Pu-erh tea, Dian cuisine,
family and friends, best indeed.
Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan local.
Come with me to explore the authentic Dianxi.
The place where rivers and mountains come to life,
where people enjoy eating insects and herbs.
I update new videos on Wednesdays and usually drop my old videos on an irregular basis.

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  1. Fawn Yeung

    滇橄欖, 香港都有類似的果子,叫油甘子。

  2. Poly

    I like your village very much.

  3. RP BODH

    Very bad

  4. Lyn Melgar

    Dawang is very cute

  5. SriRam Chand

    Vegetables cutting is very intersting

  6. 김상미

    영상 올린 첫 날은 한국어 자막 없어서 보다 말았는데.. 한국어 자막 해줘서 잘 보고 있어요~ 코로나로 집콕하느라 힘들었는데.. 힐링 되서 너무 좋아요^^

  7. Rene Ryan

    Ban Chinese Corona Channels 😡😡😡😡😡

  8. Vicky Thami

    Looking so beautiful ❤️ and great cook

  9. Abhi Ram

    Rabbits curry

  10. ᄐᄀᄃ

    希望以健康的面貌长期在一起。 虽然这里是韩国,但总有一天想去。(使用了翻译器)

  11. Krishna Sutradhar

    I like you food

  12. Raja elamani

    Pls take care while handling knife ,

  13. ᄐᄀᄃ

  14. Vivi xiaolu


  15. vikas atkan

    Wow...love you 😍😍

  16. Moslem Aead

    سكر القصب 👍

  17. Moslem Aead


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  19. Yuvraj Ade

    Insaan bhi kam padhjayenge khaneko 1din..

  20. mG_ Alexandra

    How are you? No corona?

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  22. north east

    Her dog is sooo...cute😘

  23. Penny pranowo

    Is the pork kind of raw? Only skin was burned right?

  24. ANITHA S

    You kitchen use the things natural product I like it but no non veg natural food god gift you place you no cook turmeric powder but Indian important and girl face powder use you spices I use pepper tree

  25. LionessProwess

    Thank you for spotlighting Dawang! Timid dogs are misunderstood to be a runt but they grow up to be very smart dogs! I got one that no one wanted because he was a runt He turned out to be the smartest, most polite, and one of our best watch dogs! ❤️🐶

  26. Lungai Panmei

    It looks great and delicious but the raw meat is not my food type😵

  27. Falcone

    There is something calming about her work, there is nothing luxurious yet you feel like she is the richest woman ever. Her calmness and warmth are so clear that I can feel it through the screen.😊

  28. بنين الملكيه

    هاي شلون كتلتها اذا راس البطه موجود

  29. SEY ssa

    I am from Cambodia

  30. Yo Yo


  31. G K MEDIA

    Hi angel I just want to meet u

  32. Erni Noviana

    How pretty u arw dianxi 💟

  33. bhaiji bhaiji

    i love you dianxi

  34. Rizaldy Corpus

    your family is lucky to have you, and your place is a paradise..

  35. huệ em


  36. Ajay Singh Rajpoot

    You eat all kind of nonsense, hope you spare humans.

  37. Abdullah Khan


  38. Jo Lee

    What is the breed of your dog?

  39. sofyan Prasetyo

    🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 hadirrr

  40. SimanDude

    Anyone watching from NEPAL 🇳🇵🇳🇵

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  42. Ysah Radha

    Dawang é muito fofo!

  43. K

    I want to visit this paradise...

  44. Sessizliyi dinle

    hello I invite you to my channel😊😊

  45. สมโภช เสนกุล


  46. Md Juwel

    You aer so butiful

  47. Lê Thị Mừng

    Quê mình gọi là atiso đỏ

  48. Satya Bhei

    Kitna ganda khana khate ho chaines Vale tumne hi korona felaya h

  49. Satya Bhei

    Kitna ganda khana khate ho chaines Vale tumne hi korona felaya h

  50. 마쥬

    저 잠수날 (?) 양념 맛 진짜 궁금... 소포장 되어있는거 보면 파는거 같은데 살 수만 있다면 직구해서 사보고 싶네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 쯔란가루 같은 맛일려나

  51. cswati madhurima

    First feed Dawang n then you can have yours. That's fair I think.

  52. Faust

    You know the food is tasty if someone coughing and sniffing smelling it when you cook

  53. Ashok Kumar

    Nice food

  54. Mukesh Kumar

    Nice kep

  55. guru ji fitness mantra

    She is beautiful I love you I like you I watch her every videos

  56. Abhishek choubey

    These are no human....she looks how beautiful..but her internally organs fucked up

  57. LionessProwess

    💗 Chinese cuisine. I will source these spices to braise meat one day. My parents will ❤️ it! Thank you Xiaoge!

  58. Nightcrawler InMotion

    I remember

  59. Ramya Mozhian

    Please give the food for dog

  60. Marcia Regina

    Eu também gosto de ver elas cozinhando mais precisa comer isso ela tem de tudo na fazenda não precisa disso o sítio dela tem muita coisa pra comer

  61. Positive Pmnsw

    Poor animals 😓😓😓😓

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  64. Channel 74

    Itu buah apa ?

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    뭐여 유튜브 알고리즘...고맙다

  67. गणेश आनंद

    Any time dog time.

  68. PRIYA Nagendra

    The power of nature are animals don't kill animals for your food ...please they may have to live in the world don't eat animals and don't kill animals ...it's my request to all who r like eating animals 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  69. Fly Guy

    I m jealous with your places.natural beautyfull .you really amazing women you can cook everything.

  70. nikul dabhi

    i laikit this video Super

  71. Ulin Nadiyah


  72. R.B. Gideon

    Keep them coming. 👍🏾

  73. Mira Mnd

    wow it looks like nastar cake in Indonesia and Dawang is very sweet and tasty

  74. Hhh Hhh

    Ngon quá, mình o biết tiếng trung,. Rất tiếc

  75. Terri Saulmon

    Love you And your way of life. Missed you while you were gone. Glad you’re back. I look forward to your videos each week.

  76. matrimonial services

    Very nice Mam I m big fan of you I m from India

  77. Vy Thảo

    Đều được ăn hết cả rồi=)))

  78. Madhu’s Veranda(Easy way of Gardening)


  79. Kate Yanzon

    That is "chicharon" in the Philippines.

  80. M S Creatives

    Super video

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  82. karan kumar very nice dog

    very nice video papi

  83. Ashok Nayak

    She is very beautiful girl

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  85. ok and ?

    I think that your videos are great and that you ARE a 5 STAR CHEIF😜😘

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    Lê chua là VN gọi bằng táo tàu mà pk m.n

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    Love from CA

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    Nota mil....toda vez que assisto esse vídeo me dá uma fome!!!

  90. Miriam Bolaños

    Me gusta su huerto es realmente hermoso

  91. Rownok Rupkotha

    Hi..i'm from bangladesh.I love your cooking and your channel, but i cannot understand chinese, Please give English subtitles in your videos.......🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘

  92. Jon Del

    Dawang what a lucky dog

  93. Ambika Rana

    I am Nepali and I love your work skills and your beauty. In Nepali LANGUAGE I want to give you blessing. Dharai ramro gardai janu. It means go forward and achieve success. Love you from Nepal.

  94. Prem Kumar

    Good my daiar

  95. Yuris Nurul Nugraheni

    I love Dawang so much 😍 He's so cute.

  96. Cuoc song that tay nguyen


  97. Merlem Doroteo

    I'm sorry but tsaoko powder is rare in Philippines, may I ask what will be the alternative?

  98. puspa swain

    I heat china


    The ending got me.... That is the worst!! Leaving my dad when it's time to go back to city life is hard. Tears in every seat leaving. 😭

  100. ok salon Nepali

    I luv u dianxi