fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something college graduate clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.
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  1. Leonie Moore

    When do we get an apartment tour ? 🥺

  2. sukii

    oh how i wish i was skinny lmao

  3. rachel kindred

    i hate these outfits now, but you bet your ass i would've been obsessed with ashley if i'd found her back then

  4. Maca Jveschuk

    ASHLEY: Just letting you know that I REALLY fucking APPRECIATE you 💛 your makeup was FLAWLESS in this vid. And you really feel like a vitual friend/relatable person to me ❤️ thank you

  5. Molly whiteman

    me, 14 living in the north west england country side, has never been to america, doesn’t know anything about apartments: yea 3300 is way to expensive

  6. Chloe Jackman

    Looks like it’s 2pm bc there’s brightness that appears to look like it’s coming from the window...

  7. anna cloud

    I don’t “not have clothes” cause I have soooo much I don’t know what to choose. It’s that half of my clothes are dirty and the other half is in the wash and the few clothes I have left I got last year and they don’t fit. Have a great day y’all!

  8. Knock off REM

    Who here is asexual and just watching anyways?

  9. Marisa Terry

    ok that's super cool that your mom is from burma/myanmar

  10. gyuutea

    This video makes me feel so many goddamn things I think this is my favourite Ashley video

  11. Ayulieth Palmeros Meza

    I just wanna know the matcha she used🥺❤

  12. Tania Pandia

    Guys, try DaVinci Resolve! It has a free version and it basically combines Adobe Premiere, After Effect, Audition + color correction tool in one app (I'm still learning to use it tho)

  13. O l i v i a

    Lol I love how you turned smut in for homework

  14. O l i v i a

    I've never thought about mixing different cereals together and eating it. YOU ma'am are a genius, thank you for that.

  15. Uraleafintehwind

    Cheap good editing app: Filmora9

  16. VelvetRose

    Phd means they got a pretty big ego to go with. they think they can jusdge someone else's job because they have some kind value over them because of their brain or contribution to society. This is not true. Your family sounds snobbish. i personally love ur vids and not everyone can be a youtuber or a scientist or elon musks. we all have a role to play and contribute to society. Today, listening to this vid, i learnt that there are some cool girls out there that arent like the crazy gold-digging whores i used to date. just because your fam doesnt approve doesnt make wrong. if anything, they are probably jealous and cant stand the fact that you are doing something they couldnt and doing it well.

  17. Helen Borg

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  18. m.k jordan

    I have a super rainbow outfit and I started to wear it. You really had a hand in that, Ashley, because if I didn't start watching you I probably wouldn't have wrong it. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  19. Salma Metwally

    this is the only video that i watch about closet essentials over and over again

  20. Mae Mercado

    One year later and the tips in this video still work. 😊

  21. Lucy D

    hahaha your capsule wardrobe is bigger then my whole 4 seasons wardrobe

  22. Mr Strawman

    I would literally die for PWB.

  23. Angie And Paisley

    You know its a good video when you didn't notice you just watched a 40 minute video!!!

  24. no thanks

    There are SEX WORKERS who enjoy being SEX WORKERS and 'prostitute' is a slur.

  25. Sarah Bates

    Just found your channel Ashley and damn you are just my spirit animal lol. Your make shift bandaid is exactly what I did moons ago and people laughed, ha! Keep doin you girl! X

  26. heiji

    is the video on 1.5x speed?

  27. Ilya LeBon

    your makeup is INCREDIBLE in this

  28. abigail.

    the way i cut my own bangs but thought i chose a small section and then it was a lot more and AJSJDHFH i hate love my bangs rn

  29. Morgan Casey

    why am i watching thhis in june and quarentine?


    You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen!

  31. Hannah Marie

    I sooo wish I could free hand paint like you do

  32. Jaqueline Delgado

    I personally have an unhealthy obsession with how I met your mother. I don’t feel like it is the most cinematically compelling show but I think it is a very feel- good show, at least in my opinion. They have so many running jokes throughout the show and I feel like it’s very interesting to look at this main character who is portrayed as this hopeless romantic with his group of friends but when you take a deeper look at each of them they all have their issues and questionable choices. I personally found this show to be very funny and so many episodes brought me to hand over mouth tears. The last season wasn’t the best choice of delivery but still recommend to give this show a try. :)

  33. 〔 sonosomi

    loving yourself is always worth it :)

  34. Faith D

    New York suits you so well

  35. Haze Knowles

    Did anyone else cry like a lot after reading that last line about ‘losing your zest for life’?

  36. Maya Crociata

    You did it!!! so proud! :)

  37. Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz

    this queen has ultimate taste!! BoJack? John Mulaney? Amen!

  38. Sue Hart

    Loved the video! Great style and I loved your bedroom! And those matching chairs are to die for!

  39. Wine Story

    Your recommendation brightens my weekends and my belly.

  40. fattysn

    Resident channel pervs😂😂

  41. CAR Jones

    Born in LA County, just moved out of county but still in so. California. Pros: great diverse fancy restaurants to great dives and food trucks! Lots of film theaters, shopping, events, parties, clubs like hiking, biking, name it you can find the club, driving, diverse groups of people and cultures. Cons: high housing prices and rents, driving, dating is near impossible because of traffic, hard to find someone geographically desirable. You can meet someone in LA unless you get their number you will never ever see them again. People in workplace will back stab you in a heart beat. Sexually active is not a plus seems you got corrupted on that note. Too many gay guys. I worked in film and tv for 30 years after I moved one County over no one has asked me what my job is or was, not once! Seemed strange at first because you're right that's the 2nd question asked in LA and then you spend the entire time talking about work.

  42. Erin Herzog

    i love that grid skirt!

  43. moisauce

    the brokers moving away form the camera like: 😦

  44. Malaya Canchela

    Elena reminds me of Kate Middleton ngl

  45. Evelyn Xie

    honestly all of these ugly items are the things that emma chamberlain + all of the other white trendy girls on youtube would say are cute

  46. Rachael Bannan

    She should have written the title like this 50 outfits for GIRLS to wear

  47. hannah ryan

    if you like bojack watch tuca and bertie! lisa hanawalt is amazing

  48. SEW ALDO

    I love the long dress with tee outfits, something I would wear.

  49. kelsey mclaughlin

    am i the only one who likes 1 in 10 outfits

  50. ys m

    You're really kind for sharing this with everyone. I can see you want people to succeed. Thank you!

  51. vasiliki kavv

    Most of the thrift shops in europe are so organised

  52. Charlie and Hali

    I love your personality so much 🙂 you are everything I strive to be

  53. Verónica R

    I love Big Little Lies!

  54. klaudia

    i got dress coded for freakin socks. seriously they were "too erotic"

  55. Sakina Chechatwala

    This gave me a lot of comfort. Thankyou, thankyou so much❤️

  56. Meredith Cha

    Which app do you use to draw handwriting graphics on your IPad?

  57. rappa ____

    M8 I cried .

  58. Ashleigh

    I love this because I feel like I am sitting catching up with a friend, which makes me realize I have very few friends😂

  59. nothing much

    Please make more of these you're such and inspiration

  60. Peach nossie

    Ashley probably won’t see this but I hope you know your an amazing person! Your content might not be everyone’s style and that’s absolutely fine but I hope you know your fans adore u

  61. FluffyReed

    Have you seen Halt and Catch Fire? One of my favorite tv shows of all time, it's deeply underrated but perfect from A to Z

  62. Ms J

    You should consider home interior decoration as a job... You are really good at it 😃

  63. Annalea M

    thats what *laugh* she said

  64. Bubu Boo

    I feel like watching an indie movie and you are the main character. Your videos are so pleasant and enjoyable to watch. Hope you are safe and sound there!

  65. Maxine Fabregas

    I feel like Sarah Cameron would wear any of these outfits.

  66. Jaee Ponde

    I just finished bojack horseman, almost every night I still play mr. blue in my head

  67. M

    great vid!!

  68. Leereep Norah

    Ur so genuine ❣️

  69. Alyssa Barker

    2:38 what’s that one hairy thing from Star Wars

  70. Kageyama.Editing

    Step one: Lose weight



  72. Ellie Wat-Han

    While I was watching this, all the thumbnails recommended to this vid was you and one LaurDIY video 😳

  73. maya laya

    * my nipples and I Heheheheh luv u sm tho

  74. Pien ten Have

    This gives me motivation to clean. But like does anyone know where the dress/jumpsuit at 4:40 comes from? It's sooo cute

  75. Fruitlover12

    I love the part when she talked about the girls in 2100 not knowing about being insecure about appearances, that's a terrific goal for us all to have <3

  76. Anaya Mundamattam

    so you think I'm skinyyyyyyy!!!

  77. Toni Hunter

    Thought this was super interesting and cool love to see more about your editing especially right now with Covid happening and having to send videos of everything to everyone it’s nice to be able to edit it.

  78. Ellie Wat-Han

    Wow thx for the recommendations, p.s where did you get your earrings ❤️

  79. yespleasee

    love u ashley! stay safe! fan from ph

  80. Jillian Setch

    its funny now bc those masks you bought youre gonna need now lol

  81. oyunadawa lokiyisangkim

    best dressed can you tell us about your salary and your financial situation? how do you manage your money? are you afraid you might get swindled of your money?

  82. Alice Peterson

    when you talked abt your sister, it really felt nice to finally know that someone understands what i’m feeling because my older sister suffers from a mental illness and i’ve totally experienced the ‘listening to music to drown out the yelling’ and just knowing someone else went through that is nice. ❤️❤️

  83. tizianalessia

    Wow you nailed it girl!

  84. studypeach

    ashley using tp in the intro aged well lol


    I just sub her channel after constantly hearing f word haha

  86. Shiina

    what if the earthquake will come then the plants and the perfume in your entryway falls down sorry I'm worry about Glasses haha maybe because I'm asian lol

  87. Ragya Kansakar

    You are fucking gorgeous

  88. Ragya Kansakar

    Anyone else want a girl talk video ? AASHLEY ? Hehe I love those videos I live for those Love the big sister talk

  89. HelloDahling1

    Hello 👋. So many random things that I feel so many of us do on a regular lol you are smart enough to capture so many of those moments and really call those feelings out 😉😉. Your definitely not alone with any of those raw emotions. Eye contact is everything ☺️ because it’s just that subtle connection 🥰. I wish you could’ve found a local bae 😉😉😉 or boo thang before any of this Covid -19 started. Many blessings to you everyone out there.

  90. free doom

    When are you doing a new apartment tour?

  91. Kennedy

    I think u look cute with bangs I was thinking of getting bangs but I’m scared it’s going to look terrible

  92. Wine Story

    Indeed today is a good day! That's lovely tip to dress well at home too.

  93. Annalea M

    must be nice to wear spaghetti straps -_- (wow I spelt spaghetti right!)

  94. rania aissaoui

    I'm obsessed with your earnings omg where did you find them?

  95. Elsa Wi

    Take a shot everytime Ashley says "20/30-something"

  96. gr8thx

    the title of this video did not age well

  97. Jing Z.

    I watched this video way too many times, it just really calmes me down and I got in love with Lauv’s song then start picking up my guitar again. Thank you Ashley

  98. DrivingOnWires

    When I clench my jaw, sticking my tongue between my teeth makes it relax some because the body doesn't want to bite down on it's tongue so will reflexively relax

  99. Chloe Cucumber

    Agree with Ashley's remarks on the conflicts of genders' stereotypes. Yet also I feel like the concern she has on the younger and younger teens touching thing that can potentially do harm to their mentality is also a big issue. Also I think that a lot of the part we should work on is to slow down (or at least appreciate it but think about the cons) the spreading of fast culture, tendency etc cuz I kinda feel that in that way people are less likely to put effort on what's actually meaningful and valuable and turn out to overly care about the online opinions without a string, healthy mind.

  100. SierraWeasley

    i love how she picks the apartment that she accidentally stumbled upon 😂