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  1. Huri Karima

    i guess the one who sang it was ebony day not the 1975

  2. kinlaw kounts

    My favorite song this year so far!

  3. Subash

    I made my first song called Somebody Else also, check it out

  4. Sugam Neupane

    This is the same band who released "people" lmao

  5. Lana Conlan

    y'all are really just on an acid trip now huh

  6. gryphon blaze

    He ain't sincere no MO lol.

  7. Blankt


  8. Rbn Crtz

    I hope I have that kind of friendship.

  9. Bobby Treacle

    Thought it was going to lead into the Home and Away Theme tune for a second there.

  10. Alyssa Faith

    I'm so depressed and so genuinely in love with Matty Healy.


    this song aged like fine wine #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JunkTerrorBillNowPH

  12. I Q

    This song will be my love forever .💙


    tininiwniw tininiwniw

  14. S S

    I came here for the RIP Gus line 💔

  15. Jessie B

    This song was how I found out about The 1975 like 3-4 years ago and I heard the riff and his voice and immediately got the Bowie vibes he was channeling and fell in LOVE. I've got a Bowie tattoo and The 1975 is one of my favorite bands now, and this song is still one of my favorites!

  16. Madison Velazquez

    One more time, one more fight... you ever feel like u love someone you hate but can't live without them. She says, "Babe you look so cool"

  17. Bunny L.

    4:07... cool.. i now have a neck attraction now.. THANKS MATTY

  18. AL W

    Holy shit! Epiphany and this song's intro 😲😲😱

  19. stupid memes

    Damn i wish this was 2nd on the official album shit or whatever we would've seen ksi bald

  20. Group Team

    1:15 Sgya!!

  21. Phoebe Lana

    Odd Man Out by Jubilee is *shaking*

  22. sa _


  23. FFF pUm

    Tonight I wish I was your gift

  24. sieh

    i wanna see this live 🥺

  25. lenalena sun

    Interesting band. the gif is from here.. didnt know

  26. Bahar Öztürk

    This is so cool

  27. Amsyar Ariff

    Momo Is In This Song.... She's Not An Meme...

  28. Ewan

    Anyone listen to this while playin' forza horizon 3 back then? Oh bloody good times...

  29. Jisatsuu Sutoreii

    2:24 makes sm sense i agree i like that

  30. emma

    i listen to this song everyday now... it’s sad how as each day goes on the more relevant it gets. BLACK LIVES MATTER✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ACAB

  31. floweringtowers.

    why am i about to sob rn

  32. Amparo Cribas

    So süß!! 😍

  33. GodNotAvailable

    Gotta love that Wii piano music in the background.

  34. Milton .McMilton

    watch the movie true romance and you'll get a lot of this video's references

  35. Anna Qualmann


  36. Michi Reyes

    can't believe y'all bashed matty for tweeting this

  37. BxTekNurd

    I'm here after CHVRVHES version.

  38. in september

    how did they edit this omg

  39. Haikality

    why do always go back to this song for every month in 2020?

  40. asioe kiou

    I really think that the end part where matty was talking with his camera was actually him including us in the video for being in the band as well ❤️

  41. Brandi Sances

    The beginning sounds like dreams by fleetwoodmac that’s cool af

  42. Dez

    love the added oldie

  43. Christine Chapsal

    a lack of voice Matty ? such a cliche ; )

  44. Smoke

    El vídeo es tan *al final estaremos solo para nosotros mismos*

  45. Mayur Sonowal

    This is the most beautiful song of 2020

  46. NK Potato

    Now this is a great social-distancing music video!!

  47. Anhsay Y

    i imagine matty made this himself bc quarantine got to him and he thought he'd try out animating

  48. Maria Vitoria

    cadê os brasileiros??? 🇧🇷🤨

  49. i g h t

    Remember how y'all were scorching and condemning matty for bringing relevance to This song at a time that is STILL VERY relevant? Now most of you guys are coming back saying shit like "YAS MATTY ALWAYS BEEN WOKE" or something annoying along those lines. YOU ARE NOT TRUE FANS OF THIS BAND NOR DO YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Hence why y'all need a cute British boy band to explain this shit to your shallow petty minds. So sick of people online bandwagoning to fit in.

  50. pablo muñoz

    es muy tierna esta canción!

    1. asioe kiou

      gago bat ampogi ni mattyyy sobra

  51. CollinzEntertainment

    R.I.P George Floyd

  52. Esteban Soda

    This song remenber me a girl of only one night and still today dont forguet her... Summer 97

  53. Aleiriela

    My new fav♥

  54. Seth Johnson

    The vocal’s in this are incredible. This band will never let me down.

  55. simplynochannel

    Now have a listen of Crazy for You by Madonna. Promise it'll be funny

  56. Thayra Michelle


  57. Christy Strachan

    monsta x

  58. radical rae //

    if this isn't a be my mistake stoned version

  59. Bianka Kuźnik

    my fav song! 🔥

  60. Öykü

    hey, i'm gay

  61. ailene mae llantino

    u look so coooooooooooooool

  62. Neji - Chan

    2:15 ... Ngl, this is why I love their music so much. Its definitely not soulness, but its very pessimistic and nihilistic at times. Kind of in a way that deads your thoughts and just makes your heart and mind feel like an empty stadium with the music blaring loud, but with nothing for the words to cling onto; Nobody to really hear them. Because it pushes away the thoughts that you don't want to deal with and you just kind of find solitary in the metaphors. ... Idk where I'm going with that lol.

  63. [ evileye ]

    The 1975 has been addressing these issues from before. "We're selling melanin and then suffocate the black men" like seriously, the world needs to wake tf up. Oh and consider how Trump's sexual misconduct, rape + human trafficking is resurfacing following Anonymous's videos which exposed him. At 2:55, Matty says "I moved on her like a b****, excited to be indicted" and the picture is of Trump. The world needs change, and it needs it NOW.

  64. Salvador Gómez Arceo

    Indeed, I'd love it if we made it...

  65. Luis Gómez

    All day I've listened this

  66. Katy Braun

    3:05 they snuck heather into the video and I’m living for it aka singer of Pale Waves. If y’all haven’t heard them GO CHECK EM OUT.

  67. FelcSE

    Every comment: "This song is more relevant than ever now, the anthem of 2020!!!!!" Meanwhile on Twitter: **Matty's account is deactivated after he got so much hate after linking this video to a post he made** ... Some "fans'" hypocrisy disgust me

    1. FelcSE

      @Kiran Dua yes exactly! And it is so annoying to see

    2. Kiran Dua

      @FelcSE i totally agree with you I just wanted to say how Matty has good intentions and is misinterpreted all the time. Recently Eminem did the same thing as him but instead he was praised and there was no negative comment towards him

    3. FelcSE

      @Kiran Dua I wouldn't express it that way though... A big part of the fanbase is amazing and I've met so many friends through it but most of them has, like me, been fans from the start and are there because of the music. Today many teenage girls are there because of Matty and his looks mainly and they "stan" him until he makes a small mistake. Then it is time to overanalyze everything he does and bash him for something he didn't necessarily do on purpose. They find it cool to be ultra political correct in every situation and goes on with personal attacks rather than seeing things from a bigger picture

    4. Kiran Dua

      true they deserve better fans

    5. FelcSE

      @i g h t I can't seem to find it unfortunately but it seems like we are on the same page 🤙🏼✊🏼🖤

  68. ZiroN ElipzE

    Anybody else here because u never heard of the 1975 until ksi and baldski didnt happen

  69. ThunderClap Clap Trap

    The coolest guy on earth happens to be a classy and fresh looking.

  70. ThunderClap Clap Trap

    Danny Who's Danny ( Danny Duncan ) What Who ????? WHO THE HELL IS DANNY DUNCAN i don't know who he is all i know Me and Sam in the car, talking 'bout America Heading to the wishing well, we've reached our last resort And I turned to him, said, "Man help me out I fear I'm on an island in an ocean full of change Can't bring myself to dive in to an ocean full of change Am I losing touch Am I losing touch now?" [Pre-Chorus] He said, "Why why, what a terrible time to be alive If you're prone to overthinking and Why why, what a terrible time to be alive If you're prone to second-guessing and..." Hey pretty smiling people, we're alright together We're alright together Hey pretty shining people, we're alright together We're alright together, he-ey.

  71. dabbatul ardh


  72. dabbatul ardh


  73. Mary Jazz

    The first time i heard this song on the radio i already know that it needs to be black and white for a start


    i. love. you. guys

  75. Juan Campuzano


  76. gonzalo yela

    How the fuck is this a number one album

  77. Stef A

    Only if the world can be like reunited, the world would be a better place ❤️

  78. Julka L


  79. Poonish Sachdeva

    Check out plasmamasterdon he did a cover for your song

  80. Hannah Kitt Gilmore

    tag yourself, I'm the guy who says "That's LUNCH" at the end

  81. Helpumuch68

    Matty doesn’t deserve the hate, this is the best protest song our generation has at the moment

  82. Grace Lauren


  83. Fares.rezkاجمل فيلم مصري سوف يعجبكم Youssif

    Why do you think harry tagged this song into his watermelon suger mv???

  84. Heartbreak girl

    The best song the 1975! 😍❤️

  85. Jeanne ツ

    My dreams be like :

  86. Nedson Guerrero baltazar

    Buena cancion

  87. Ecem Önel


    1. Ecem Önel

      i feel adressed, called out, attacked

  88. simplynochannel

    This is proof of what Sinead O'Connor says: you have to sing in your accent.

  89. Eva Burkhard

    Dear other half, I know you will not read this because you think the 1975 are "nonsense", but I think about you when i listen to any of their songs and just wish the better times back... When you looked at me as if i was everything that held you alive. You had to see me every day, wrote sweet paragraphs when i was sleeping so i could read them in the morning when i woke up.... You were perfect. But now I'm the one holding us together and holding on. Maybe you need your space, but i can't do this. I'm to broken by myself that i can't put you together. I love you E

  90. simplynochannel

    Always late to the party, I've got a case of acute The 1975 Chocolatitis here to report. Like the songs says I cannot stop: "poise it - play it - poise it - play it - poise it!" It's been luike a week already Singing along to it with the accent, without it, glottal stop ("be'er go"), no glottal stop ("better go") (easier with the glottal) Followed Therese phonetics below (genius) I mean this is the best band I had never listened to. I'm kind of glad I didn't catch the song back in 2013. I'd still be singing it. Hope my brain mends... Eventually...

  91. Logan Alonzo

    did anyone hear my thoughts?

  92. Logan Alonzo

    i know sincerity is scary but did anyone hear my thoughts?

  93. Logan Alonzo

    have you heard my thoughts?

  94. Ato Neikha

    Thanks for featuring Mr Bean's teddy😎

  95. Brody Palmer

    This might be my fav music video ever

  96. Fee Lia

    I defend Matty, but instead of talking about him and his Twitter, we should talk about BLM and how to support a worldwide change. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

  97. 吳鴻業

    I was missing the guys (I was missing the guys) In my rented apartment You would think I'd have realized But I didn't for quite some time Started wetting my eyes (started wetting my eyes) 'Cause I'm soft in that department Right then I realized You're the love of my life The moment that you took my hand Was the best thing that ever happened Yeah, the moment that we started a band Was the best thing that ever happened And I wish that we could do it again It was the best thing that ever happened to me It was the best thing that ever happened to me It was the best that ever happened I took a zoot outside In my coat's secret compartment I hear a song and start to cry Pretend it's smoke that's in my eye I don't know why I'm surprised 'Cause we all shared one apartment Man, they were the golden times They were the best of my life The moment that you took my hand (the moment that you took my hand) Was the best thing that ever happened Yeah, the moment that we started a band (the moment that we started a band) Was the best thing that ever happened Oh, the first time we went to Japan (the first time we went to Japan) Was the best thing that ever happened And I wish that we could do it again You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me You guys are the best thing that ever happened You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me You guys are the best thing that ever happened 來源: LyricFind 作詞/作曲:Adam Hann / George Daniel / Matthew Healy / Ross MacDonald 《Guys》歌詞 © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

  98. santos

    It's 2020, & the police is still suffocating the Blackman 😭😭😭 Where is justice??😷😷😷

  99. Sicko Mode

    He is now the embodiment of lo-fi chill hip hop beats to relax/chill to

  100. Airil Naim

    who else feelin sad &depressed thinking about their nonexistent relationship when listening to this songs🙋🏽