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  1. Glory B

    This is what happens when black men actually want to play quarterback ... or put their mind to anything really #Dominate #MakeItLOOKEffortless

  2. abdul smith

    Yeaaaaaaah Patriots looooose!!!!

  3. Quentin M

    truly the best halftime show of the decade

  4. Yung_Grouch


  5. Joshua White

    How can anyone hate these two

  6. k lobosene

    Black womennnn...yesss!!!!

  7. Robert Dillon

    He's Amazing

  8. WeedNugs Weekly

    Please Arizona get Kyler a better offense and we will see the same thing

  9. JoHecht

    Respect for that tackle from Tannehill

  10. Ivan

    How come no one is talking bout that ridiculous no call

  11. Chuck Master

    What happened to those scumbags that said he wouldn't be a successful QB?

  12. Skull island

    "They gona get a superbowl outta me!"

  13. Patrick K

    At 0:47 the commentator says "and we'll see where they mark Andrews"

  14. Amzo Tall

    And that, ladies and gentlemen was the best game of the season! What a ride! Saving into my favorites playlist.

  15. Survival

    Spying on a team makes me wanna pick the Bengals...

  16. BONJU

    Dat boi dea a dawg!!

  17. Nick Booze

    I miss Greg Jennings every day dude.

  18. Little Skittle

    6:44 that was an Adrian Peterson level ankle breaker

  19. Cathis

    The Michael Crabtree and Aquib Talib beef has been brewing for a while now

  20. The Dude

    Too bad that meh Mahomes never worked out

  21. Changa Carr

    i didnt know who to ask

  22. Hawaii Ball Express

    Saints should’ve never attempted the two point conversion in the first quarter 🤦🏾‍♂️ but hey Niners won 🤷🏾‍♂️ CALI BABY

  23. Colton Boyd

    Damn the colts pulled off a falcons😂

  24. Hanna Naegeli

    The frick bowl!

  25. Ghost Highlights

    Announcer: "But there's a man by the name of tom brady" Next play: *HE FUMBLES THE BALL*

  26. Marcos Robles

    ok guys not too fast if we beat bills and ravens then can celebrate... not easy now bills are serious about getting a playoff spot and the ravens are on fire so not easy

  27. Epic

    I wanna see the Steelers Destroy the Ravens it’d be the ultimate satisfaction in the AFC

  28. JaggaSc

    954 family

  29. juanjeezy

    Love baldy breakdown

  30. Aldilan Noorman

    Some people maybe disagree but today raven is like the prime GSW , have one unique player who change the whole game , suddenly all team play so good, the team chemistry is great

  31. Clayton Ingham

    Guys you don’t understand, Garrett was just trying to put his helmet back on Rudolph’s head!

  32. HHopebringer

    I wasn't aware Justin Tucker was allowed to miss extra points.

  33. MR D.M

    Dak and Dez Again into The Pass And Future. First pass, First Touchdown.

  34. Michael Tamares

    Marcus Williams was the niners mvp of this game. lol. Got burned by Sanders,,,,then earned up by Kittles

  35. Tanetta johnson

    So it. He did get me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks

  36. kobe bryant

    Lamar Jackson: it's an african wild dog Interview:Is that a wolf? 0:31

  37. Menum Lor

    Ravens soaring in this games they blew the "Jets" out of the sky.

  38. P Money

    Cynthia: Week 1 prediction -25-21 Cynthia: Week 2 to week 15 prediction -25-21 NFL: Stay tuned next time for another prediction!

  39. Kejuan ThaDon

    Why do they always think all the scores are going to be close tho..??

  40. Adam Taylor

    The Ravens need to work on their defense or they might not win the super bowl this year.

  41. S S

    My dad hates the Ravens but he even says he has to like these two

  42. Jesus Duarte

    I’m speechless... This was cringey asf

  43. Jimmy Jara

    8:55 this weed's kicking in

  44. Eric Torres

    I remember I was at this game in 7th grade !!!!!

  45. phlexxlugerr 1

    vinny *

  46. Vanessa Martinez

    He picks ugly designs for his necklaces but i like the kid.. I really like how he carry his self against the naysayers. S/O to Mark to he's the best hype man lol.

  47. kevin veney

    I luv your breakdown ....i could watch these all day

  48. Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

    Ravens and 49ers in the Superbowl.

  49. Ve'ton Broussard

    Hell yeah they lost

  50. Ve'ton Broussard

    Raven's killed them Jets

  51. Tonimo

    Broncos at 21?!?! They’re obviously gearing up for a 8-8 Super Bowl run, do you guys think that John Elway didn’t meticulously plan the season out?

  52. Nelson Jackson

    This is why I love Tomlin as my head coach he knows how to connect with his players on both a personal and professional level but stays a coach the whole way, and he keeps composure with the media and doesnt give them any ammo against us


    Vick at 22 in this video Lamar is 22 now.. Get that ring youngblood🗣

  54. Kilal Googlestaffers

    @5:53 XD #92 (Darryl Johnson) piling snow on the ball and Colts Center's (#63 Josh Andrews?) hand as he waits to snap. That's cold.

  55. RJ Page

    Bills 31 ... Steelers 3 Quack quack the duck is lame

  56. Christian McAndrews

    Lmao this dude thought the eagles could beat the dolphins

  57. Alfonso Soto-Adame

    Easy win for the seagulls don’t care let’s go New England Patriots!!

  58. LJM_ Munqia

    This is the denver we need back!! Miss my broncos being this good

  59. DatWay

    All those kids wen to Michaels basement

  60. Tyson Parker

    Steve smith mad funny lol😂😂

  61. Alan Wright

    MV lookin zooted in that vid

  62. Eric Mendoza

    With all the bad Officiating in Green Bay Packers, I would pick their cheating team too! Can the NFL stop with the bad Refs in their games against the Bears!! Bears 💯🏈

  63. Cozy Cool

    All you doubters are eating crow now...and most were of the caucasoid persuasion that don't know much about black athletes !

  64. William Wood

    Ed Reed will forever be one of my favorite football players right along with his teammate ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins

  65. Chris Cooper

    Three ass cracks is one too many

  66. DB

    Steelers showed that we don’t need AB or Bell

  67. Rrishhabb1

    I'm still waiting for Gary to buy the Jets.

  68. lil blac Bratz doll

    Beyonce has a whole squad

  69. NWA744

    Why do people even ask Adam Rank for his opinion? The other team could be 0-13 and he would still pick them over Minnesota.

  70. indiecup official

    Here in December 2019 solely because I remembered the airblades during Just Dance.

  71. Gerardo Barron

    That kick was inches from being blocked damnnnnn

  72. Richard Cartahena

    Sunday Night Defense wins it..Go Bills!!!

  73. G L

    No Santonio Holmes SB catch??? No James Harrison SB int??? No Lynn Swann, no Stallworth??? (I'm a Steelers fan!!)

  74. Ananya shree

    MJ created halftime show.😍🙏👑🐐❤

  75. Karn Liberated

    Ive been really liking this man watching him at Louisville then seeing him get the Heisman and just being giddy like a kid up on that stage, to seeing him now win the NFL MVP. Just awesome to see, great dude and great player all around. Lamar Jackson go get that Super Bowl.

  76. Izaya Orihara

    Everyone: THE PATRIOTS GOT SCREWED OUT OF 14 POINTS You idiots do realize that the bad TD call on Harry happened on the drive literally RIGHT AFTER THE FUMBLE THEY ONLY COULD'VE GOTTEN SEVEN YOU MORONS AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO NOTICED THAT Also there should've been a flag on Edelman for a block in the back on that play so the TD wouldn't have counted anyways

  77. Sean Dougherty


  78. xAceMCcloudx

    The fact that they have Steve McNair and Eddie George pictures in almost every td score makes me smile. I know air mcnair is looking down on tannehill with a big smile on his face ☝️

  79. LJM_ Munqia

    Miss these broncos man

  80. Gabphin 136

    Dolphins are heading north lol, they're staying north cause we played the Jets in the same stadium last week, Giants will win 33-23

  81. Brownstone

    Don't relax against the Falcons Niners

  82. Jack Black

    I love and hate winston

  83. Abinash Pal

    Last camera move was awesome

  84. ivan urias

    As a Chargers fan, i am looking forward to a good Game, but i rather get a good draft pick than a meaningless win. And thielin is playing along with everybody else, and this vikings team is healthy

  85. Eric G

    Anyone else notice the Ravens used the same Belichick loophole against the Jets during the mid Q4 punt?

  86. xAceMCcloudx

    This is where the rally started

  87. Fighting Thumbs

    "15 years bro" 😅🤷🏽‍♂️ Enough said

  88. Elizabeth Smith

    Bet he's looking back at this and realizing how wrong he was about the niners.

  89. Jeffrey McKinney

    Xmas! The very problem with the world. Merry CHRISTmas.

  90. Phantm

    Let's be honest here will the ravens get knocked outta #1

  91. RaQuielle Adams

    They should add more flags to the body to make it more interesting. 2 flags is way to easy to miss.

  92. Lord Drakkon 7367

    Watched this game live, re-watch it all the time, but man it's still unbelievable this game happened

  93. Key Swish

    Can she pick a team to win a score 30

  94. The Fate of Slate

    Even though they got payback in 2017, it still hurts that Donovan never got that ring

  95. Real BiggunnitEG this a big hit

  96. cory owens


  97. Jham

    Go Lamar!

  98. Lena Caranfil


  99. Jham

    Go Lamar!

  100. Gabriel Jacobson

    How are so many teams gonna score 19?!