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  1. GTRSv

    Him and Andre Johnson picked the same team right?

  2. Nate Seng

    Love that more and more people recognize that he's an incredibly valuable asset to a championship contending team. Makes great plays on both sides of the court. Hope he gets more minutes come playoff time.

  3. Michael Granado

    It's going to be a long time before another great comes again, you're were the greatest Kobe.r.i.p.

  4. Eli

    His passing is so fucking incredible

  5. The Maven

    😂😂 What a cool cat👍🏻

  6. Northside Benji

    Bro I thought he was sum 32 year old he sounds so young

  7. TOP TEN

    She is so beautiful lord Jesus 🙏🏾

  8. ESL Notyoavrgboy

    I’d rate it a 9 out of 10

  9. Happy Hearts

    That's the reason why we call him "GOAT". He is clutch !


    Boy the 🐐

  11. Jose Alvarado

    I couldnt stop laughing when Shakira appeared out.🤣🤣🤣

  12. First Name

    I’m going Shaq / Gasol / Harry / Kobe / Fish

  13. ashanti mason

    All these dudes in the comment section talking trash about what they would do etc and I’m sure the girl and many other girls can take y’all ass anytime 😒🙄

  14. Manuel Coichy


  15. Muatoa Toomata

    goodbye my idol kobe bryant or will forever be my favorite nba superstar or the way from New Zealand

  16. Wanderlust

    Alex Morgan, Rapinoe, Biles, Serena, and Tom Brady

  17. Wanderlust

    Kobe + Westbrook + Harden + Carmelo + Iverson 150 FGA a game 33% FG%

  18. MarinRayado

    This finna be the WCF 2020

  19. AssholusSupremis


  20. Daniel Nava

    This nigga said I haven’t done it 💀 10:10

  21. CoolCarl33

    He has an A+ teammate grade for sure.

  22. CJ Cerniglia

    Thank you for blessing my eyes with this compilation of the goat 🐐

  23. King Chris

    Who is here after Patrick macaw 3 peated

  24. Daiymian

    3:38 handles so tough he damn near crossed himself and STILL scored

  25. Doug Lents

    If this comment gets 10 million likes on payroll $100

  26. CAM-B

    How many young people and any aged people is gonna take to die, until trump or the society of America in general, to realise that if you don’t sell guns in the local shop this shit won’t happen

  27. Hidden Arizona

    When it comes to drama, it's hard to beat the Hickory Huskers--both the movie, and when the movie happened in real life.

  28. Scott Doherty

    Who tf edited this? Fuckin audio is off alot

  29. Seyed Bastaki

    Rest & peace kobe kiki

  30. ERI -10

    Hero 🦸‍♂️💯

  31. Gehrig Merrill

    Now I see why Jeremy Lin ain’t get no playing time for the raps last year in the playoffs

  32. Randy Suave

    Every one took a huge gasp on the second bounce off the rim

  33. Bongo Boy

    The fact that they continuously brought back the same horse and used it as a major plot point is amazing

  34. dominic ettson

    “The heat have scored 30 points or more in all three quarters and they get 34 in this one” as the Heat only have 88 points

  35. Ty Roland

    Voice of an angel.

  36. Matis Côté Hinse

    Yo the reason they sold Gordon is because jr got sold at first.... he did a free throw windmill and didn’t got a 50

  37. Ty Bandzzz

    People said I shoot like Blake griffin is that a bad thing😂😂?

  38. D M38

    Lebron's Bball IQ is the biggest ever

  39. Gabriel Holub

    12:03 04:25 27:37

  40. A- Truze

    The snake eats a snake

  41. Ramon Briones

    Carl Winslow killin it!

  42. Anton Riley

    It'll most likely be official tomorrow that this was his last game.

  43. Hyrum Faber

    Michael Jordan can be the Best of All Time, but Kobe, he’s the greatest. Rest In Peace to the GOAT 🙏🙏 🐐

  44. Egg TBD

    Perfectly sums up Lonzo's career as a former Laker so far.

  45. 6rofoni 5lim

    2:53 jelly god 🍇

  46. 6rofoni 5lim

    2:33 obvious double dribble 😂

  47. Londa1027

    Where's his sidearm?

  48. Mosmeister 94

    Best one

  49. Bruh Moment

    Ironic that AD is now teammates wit Bron

  50. Joe Forte

    I hope he makes it to the NBA the Filipinos love their basketball madly and they deserve to have a pro it would be huge for them

  51. Foot Ball

    Maybe it's just me, but shooting with one hand ain't nearly as hard as you think it is. I have two- I just ALWAYS release with one arm. I have defense and 3s, lol. He's all around talented.

  52. Jared B

    ...get that man a protein sandwich.

  53. Blake Westbrook


  54. my name

    One of the greatest all star games in awhile. Rough old school, drive in basketball! No pure 3 pointer attempts

  55. Diakite Dian


  56. WOLF Gaming

    kc kc kc Kc Kc

  57. Egg TBD

    AC is taking the Lakers' tradition of having amazing token white dudes to a whole new level. No wonder he's the white Mamba.

  58. Just Me Qk

    Gotta go for my mans Myself

  59. Cheezey HD

    I hate the Patriots

  60. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    “You can not stop him, you can only hope to contain him.” damn straight.

  61. Jashan Reeves

    Damn david got a fine ass woman with him....good shit

  62. Archie Craigie Halkett

    Messi and Ronaldo are so much better in 442oons.

  63. Rick Nash

    No one takes it right to the hole like Paige. She can finish with either hand in traffic ala Gary Payton and draw fouls like harden. A special talent.

  64. Brittany Owens

    Aaron Gordon should have won.

  65. SusKid

    That deep 3 in the 2017 finals game 4, I will remember forever

  66. mulkster39

    Lol the best duo ever on tv!

  67. ksks djjd

    go practice loser

  68. SilenceFTW

    I saw this video in suggested and I was like" maybe just maybe the comments won't all be about the moment". they all are.

  69. Silent Bo

    I hit the bong on the same way 🤣

  70. Aaron Gonzalez

    Who here when the NBA is closed

  71. Messi Shaanika

    Tiffany Haddish 🤤

  72. Marshall Sedano

    Last Lakers game before coronavirus pandemic

  73. arhan ozgur

    Whattttt charlie and dixie damelio what did they do in there ( oh there is addisonre to )

  74. Nolan Zuchini

    It's also called nutmeg in basketball?

  75. Charles Dana

    Le 🐐

  76. The stat Kid

    Censor: my favorite moment in the nba was when lebron went to the heat and lost to the Mavericks Me: lebron hater ugh Also censor: lebrons my favorite player Me: this dude

  77. Barack Obama

    I could watch this video all day

  78. Juice Company

    Larry bird would like this

  79. Jay Ousley

    He’s a problem kid. So effortless comes with ezz.

  80. MrSpor88

    shaq is just a cool man :)

  81. Ivan Maldo

    I wouldn't expect her to be the no. 1 basketball player in the state, but she really better make the WNBA because she would be the Michael Jordan of it.

  82. Jay Ousley

    Best handles in the league on god. The bus driver aka Uncle Drewww!!!!

  83. teddy smith

    The trailblazers got away with so much. I’d say the jazz deserved this win

  84. teddy smith

    Everyone’s talking about how disrespectful gobert is for celebrating a win. It’s not like any other player would do the same.

  85. say hello to my little friend

    How did LeBron missed this open lay-up??

  86. Joaquín Jiménez

    1:58 This is when KD decided he had to leave the West

  87. Silver

    Imagine if kd and serge joined the rockets right now

  88. zachary vansteinburg

    *winks at camera*

  89. AverageWhiteMan

    Linsanity was fun to watch but why the hell is he even on this?

  90. joe m

    What I've learned from this video is JJ redick has 0 speed

  91. Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian

    Charles talks as if he would have beat Shaq in a real fight. I think this horsing around lets him know that he would have nothing coming.

  92. Joshua And Brenda

    I wonder if anyone in the house ever told anyone what actually happened

  93. Tyler McElwee

    God I can't wait till basketball comes back

  94. Bryant Snyder

    I respect LeBron greatness but one things I do not like about his game. he doesn't play off-ball he doesn't do the fade away or play in the post against smaller Defenders Let the point guard do it job and at time he makes harder than it have to be.

  95. El Chary

    Robaron el campeonato eso singa su may

  96. Beckett X

    Anyone here when the bucks and Lakers were the best?

  97. moshe dan

    I love the film

  98. KLR26


  99. tony 2x

    Anybody know where shaq was going before he was pushed into the tree?

  100. David Levison

    “I’m 38 years young”