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  1. Mion No1

    “You’re the cutest co-pilot ever” OMG gray *you’re the cutest dad ever* he deserved 98% tbh

  2. MISSY

    You guys remind me of my cousins. Your so funny . Bet you guys are a blast to kick it with. Thanks for the entertaining videos.😊

  3. Genesis Fuentes Lopez

    Nolan’s hair changed hair color

  4. Aoibheann Bryson

    I’m ten and I got all of the riddles -_-

  5. TeddyB

    Ethan 2 years ago “I’m scared of sharks” Ethan 2 years later “I’m scared of dairy”

  6. Ashley Cerna

    where’s the toilet?

  7. Noot Noot

    ‘I’m crying cus I love my mum.’ That got me 😭

  8. Isabel Guardia

    I literally liked this video on three of my iPads just so they could get more likes.

  9. Emma Gander

    Grayson : Just you, me and Mother Nature Camera man : aM i A jOkE tO yOu

  10. Kerfah Lina

    Omg grayson is so funny when he's pissed 😆😆😆🤣😂


    Anyone else wonder if Gray was actually playing the piano because he can play ok thinking he was

  12. Hawaii _ Paradise

    if only i can take a pic with them

  13. Mathias Bech

    Its fake because the way she moves her eyes No blind pepole move there eyes like that and she can see them

  14. Hawaii _ Paradise

    nxt tour can u guys come to singapore, pretty pweasee

  15. mrsbaldeaglejr

    Honestly, living in a van is a cool idea.

  16. Marta Nagle

    Adopt that caat

  17. QueenGemini3

    Ok, but are we not gonna talk about 2:03?? 😂🤣

  18. Elias Hazboun

    i hate how james is lying and pretending

  19. Bella White

    ETHAN: I lost my hat Me: laughing I almost pee my pants 10 seconds later ETHAN: I lost another hat ME: laughing so hard I cry

  20. Wdew Wedweddw

    Grayson: we hate sharing things Me: u are sharing a house,genes,DNA and the purple couch

  21. Daria Aulich

    Maybe u guys r a littleeeee telepathic, but I think you guys just know each other soooo well

  22. linzie rodriguez

    love the jam but u guys r to big fat

  23. Tiago Pereira

    She is so sweet! I noticed the very good eye contact! Nonetheless great video!!

  24. Ellie Reid-Cox

    the amount of sexual jokes in this video man

  25. kiera b

    hi i dont know if im just dirty minded but why is no one commenting about 22:31. like i thought they did that as a joke but they never addressed it or laughed so...

  26. Tara Bez

    Was that Cameron In the corner?!

  27. Peace.Love.Respect

    You are perfect

  28. Life line

    Nobody: Literally no one: Comments: literally no one Also comments: the Dolan twins were my babies Grayson : we're gonna be doing them Me : lol

  29. Renata Covarrubias

    I love how they have little side conversations not talking at the camera but just talking to each other

  30. vi zeath

    Lol that moment when our crush is typing....

  31. It's Cjayyy

    this is a role reversal compared to the last surgery

  32. Laura.brown

    i weezed a little to much in this video lmao

  33. Aakriti Navya

    Seriously though the slap almost killed me with 😂🤣

  34. Coni p

    I love how shocked they are when they hear the bag prices

  35. NESS

    It’s so funny how bad Ethan is at this and how good Grayson is at this 😂😂😂

  36. Lisa-Rae Maplanka

    The twins with them beards tho. Kinda loving it

  37. Mion No1

    Ethan should cut his hair again coz DAMN! he’s pulling off the haircut sooo good in this video 🥵

  38. fat tabby cat

    would lowkey get mad claustrophobic haha

  39. Terrance Mosley

    what I thought it was no nut november

  40. Kilee Ferreira

    Why do they know so much about fish 😂

  41. drop dead

    2 minutes of silence for story 😟😐

  42. Menna1 Gorrgess3

    only true fans would understand, ETEE-WEE-TEE.

  43. Elena Freixas blake

    you suck

  44. Rodeline Nakila

    What a big dick

  45. SallyandMcQueen

    Ethan: helps Grayson face his phobia Grayson: TORCHES ETHAN SO BAD

  46. Lilia Quinn

    Ok but like he lost both his hats then in the next clip he had another hat on

  47. fat tabby cat

    anyone else EXTREMELY proud of these two? 🥺😭🖤🖤🖤🖤

  48. Fli Vasquez

    wait wait 33:25 isn't that ricky dillon??

  49. Jim Bob

    Jericho the toad

  50. xoxoshamila lover

    I've been watching this video 4 six months and just know had this thought to myself why do they scream with there tounge out 😂😂😂😂😂

  51. fat tabby cat

    can i have a free therapy session with Shane?

  52. Daftar VIU

    still cant get over ethan's "HAH???". too cute, i cant............

  53. Emily

    No one: Absolutely no one: Ethan: *It’s like a house but it’s alive!*

  54. xoxoshamila lover

    Why do i keep going back it's torturing me. 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  55. C l o u d y !!

    Omg this video was so wholesome

  56. Christian Manriquez Vlogs

    You guys should drive a car that’s a cop car but it’s not people let you zoom right through

  57. Rose D

    I also have trysophobia and mesophonia? I've always hated listening to people eat.

  58. Esther David

    Gray is literally giving E asmr lol

  59. beatrice edits

    i know how to wash my car and Ethan doesn’t 🤦‍♀️

  60. Micah Thapa

    Future: will going marry each other

  61. Tamika M

    its funny how these are the worst photos of ethan & grayson but i still find them so attractive

  62. Kailoni Too Coo

    Ethan: what are you doing Grayson: making it Chai also Grayson: its Chai enough

  63. angiis ace

    Me : *being quiet* Ethan: falls of trendmill Me : *LAUGHS LOUD*

  64. Asiyah Yehia

    8:59 please screenshot that😂😂❤️

  65. elguay xD

    Yall need to shave

  66. Raevyn Elicia Adams

    These guys are great

  67. Idk Help Me2618

    So like was Alaia just there and they paid no attention or had no idea she was there or Austin and Catherine take her with them? 😂😬

  68. daniella jung

    It's like grayson is the tarzan of his backyard and ethan is the whiney practical guy in any survival movies

  69. keira houser

    This hit so hard I literally wanna hug u guys so bad life is so hard and some times I can't take it and I take it out on myself physically and mentally and omg it's so hard u guys make me so happy u guys are the only thing that keep me going and at times u guys are the only thing that can make me smile and laugh and happy and I just wanna die sometimes and tbh I've almost done it before u guys are the only positive thing in my life along with my friends that I barely ever see or talk to and I'm just stuck and I don't know what to do u have no one to help me. Thank u for this, this video, u guys make me feel loved and cared about🥺😓😔😭❤️

  70. Maggie Higgason

    Don't worry guys im also allergic to dariy

  71. Lilly_Bug_32578 :D

    1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 1:10 to 1:25 since no one is pointing out the goofball part they cost 1 like tho💕

  72. arvs santy


  73. Shamyca_ Idk

    Um 22:30

  74. OneDead Channel

    When they were giggling they just looked high

  75. arvs santy

    okay im hard and getting harder

  76. will B

    No one: Not a soul: Ethan: i HaVe a PhObiA oF...

  77. arvs santy


  78. Menna1 Gorrgess3

    13:54, That is the most true thing I've ever heard in my life. By the way, I love you Ethan and Grayson you guys helped me with a lot in my life, and when i'm feeling down or just not happy when I watch you guys and somehow my entireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mood changes and you guys make me feel out of this world. I'm just so proud of myself for continuing of watching you guys every time you upload from 2016 honestly, I am truly blessed God has given and showed me you guys. So thank you so much I love you guys and it's December 2019 and I will always watch you guys even if you guys want a break from youtube again I will be supporting you guys forever, just know I care about you guys and that I truly love you guys and you will probably never see this but it was worth writing what I feel to you guys. You guys lift my spirit when i'm not feeling myself and just make me laugh endlessly. You guys are honestly adorable and the best never stop making youtube videos because that would kill me (not literally) but mentally.

  79. arvs santy


  80. Jade Huang

    Should of just got a trailer

  81. Jade Huang

    I love tiny homes aswell

  82. Gummy Bear


  83. cauisox

    ethan being over dramatic is so funny

  84. Grace Schumacher

    I know it has been awhile since this was posted, but I wanna say that I really enjoyed this video. In previous videos, they seemed bored. After they stopped putting videos out every week, they seem happier and healthier. I am proud of them for making this important change. Stay strong and live on!

  85. beedsj roiue

    Nobody: Me: I want this lifestyle as soon as I finish university 1 like = 1 encouragement

  86. xx rosegoldolan xx

    IS NO ONE GONNA TALK ABOUT 22:29-22:38

  87. Santiagoarias


  88. Ryders World!

    Trypohobia is like fr serious like people can have panic attacks from like I have it and my body shakes and my skin crawls like EW

  89. Gummy Bear

    I rewatch this because I love this... If I was stranded on an island and I had to choose between Grayson and Ethan, I wouldn’t just choice one I would choice both- I am a smol bean and I need protection, these men are buff Bois, and they know what they doin, and I don’t, me and Ethan will not help unless it’s food and Grayson will do all the works :3

  90. muskaan asif

    @18:40 when grayson asked ethan "r u ok?' i kinda melted a little bit

  91. Oh Fak

    You in Aussie again

  92. Ellie Milan

    everyone should call this the #dolanchallege

  93. Savannah Price

    2:03 aw Gray's smile is so precious

  94. Susana Cardenas

    I have grayson Phobia I’m scared of small spaces

  95. Julia Burciaga

    Ily guys so much ❤️❤️

  96. Sierra Broder

    I'm so sad they felt so hurt to post this. We care about them, of course this must be hard for them! They're worried about MILLIONS of fans when we really just want them to be happy. Don't fake your emotions, we're a fandom. We support no matter what!!

  97. The Average Player

    Who kept looking at their wieners

  98. Tayler hanson

    Did they put insulation behind the plywood?

  99. roselani hernandez

    100 th time watching this lmao

  100. Allison P F

    7:19 oh hey turtle man