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  1. Tobi Fighter

    I love mane! No homo

  2. Fajar Torres

    very very very very niceeeeeeee

  3. K L

    I love our little one season wonder!

  4. Iman Hasan

    miss you liverpool fc

  5. adhm hany

    Love you from Egypt ❤️😍

  6. PES Highlight

    Love vandijk

  7. michael harrison

    Wolves were unlucky

  8. michael harrison

    Adama was running wings around van dilk

  9. Waeel Ahmed

    5:32 Just WoW😮

  10. Md Saiful

    I am frome Bangladesh i love rierpool

  11. Mukono Branch


  12. Michael Chai

    Oh look Adrian not getting anywhere near shots again..

  13. Waeel Ahmed

    00:30 😅😂

  14. Alexandar Markovski

    This makes me jealous

  15. Josiah Abiezer

    damn those midfield, Mascherano Alonso Gerrard

  16. Gabriel Ramirez

    It works thanks!!

  17. Alan DS

    Tem brasileiros aqui? 🇧🇷

  18. 이정희

    I love liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Simon Lozano

    Estan felices, lo unico bien que hiceron en su vida

  20. Teerawat Palung

    Xabi out Aquilani in​ Benitez good​bye

  21. Matty Carruthers

    Am a Chelsea fan mate 💚

  22. ashku27

    4:49... that footwork...

  23. Sick Clips

    I love the fact that half the players there didn't even step on the pitch

  24. عبدالله سالم

    5:35 Look at moooooooooo

  25. Leo I

    This is LIVERPOOL!

  26. Rachida Abdel lah


  27. takari

    南野 頑張れ!!!

  28. Abd Allah Mamdoh

    Who see that the first goal that salah got in the training is amazing 😉 ❤️❤️🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🌎🌎

  29. 이진욱

    I Like Japanese 😍🇯🇵😍

  30. Melissa Mota

    oi sala ta tudo bem aí eu só seu fa

  31. Natexiety

    Anyone know the commentators name

  32. Mark Kinnersley

    James what about Game of Thrones. Made in Belfast !

    1. Mark Kinnersley

      just realized you’re only considering comedies which it obviously isn’t

    2. Mark Kinnersley

      and you’ve got me craving Ribena again. Do you know how much it costs in USA where I live?

  33. Haba Saady


  34. doing stuff with sarah


  35. Putra bakti

    Maybe if stevie still play right now and play with his best performance people will call him overrated, i just can’t understand in this era why every good player people will call them overrated, the example: Virgil van dijk, trent, sancho, halaand, allison, and moh salah

  36. irepWESTofLONDON

    Well done Gini ! Cemented yourself in Liverpool FC Folklore ! Been consistently class for a long time now, and nobody will forget those Barca goals Enjoy the trophies :)

  37. Rayyan Khan

    Barcelona kinda cheated so

  38. Thanos

    Wonder if he thought his tots or toty could be higher?🤔

  39. محمد حسني

    My name is Mohamed, I'm from Egypt, I love Liverpool very much especially Salah and man'e

  40. spicenug

    'Don't change if your winning games'' LOL. Nice excuse there Trent.

  41. John Batziolas 7 Γιάννης Μπατζιόλας

    He’s gonna become our future Champions league, super cup, club World Cup and premier league winning captain so mmmmmmmm

  42. Medo Elgendy

    Mo salah i Love you

  43. Kamel Ahmed

    Allison saves Gini Weinaldum shot Gini: don't disrespect me how can you save the ball like that

  44. Juan Fernando Vélez

    5:21 best goal of the training

  45. Melinda Colella

    03:18 03:04 04:12

  46. Itachi Uchiha

    I got happy watching this 👍

  47. iqbal dwi maulana

    To gethere and solidarity.

  48. iqbal dwi maulana

    Fantastic moment 😭, me from indonesia. 🇮🇩

  49. Kudakwashe Nyakatsapa

    Football is life...

  50. aamish anwer

    0:50 Pura khyal rakh rha hai yelog 😂😂

  51. Evan Leach

    Allison ????

  52. pav Nar

    Omg I miss these days! Old is gold YNWA ❤️

  53. Imelda McIntyre

    Cant wait till 20th our game with Everton. Let's dream for a minute if we win and MC loose we will the PL..UP THE MIGHTY REDS YNWA

  54. Nursultan Attokurov

    Our GOAT!

  55. syrus58

    11:24 the best moment of my life

  56. Phil

    No player has a god given right to pull off a side footed low shot like when travelling at that pace. It’s scary.....his core muscles must be of superhuman strength.

  57. Moctar Kébé

    The Work is good

  58. Salman Zaki

    3:56 - Xabi Alonso ended Chelsea's run of 86 unbeaten home League matches with that goal.

  59. Ронай Дневной свет

    Stay Strong, Stay With Love + Be Entrusted To GOD. YNWA!

  60. Ронай Дневной свет

    Klopp is Liverpool's luck and the pride of the team.

  61. thekop 1994

    Man this brings back some memories 😊

  62. Kenneth Drewary

    15mins of goosebumps,. Magic

  63. Farid Firmino

    I love U Klopp I love Player I love U Big Family🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 YNWA


    Whats the point of having them sit 6 feet apart if there just going to play on the field 0 feet apart anyway but maybe im just trippin

  65. goleshnik

    Allison💪🤙 Favorite Goalkeeper!

  66. Damario Majaya

    19 title league...

  67. Tulisa Culli

    Impressive goals and assists from Liverpool players

  68. Tulisa Culli

    They are back to training

  69. DAVİD Macit

    Liverpool istanbulu sever

  70. Biang Accecoris

    Liverpool without salah vs amateur noob player 1:56 the jackass

  71. AlnStn

    The thing with Becker that’s amazing is he catches saves so easily and if he pushed it away it would of looked so much cooler that’s why people don’t put that much respect on his name

  72. Saurabh Rai

    Big part of our school days!!! absolute legend and what a role model

  73. Petr Stárek

    Yes, premier league is back WE GONNA GOING WIN THE LEAGUE

  74. Manchester United

    Faltou o alisson

  75. Bogodo

    finally liverpool is back

  76. Tudor Moldovan Pop

    Wait we forgot Alisson

  77. Aaron

    15:46 i remember watching that and my heart skipped a beat *el nino* xo

  78. terry phidaheights


    1. John Cornell

      Dont be silly. Nothing to do with 1985. Juventus fans were also at fault too anyway.

  79. Karan Rai

    The best midfielder, period

  80. Pedro Costa

    Without Alonso and Hyppia, we lost direction. There were no replacements for Gerrard and Torres when they got their injuries; also N Gog became the immediate sub for Torres. Jesus, that guy gave so much nightmares. How could Benítez insist in such terrible players as him, Kirgi, Babel, Voronin? We had no bench, and It costed us a Lot.. after that, dark times came. I would have loved to see Gerrard playing under Klopp coaching...

  81. Nodirbek Mirzayev

    Super Coutinho

  82. Nodirbek Mirzayev

    Super Liverpool

  83. Nishant Lama

    Peak of his career

  84. Ali haktan Taşoğlu

    Nice comeback but greatest ? 6.1


    Stupid club ... Liverpool


    Respect Fenerbahçe 💛💙

  87. Hanlin Zhang

    Pennant was a baller

  88. sinak 03

    Firmino got that hair going on m8

  89. sinak 03

    Dej and Salah best m8s

  90. Jan Nowak

    I hope i'll see such brilliant lfc goals in 1/4 finals of CL soon...oh wait...

  91. St Nrsyh

    Who is the guy at 1:02 min????

  92. Дильфуза Камалова

    ЛИВ 4-3 БАР . Мы скоро отомстим , ей фанаты ливерпулья скоро вы будьте плакать.

  93. Ashim Magar

    Well this was the final !

  94. Coach Technique

    going for my football coaching interview job tomorrow here in Melbourne Australia for u15 boys and u18 girls head coach. I get so much inspiration from all the traning you put out thank you. Im sure all coaches dream job will be to coach at Liverpool one day, I would even wash the kits if it meant getting a glimpse into what it takes to manage a great team. GL with the season

  95. tef tef

    I love this big club and players 😍

  96. Sandiaseca osisandiaseca

    Is a good video

  97. Saed Smokey

    02/06/2020 🔴🔝