


  23. Nicoletta Bekakou

    i can now sing this by heart lol

  24. Nicoletta Bekakou

    περιεργο που το ξερω απεξω? χαχα

  25. Yiren is an angel

    This song is so relatable to so many people,,, this have to be heard wordwide.

  26. Alvina Malindra

    this song hit me really hard in the different emotional level, as feeling like I know what I want to do with my life but not believing I'll ever be able to do anything close, and I am mostly just trying to make it day to day

  27. park yerim

    im laugh even he's not doing anything

  28. deww

    thx fufufu

  29. deww

    FEEL RN..... why i always feelin empty....

  30. naids urias

    When I listen to this song, it always makes me wanna cry.. but I just can't.

  31. 과제하기싫어인간

    요즘은 고양이가 먹방도 하네요...

  32. Lusiana Ulfah


  33. Endah Bati Purnama

    Jae voice so soft and calm with Korean language and I love it. Haru is beautiful too

  34. 계란

    우리오빠 삼겹살 먹자 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 삼겹살 젤리 말구

  35. Gabi D

    ngl ive been really suicidal lately and with already one failed attempt i will say that this song really gives me some comfort and solace. lets make it through this

    1. Han Saeun

      No.... Stay strong fam. You can do it!!! 👍

  36. Divayanti Sabrina

    Kaku bener mas wonpil

  37. 자두_JAE'D_

    I have no words... his voice is supernatural 😭

  38. laceyy

    Zombie by day6 and 00:00 by bts....😭

  39. jsquared _

    Yes Young K, please just exist.

  40. dreams0929

    한글 댓글 보고싶을 정도로 외국팬도 많은 영케이 ㅋㅋ답이 좀 많이 늦었지만 333333번이요 감미로운거 찰떡이라구요 ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  41. Toitles_Gaming

    im still a new day6 fan but this song literally describes me as a whole im not kidding and i thought i was the only one :/

  42. Dandelion Got7

    Having mental breakdown while listening to this masterpiece

  43. ola k ase


  44. Kezia Soriano

    Em not in the fandom but I love ALL their songs. ✋🏼

  45. Merve Dodoloğlu

    Evet maalesef Türkçe altyazı yok :((

  46. kartika indriani

    Kang bra anda sangat uwu sekalii . .Neomu kiyowo

  47. 刘路西Judy_

    I have been listening to the original song for a long time now and I just discovered Young K too. I love his cover and I really love Day6's 'Zombie' too. Guess I will be a MyDay (am I right?) too

  48. Fina Rudati

    I love this. Really.. 🥺🥺🥺 The harmonization, the song, the melody..

  49. Sara

    2young are the best.

  50. 박제형의 개가 되겠어

    19:26 19:50 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 박성진 왜 뿅망치 가져가서 혼자 때려...

  51. Stephie L

    Day6 siempre me sorprende! Me encanta!

  52. Jaan Choudhury

    So relatable.. just love this song. I think I'm gonna listen to this everytime for years

  53. minhyuk's asscheek

    the whole fucking song is a snack but holy shit, "not alive, but i'm still walking", i am/was a myday since the start by holy fucking shit, ive never related more to their lyrics, ily day6, please feel better luvs.

  54. Willow Whitlock

    what does dowoon say at 1:20 please its killing me omg

  55. soft tofu

    This song is giving me early paramore vibe 😢

  56. رسيل عمر

    Young k pleeeeeeeeese back to rapping u r sooooooo gooooooooooddddd I don’t know why i return listening to “blood” & “hunt” & “sing me” and I CANT STOP REPEATING YOUR RAP LINES

    1. Han Saeun

      His rap in "Stop talking" Is one of my faves..

  57. April Riano

    1 million wow!

  58. Karyn Fehl Castro


  59. stream BTS ON, Red Sun by Dreamcatcher


  60. L1L M00D

    me volvi adicta a este tema :)))))

  61. PreciousRetard

    Why not "and something i cant be" instead of "and something i cant reach", Would flow better, Right?

  62. jae day6 aku padamuu

    Drum singing just got me uwuuu

  63. Lydia M.

    They DESERVE more popularity. PERIOD.

  64. Vinsa Okta

    Oleng young k!!!!

  65. I'm the Real Min Yoongi, No Kidding

    This hits harder knowing some day6 members are on a break. Stay safe huns. Mydays will always be here for y'all. Rest if you must. We love you boos T^T

  66. xuhjung xuhjung


  67. appanisme

    The music makes me bop, but the lyric makes me cry.

  68. Mogkupokupo Kupopopo

    This will be my life anthem. 👍

  69. jaja xiii

    I just recently discovered them accidentally and I have no regrets at all, sure those people who stan them since their debut is so lucky for knowing them for so long! 💕 I hope many people will discover them just like me, I think its not too late to stan them? right?

    1. Han Saeun


  70. l3akakanji

    this is so good

  71. Cho_Bi 131

    Jae's vocal as sweet as honey... So angelic... Love it

  72. moon sky

    I did not expect his low range, like damn, he really has such a versatile voice 💕

  73. yra dionaldo


  74. Nare Chang


  75. Keesha Morales

    wtf are ya'll sure this is a cover because it sounds so similar to the original

  76. Nour 1357

    Day6 never disappoint me ❤️

  77. Daleak Hay

    Omg Thier vocal 😧💙

  78. Rock girl

    "today's a present that I don't want" let that marinate, that's how I feel Edit : 0:23

  79. lliill lliill

    1M 💙

  80. Susie R.

    I just love these guys.

  81. 부산남자가 무뚝뚝하다는 편견을버리세요

    박성진 보고싶어 보고싶어

  82. Nurul Lita

    When Young K oppa got married I cried the loudest. I can't imagine how lucky that woman is

  83. Maia Sofwatunnisa

    these days i was tryna assuring myself that " i'll be okay. im okay with everything. " but all i told myself was just a lie. im not okay.... i've been dying inside, hiding my trueself from everyone else. it feels like im a body with no souls, it feels there's nothing that can heal me. im being hopeless and im afraid of what may come. and while listening to this song, my first tears in this year broke...

    1. Rock girl

      istp vibes

  84. Vianca V

    wth... i just randomly found this on my not regretting clicking on it. its good and have all the things that need to be said for those who have anxiety and depression. i love this.

  85. Z Ø D I A C

    This was one of my favourite songs as a kid Omg

  86. WARP IT

    This song is so touch my heart,I just graduated, luckily i found a job but i don't like it.In my heart i alway want something i can't reach and i don't know the way to find it.This song and "High Hope" song are made me crying while have fate of hope but still sad. I don't know how i end up in this situation is It because of money? is it because of i can't find the better way? or is it because i don't have enough skill to go thru it? huhh I'm became a zombie not alive but i still walking.

  87. Kimmie Blackburn

    This is such a good song and I can feel your emotions I hope you feel better and remember to talk to someone when something is wrong, its not good keeping it inside

  88. Destiny McCreight

    truly no one knows how we feel on the inside cause we are all different. thats why we feel like a zombie. Because no one can relate on our own levels.

  89. Jiminie isTall

    I live for this cover besides i loove coldplay😭💜💜💜🙏youngk i luv uuuu

  90. Cintya N

    Lets appreciate, this Zombie English version is reach 1 M viewers!!!

  91. IM Changkyunnie

    It hasn't even been a minute and I'm sobbing. This jam hit different asf in English and idky. There's so much emotion in this song, it's beautiful. With that they've been through, Day6 is so precious and must be protected at all costs. I love you guys so much.

  92. Dingo Warrior

    I don't like k-pop, but damn! I need more of thiiiis! ♡

  93. Vicky Le

    Whoever disliked this cover i pity you for not being able to enjoy and feel wonpil's angelic voice and how he portrays so much emotion with his godlike vocals 😢💓

  94. Mooork Tuan

    Now they have a song day and night in their new album the demon

  95. Ratu Maulida

    super mega beautiful im dying

  96. Sultana

    Stan Day6 for peace of mind🤧 Been here since predebut and will never leave!!!! My Day forever❤️

  97. Wondeedee

    Me: just wake up Watching this Also me: Let's sleep again Few minutes later: going to kitchen finding food

  98. Vianey Haro

    Amo esta canción como loca, y ahora él haciendo un cover... Esto es demasiado hermoso y perfecto <3 <3 <3

  99. malika kaddouri

    This song means a lot to me. I have a hard time at expressing myself, but this song said the things hidden in me. Unhappy events and the same routine keeps on repeating, I feel like my life is meaningless. I walk and move but ots not like I'm alive. Ignoring my feelings and just doing the things that I have to. I almost lost my life 2 years ago in an accident and the fact that I'm alive today is a miracle, a present that I don't seem to want. Always hoping for my dream to come true, but I can't reach. I can't see it. It's a reality that doesn't exist. I want to cry but the tears don't come out. Yeah, I totally feel like a zombie.

    1. Life's a Beach

      After listening to this song I like to go back & listen to 'Best Part' Lyrically it feels like a counter-balance to 'Zombie' even though it came out a year ago

  100. Lisset Miramontes

    I Love the 3 jajjaja i think you should use the 3 in a random way on the videos jajaja LOVE YOU!!!