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  1. Liv Kimber

    Does anyone else feel really not Christmassy ❌ 🌲

  2. meagan ellis

    Anyone know where her jeans in the try on are from?

  3. TheKalifee

    done. ι aм ѕα∂ ωну? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrιιend <

  4. baddie maddie

    the alcohol in the backseat of her car bye

  5. Sophie

    i cant believe eggnog is a real thing WHO DRINKS EGGS?

    1. Tyler

      Probably the same people that eat eggs as well.

  6. maddison harrop

    Literally where I am it’s 11 degrees and below and that’s kinda warm to me aha

  7. bee max

    Remember the sister squad Christmas video? 😟😟😟😟😟

  8. Julia Nazaryan

    Say wtf you want I love her hair💗

  9. MAD Ventures

    7:07 love the way she's sitting 😂😂

  10. Cody Bourke

    never been so happy to see someone upload 😍


    U forgot a bunch like Alfred, Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, BK and other FF spots

  12. Katrina Kelly

    Literally if you just put a single string of lights on that tree instead of the nonhooked ornaments it prob would've been easier and it'd make it much more festive...and I totally get the depressed thing in the winter time. And the lights could possibly help with that, maybe, just a tiny bit. Lol ✌🤘💋

  13. Nina Lilou Caciulatu

    that tree so ugly sorry

  14. ALEXxpress3

    Emma notifications gang checking in

  15. Jess.04

    9:55 had me in stitches 😂😂😂 Declan making a quick appearance lol

  16. Courtney Clark

    Heads up you have to let the branches settle a hour before you decorate it. But you tried it looks cute ❤🎄❤

  17. Reem17 GT

    No one: literally no one: Emma: IS THAT SUCH A CRIME!

  18. Samantha Holmes

    "This is why I hate the holidays, this is why I hate myself" same

  19. Aida Ray

    Your sweater brings the color of your eyes out 😍 and your nails 😭😭🤩

  20. Your_ Mum

    Ok can we just say that color looks great on her 👏❤️

  21. Mihriban Beyhan

    Kinda early

  22. Isabela Vlogs

    that green sweater made emma’s blue eyes pop like crazy wow

  23. Bella G

    her videos aren’t interesting anymore.

  24. Josefine Bay

    Where did you get your sweatshirt?

  25. TheKalifee

    done. ιм ѕα∂ ωну? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ girlfrien *

  26. awieniche !


  27. M Teasdale

    This video reminded me of how last year the sister squad decorated a gingerbread house together 😢 Hopefully is 2020 there will be a reunion

  28. PAige Jones

    Santa could be real

  29. Rune de Beer

    what a content like she posted like 2 days ago love it

  30. Tommy Styles

    last christmas we had the sister squad and now they arent even friends anymore

  31. Bepbep is bae

    Is no one gonna talk about how she got sponsored by Yahoo Mail?

  32. Annemarie

    Emma: iTs beEn sO coLD in CA it wAs likE 40 degrees Also Emma: I might as well move to NY People from Ny and CT: Are u sure bout that?

  33. olyvia swims

    All those decorations were actually so cute. Emma’s fEsTIvE

  34. The Bride

    YES to the second cat!!

  35. Tyler

    I was playing this on my TV and had to turn it off because she kept saying that Santa isn't real. My two young nephews heard her and I had to console them and tell them that she was lying 🥺 I'm actually kinda pissed that she potentially robbed people of their childhoods early because I KNOW that young kids watch her 🙄 and there's also people like me who watch her videos with children in the vicinity.

  36. Alora Gonzales

    I live in Texas and 46 degrees is still not that cold to me.....

  37. Lori Torres

    9:55 best moments

  38. K Poinsett

    If you want to watch someone slaughter all coffee places, watch this video

  39. Shayla G

    “Happy Holidays bitch”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. Ella Mae

    emma, little bit of advice cause i don’t want anything to happen. apparently if you don’t water a real tree enough it will set alight because of the christmas lights. it’s been said that it will light on fire quicker than paper or some shit. just make sure you carful x

  41. xeniya green

    That green sweater is making her eyes pop. So pretty

  42. Amanda Lopez

    Where are the lights for your tree that’s what makes is pretty a good feeling

  43. Aurora Montgomery

    My mom says santa is about giving gifts without the credit of giving the think of it that way.

  44. Beet Cinema

    Wait, Santa isn’t real, I thought those kids just didn’t believe

  45. Jasmine

    who else is kinda disappointed that she didn't wish the twins happy birthday :(

  46. iiAsh_potato

    i wanna be like emma when i grow up because my life rn is just sad. i wake up, go to school, come back and eat, do homework and go to sleep and thats it lmaoo

  47. M

    sis 46 degrees in colorado is a blessing

  48. 2ChordPublishing

    done. ιм мα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ girlfrien <

  49. fab linita

    Happy holidays bitch 🎅

  50. Lily Robertson


  51. Cesar D. V.G

    Being from the Bronx I have to be honest Emma is my guilty pleasure 🤕

  52. Haley H

    Starbucks uses un Sweetened almond milk.... Put some sugar in it if you don't like it.

  53. Andrea Velasquez

    Angry Emma strikes again...

  54. Andrea Sorca

    y’all saying “40° IsnT EvEN cOlD” SHUT UP i live in vegas where it gets up to 115° in the summer! 40° is cold to people who grew up in warmer states!!

  55. Aniya Coleman

    Emma: Santa is not real. IM SORRY Rudolph: aM i JOoke to u

  56. Jasmine

    are we not gonna talk about how nice this editing was?!

  57. sanjay saxena

    done. ι aм ѕα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw eммa dмѕ *poor grayѕon <

  58. Abraham Lopez

    her skin is gloooowing peewiodt

  59. Leah Adkins

    Watching Emma eat those cookies made me want some cookies 😂🍪

  60. No

    I love winter Anyone else 👇🏻

  61. timi b

    Wait isn't eggnog alcoholic? Here in hungary it is.

  62. DaMintGamer

    sadly i have midterms this week.... rip me

  63. mace

    She seems so depressed lately.

  64. Maria Bailey

    10:32 Emma say goodbye to your tree Declan 's fascinated😂😂😂😂

  65. Joan Hall

    Why do Emma’s videos alone make me sad for her? I feel like she’s lonely.

  66. SOSけんと

    I’ve never thought Santa was real, while my parents tried to convince me but the gave up.

  67. Karen C

    Christmastime in NYC is magical ❤🌲❤

  68. Lejla42042 / Maya

    Emma: it’s getting dark at 5pm Northern Europe: chuckles in it’s getting dark at 1pm (‘:

  69. Nivek Dowman

    done. ιм мα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ poor нιѕ gιrlғrend <

  70. olivia pratt


  71. Iqra Chattha

    I had a kitten, same thing, at my moms house so I got another on and guess what, they're both ripping things apart independently. Live on my own now with a husky now because cats are evil.

  72. Hayley Calarco

    R u ok

  73. Lily Robertson

    your skin looks great!!😍

  74. Ellie xo

    santa is real

  75. afnii

    I hope we get a gorl gang Christmas video

  76. Christie Reeves

    It’s currently 79 degrees in Texas and Christmas is in 10 days 🤦🏼‍♀️

  77. TheKalifee

    done. ι aм мα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw єммα dмѕ *poor eтнan *

  78. Laura Amy

    Emma: 1:38 Also Emma: 1:48

  79. Raegan Clark

    i have never stopped stanning, this is the content we signed up for!!!

  80. Anke Verbist

    i really do hope there are no little kids watching this video. if so: SANTA DOES EXIST

  81. Kyra Hurrle

    My dad and I went to Walmart and he bought a tv for my brother. When Christmas came it said Santa on it so yup

  82. sparklie tines

    to get rid of your tree, which is fine, organize a bonfire of old trees in your apartment complex and burn them in the parking lot. that's pretty Christmassy. and do not get another cat unless *you* reeeeeeeally want two, too. you will hate living in New York. Visit a lot. Love it a lot. Keep your NYCherrie. But if you move be prepared to to move again soon. inho love your vids. grow but don't change. ya know. and the sun sets later in the day on the 16th. yippieeee.

  83. Nora Nolan

    Don’t forget to water the tree

  84. Doina Georgiou

    pretend I said something funny, now likey comment

  85. Noah Thompson

    2 posts in a week wow it’s been a bit

  86. Alexa1224 24/7

    2020 is the year of big possibilities!!!! 👇🏼 like if u are excited for 2020

  87. Brooke Donaldson

    I was watching this with my little cousin and when she said Santa’s not real I had to turn it off and go ewww she’s stupid

  88. Mackenzie Cayton

    santa always had the same handwriting as my parents so... and when i was a wee little lad i woke up to my mom about to put money under my pillow after i lost my tooth :))

  89. TheKalifee

    done. ιм мα∂ wнy? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrend <

  90. Reese Pawluk

    5:47 A possible reason why California is really cold during winter is because every year California moves up North an inch each year.

  91. Bryna Periman

    ahh depression at its finest

  92. Madison Willow

    I love her lol

  93. lexi romanovic

    Lmao she was seriously sponsored by yahoo mail??

  94. Keira Fowler

    Love u

  95. London

    You seem so unhappy.

  96. Michelle Aguirre

    “I live in California there is no weather changes” I guess alllll of eastern and northern California does not exist lollll

  97. Brandi Busic

    it’s been cold in texas like .. what??

  98. Alyson G

    It has to be the weather changes cause if I lived in LA I probably wouldn’t really care for Christmas either🤷🏻‍♀️ but I got freezing rain and snow in Canada so it definitely feels more like Christmas😂

  99. Marnie May

    That’s basically how I found out Santa was fake to 😂😂😂

  100. Jennifer M. Morales

    I was in New York yesterday where were you😔😔