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  1. havoc176

    0:19 Muselk! Also the guy in front of Matt raub looks more like matt raub than Matt raub does

  2. Mark. G

    And then he accidentally presses q and drops 1 box on the ground. Good luck universe.

  3. Jeff White

    Just demonetize everything and let people make whatever videos they want.

  4. Joseph Cabello

    This is another example why I love the game theorist, thank yall for helping the community!

  5. Abstract Persons

    I hear that halo music in the background....

  6. Alexander Aburto

    I’m too high for this.

  7. Andrew Castro

    Where's my watch dog legion about protests or those grandma's and asking why they were bird feeders and suddenly became people with spider drones (I do know why it's because it's an rebellion and they want in to)

  8. Rob Siciliano

    MatPat: Asks a question Susan: We are trying to accommodate everyone, but everyone is going to feel jaded in the end. These Comments: *rage

  9. F Smoke

    Didn’t age well

  10. Seth Evens

    I think MattPat asked some hard questions but I feel Susan avoided them all, basically ranting so the timer goes off. I wish Susan would've been more direct with answering and saved the explanation for after. It felt like she talked so much to distract her from what the question even was and sounds like she doesn't even know what youtube is doing with gaming. So respect to Matt for keeping his cool and I hope Susan can improve her and THsel's communication with the creator who rely on this platform to pay the bills.

  11. Zeklijan

    I'm proud to have you representing the gaming community MatPat. I have high respect for you, and all you do for our community. Also, I think you definitely had her right when you said she's stalling for time.

  12. SWOOD

    no words we have can ever describe what this is

  13. android272

    I think you did a decent job holding her feet to the fire. However, there were some answers from her that I just can not accept as true and I wish you would have pushed a little more. Though you're dealing more with gaming and the conversation was all about gaming I understand why you may not know about some issues or be feeling the need to address considering the content of your channel and the conversation. The best example was one of the last things she said. That they want to verify politicians so that their message does not get wrongly mixed up with parity accounts. We know that THsel censored Tulsi Gabbard's account here in the US and she is still not verified. There were a few other things but that's the only thing I can think of right now.

  14. Natalie Tan


  15. Lumikki Cresent

    I just got the Pokémon heroes movie and now I’m crying before even watching it because Latios dies😭

  16. Korafoya

    Incredibly informative video. Thank you so much for making this happen Matpat. I would love to see more of this sort of thing

  17. eric peterson

    Or maybe, just maybe thanks to Skyrim, Fallout, Fable, Red Dead Revolver, players like the "slow time" ability so they put it in.

  18. Coolin Miler

    The Minecraft cactus is spying on them. Cactus sees all, knows all

  19. Kairal Johnson

    I feel like Susan thinks of gaming creators as replaceable. The idea that anybody will come and take the same spot for less money they assume it to be just a hobby and not something people are willing to invest and gain skills in, they neglect the banter, raw editing skill, and skill level it takes to be a content creator

  20. that's so interesting

    Hmmmm, funny, she said she started at THsel 5 years ago... Isn’t that when THsel started its decline into the technocrat censorship cesspool of t.o.s. It is now?

  21. Tejus Govani

    So maybe Qui Gon and Obi Wan are using "force slow" in the phantom menace when they run down the hallway

  22. Gallow Black

    She seems to be a master of talking without saying anything.

  23. spider Dan 21

    Matpat teaches us science more than the school ever did...

  24. Stratilex

    If I thought sister location and ffps ruined the story, they are nowhere near as bad as what we get in the vr game

  25. ELOISE T

    Watching this shows how out of touch Susan is.. and also how she wasn't expecting the questions asked. She was scared, her answers were slightly off, she tried humility and kinda of failed. She doesn't understand WHY she is in the shitter and MatPat has rattled her in the best way... I really want to read a transcript of this interview, piece EVERYTHING she said together to hold her promises, ideas and see contradictions. I want RAW footage like this. It's good, but Susan nearly let slip a few times here and there by trying to be professional (and talking more about advertising and being 'oh *we* have this' when they really don't) but also being 'only human'.

  26. Marko Jenne


  27. Riak Riak

    How is Flappy Bird NOT one of the greatest game birds ever?!

  28. LeonardlLP

    what happened to your hair on the one side of your head

  29. Israel Ontiveros

    Matpat cus yoshi

  30. Sean P

    IJS if there were a Matt pat rants on the couch for 15 minutes channel I would sub to that.

  31. Calle boi Langenkrans

    It is (25262649596836138596736365848)

  32. Awoken Genius

    Noticed you both mirroring each others body language throughout

  33. Wisakedjak Archetype

    Purhaps THsel should split... "youtube" for political and "safe" content.... and *"THselXTREAM!"* for gamers and _not so safe_ content.

  34. NOLA 0977

    Does Matt have an undershave on his noodle?

  35. Julie Waninger

    It's a shame that THsel is so big that everyone at the top is out of the loop. They have been for years now.


    Her: Ask me anything.. 😁 COPPA: I'm about to end her whole career. Her: Nope, ask me anything but that!!

  37. Mohammed Yamaan

    "So lost there faded"

  38. Pangea Prime

    I don't get why they won't let everyone monetize used to let people monetize years back

  39. Travminer123

    Funny there’s a cactus (I think that’s a cactus) on a cactus. Don’t worry about anything else just that moment

  40. Meyene Etuks

    MATPAT ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS Which are questions we most definitly need answers for... MATPAT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS

  41. Keiran Micallef

    Video:talks about channels might not survive Also video:GeT YoUr mErCh NoW

  42. Ailsa Ni

    "We are in the process of creating law" - THsel 2019

  43. Night fireYT 2030

    Like to save flamingo🐵🙈🙉

  44. broetli187 Youtube

    Plasma membran?!

  45. Face Remover


    1. Ailsa Ni

      she could. Great interview. I hope they dont shadowban you from future interviews :P YOU'RE GREAT AT INTERVIEWING. DO MORE!!!

  46. Hi DabPolice

    -oh no- OOF

  47. Bloom Potato

    Even her voice is phony...

  48. Random Pugx12

    Force slow is a less advanced version of force hold/freeze. Force Hold/Freeze, you stop an object, person, blaster bolt, etc in it’s tracks. Force slow stows down an object, person, blaster bolt, etc. Matpat you should stop overthinking things. Also, the force power were you boost your speed, power, etc is called Force Augmentation. However it doesn’t give you super speed like your “force fast “. Generally Force Sensitivities live longer than non-Force Sensitivities.

  49. Liam Colligan

    I find it funny that the pot sitting on the cactus hasn't despawned since it was sitting there. sHoW mE uR hAcKs

  50. krishygaming

    I love DanTDM he is my favorite THselr I am scared

  51. StupidCrab

    Only thing I got out of this video is the fact that Yoda could probably drop 45 points a game in the nba with ease

  52. Erlend Banken

    Why does her face looks stretched out?

  53. ItsLolonnaGames Channel

    OBJECTION!! I object that phoenix wright is not a criminal everybody likes BECAUSE OLDBAG DOES NOT PROVE😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

  54. CubNole

    Susan when are you being replaced by AI? You’re just not needed.

  55. Drake Matsen

    Force bullet time IS in Jedi Academy, under the name Force Speed, for the record.

  56. Joshua Bulmer

    Git Gud

  57. Liam Colligan

    Trial in court < Have MatPat interview the person

    1. Julian Rainwater

      I see you looking at the judge hoping he calls for recess...

  58. Shona Mcmillan

    Organism more like OR- FBI OPEN UP

  59. Monado Boiii

    Remember that times? We were all 10 and watched fckn FilthyFrank

  60. Short Snort

    I thought this was ending cancerous content, not the actual virus. Rip

  61. Jonathan Hoepfl

    Susan Wojciscki: *is in charge of trying to keep more than 2 billion users happy so people keep using THsel, while also keeping advertisers happy so THsel can stay up and running, while also having to deal with the fact that neither side cares if the other side is happy or not, while also having to deal with the fact that finding a solution for problematic content often does just as much damage to THsel's brand as not doing anything, while also having to deal with glitches in a way that leaves users satisfied despite the fact that those users will probably find a way to complain even if the problem gets resolved* THsel Commenters: She didn't say she's fixing all MY problems, so she must be evil! --- I don't agree with every decision THsel makes, but can we try to be a little nicer to the person who, no joke, probably has one of the most unforgivingly challenging jobs in the world?


    Hey Mat if you read this I found out in your video and then watched Mark play on ultimate custom night the foxy ninja thing his eye patch switches eyes and I've never heard that someone's already noticed

  63. jobee gaming

    Comic sans like every time I’m typing on google docs I always used COMIC SANS

  64. wdunbart

    But if there are multiple enemies and you use force slow on one enemy the other enemies are still moving the same speed you are.

  65. THE GOD

    When will you talk about Herobrine.

  66. Alison

    I'm so glad MatPat was willing and able to ask the hard-hitting questions!

  67. Corvus Dominus

    I honestly feel mat pat should have worded everything ambiguously and made is so that no matter how she answered, she would have ended up looking like a monster.

  68. Danpower

    I liked this video just because of the Terranigma music.

  69. Lenore Le`Strange

    Okay Zorg.

  70. Nichsa 444

    Meanwhile that company anime and game want to make first computerized augmented reality and other technology other traditional games like a yu gi oh but using futuristic high-tech card

  71. Lel

    So would that mean we can capture humans in pokeballs

  72. Unicorn Royale

    Ughhh, the 3rd thing i know it but I can’t remember (btw in in year 7 cause we learn it in year 7 in my school)

  73. Noah ramos

    Am I the only one getting really bad dropout problems with this video and this video only.......what's going ON--------------thx

  74. UMNIA

    G’warn MatPat, what an interview. We love you and thanks for using your platform to advocate for us!

  75. Titis Wulandari

    Astray is that a gundam reference

  76. shahram rastak

    Dont we have density?

  77. Abdullah Majid

    11:57 but in ultimate custom night mangle and withered chica said the one you shouldn’t have killed is a boy and you JUST proved that Cassidy is a girl so A:Golden Freddy isn’t the one you shouldn’t have killed or B:the aren’t cannon which could change BIG things in the timeline Edit:Well that’s a waste of time I just saw the next second of the video

  78. kablam star

    Hey I found this while looking through #coppa. It’s a review of coppa law and is discussed by a lawyer who is trying to make it easy to understand. The link (if it shows up) is to his video. I will leave the shows name underneath the link if you wish to search it on your own. This should clear up some coppa questions and can possibly help save the channel. thsel.info/video/widixo/epeylnDIsNWit7c.html Your Wrong About COPPA (Real Law Review). Hope this helps Matt.

  79. Rage Master

    What if darkrai is much like a rattlesnake, giving off some kind of warning as a defense before striking as a form of defense

  80. Garey Grice

    You completely missed Kylo Ren using the ability in TFA.. his was clearly just stopping/ slowing the blaster bolt and kinda throws the rest of the theory that force slow is force fast off

  81. Charmander GamerZ

    Ash and serena is still ok cuz of serena's flashback of them meeting when theyre younger so ya Serena is as old as ash

  82. Aaron Wells

    Dwayne Johnson was verified his first day having a channel. I know some channels that still haven't gotten verified, after years on the platform

  83. John Fougere

    @19:02 Susan: I looked at the stats MatPat: OH DO INDULGE ME

    1. Julian Rainwater

      Indulgence: you're in a good place. Advertisers are nice.

  84. ツPotato

    I actually love when Matpat rants

  85. Santi's Android Gaming

    Git gud

  86. Telcrem

    good luck my fellow creators..may the endgame begin...

  87. Sgt. Wolfenstein081

    I seem to have a few questions. Is she wearing a hoody under a blazer? Did she try to compromise mat's question by saying he plays different games? How did mat become such a badass person? What is with the random minecraft cactus? Why didn't they put a cactus on the minecraft cactus? Did she dodge some of the questions on purpose? Why allow politics on youtube? Is that who i think it is in the audience with the beard? Why isn't there a religion based mat pat?

  88. Abigail Slade


  89. Nih Joo

    To all the criticism she receives, people need to remember that her job isnt easy, she is getting yanked from the left right and center, a lot of people pulling her to shreds. THsel is so diverse, it cant be easy. She has non-disclosure agreements and tech she cannot bring to light and still managed to answer all the hard questions as honestly as she could. Great interview. I hope they dont shadowban you from future interviews :P YOU'RE GREAT AT INTERVIEWING. DO MORE!!!

  90. Pink Cicada

    Big yikes on the haircut fam


    This felt so not normal that I left halfway through the video :P

  92. Chasidah *TheFineArtOfWalkingPoint Fried

    Ask her why satanic themed and pedophilia themed videos are ok on THsel and everyone who goes out from behind the veil with the truth is leaving THsel for patreon and bitchute

  93. Christina O.O

    I live in Germany and now there are almost NO amiibos

    1. Christina O.O

      Atleast in Bavaria

  94. Stratilex

    I would hate to be in that room with her

  95. Axel Nordin

    My bro (bro 1) punktured thru a little bit of my other brother (bro 2)skull(it’s a story!) Alright they were jumping around on a bed (I think) and bro 2 fell down on the bed and the fall made the bed shake and bro 1 fell down on to bro 2’s head. Bro 1 went to the dentist and bro 2 went to the hospital (this happend when I wasn’t even born) They are ok now.

  96. Johnathan Martin

    Dear MatPat, can you make terraria theory? terraria is a messed up game please. that would make me & my little brother sooooooooooo happy. sincerely, teen please

  97. Door _

    For such advanced builders they sure have a hard time killing bosses I clapped when I was 11

  98. Stryke

    I actually hate this interview. Don’t get me wrong, Mat did everything right and his interview skills are on point, but in 40 minutes we haven’t learnt anything from her and she doesn’t say anything at all except that THsel just wants more money

    1. Stryke

      Furthermore, she uses complicated sentence structure and elaborate words to try and confuse the audience and its quite frankly a scummy thing to do

  99. XxAthyxX

    13:40 maybe ness and sans should be *sanes* ?