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  1. LT Gaming

    You sure like to upset the mouse

  2. a very chronic tonic

    i had my first crush on a belly dancing women that played jasmine at Disneyland was the weirdest I've ever felt in my life was when she was signing my Disney autograph book first time i felt attraction

  3. drawings and stuff

    Cant he just wish Jasmine doesn't have to marry a prince

  4. Elias Arts

    I have a question for how the grinch stole Christmas (2000 Version) if The Who’s hate the grinch so why would they have a mailbox with his name on it? Do you know the answer?

  5. AllMightyTrayTable Gaming

    Counter to your Theory: Knowing this is obviously in the future, BnL could of made loads of ways for food. For example. Knowing they would not return to earth, they could of prepared loads of onboard farms and pastures for the food supplies.

  6. Amazballzplayz

    Poppy is the reason i lock my doors...

  7. why so serious

    I remember when star wars wasnt crap. Like before...... force awakens.

  8. Maverick

    if i were him, i would have wished that the law saying princesses must marry princes was revoked

  9. MeekoSoup

    Could also wish that Jasmine became his wife. Or wish that Jasmine became an all-powerful sorcerer (which would be hilarious). Or wish that Aladin gained all the influence of one of Jasmine's suitors.

  10. Under Reaction

    Genie "you can't wish for more wishes" me "I wish for the power to change the wishes rules" genie ":/

  11. Emily M.

    Ok,this will literally be Frozen 3,and Hans'll be BK

  12. EK Studios

    are you gonna make another theory on petscop

  13. momommd

    Matpat: You know what I hate? Katsuki Bakugou *me, coming back to this vid after bakugou won 1st place in the past 4 popularity polls by a landslide*: ok extra 💅💅💅

  14. Wiktor Jeżeł

    He actually can create one type od energy. Calories. Seriously. In one episode he created sandwich pit od thin air.

  15. Sleepy animations

    You forgot about baby yoda

  16. Evelyn Carver


  17. sammy sans

    There is also pinocio and y'know him and other kids getting turned into donkey

    1. sammy sans

      Nevermind maby i should finish the episode before commenting

  18. Under Reaction

    Who here is watching in 2020 still sad that coppa killed the channel

    1. Under Reaction

      I'll wait -me 2020

  19. Yu Htwei Htwei

    Another bomber

  20. Emonescense Panic!

    Not using bleach today

  21. Jason Nisbett

    Or he could just wish the law didn't exist

  22. Nerdanimation 4

    I tried calling the number and a Restaurant picked up

  23. Alec Kushmerek

    Or he could've just wished to change the law. Why didn't you think of that? It's a lot simpler.

  24. Family Harmon

    I have done a theory about film theory AND GAME theory and..... what is wrong with matpat and the numbers 3, 4, and 2?

  25. Vannessa Fink

    solo isnt hans' legal last name he did know his last name so when the guy asked for his last name in the solo movie he said he was alone so the guy calls him han solo the name he goes by because he has nothing else to go by

  26. Modus Pwnens

    imagine thinking the fact that ppl "can't recognize the bruce/batman connection" isn't just a metajoke for the series now.... dumbass

  27. Kevin Li

    I got confused in less of 1min of the vid who else agrees

  28. Ana cristina Rocio Rodrigues

    shaggy ballz is awesome :v

  29. jennifervan75

    Wait,how was the 1st one racist????

  30. Riley Sanders

    What if one of the old users had the ability to get bigger and passed it on with one for all

  31. Branden Wehner

    He doesn't get all the money he won lol

  32. BotwFan!

    in wally where are all the other people because 1 ship cant hold all the people in the world?

  33. Logan Perdue

    before the video gets started im guessing it would be better to wish that that law didnt exist

  34. serenity9669

    A whole new world is like a they’re competing on who’s the most annoying and they both won

  35. Shadow Toast

    What if Aladdin became the Vizier?

  36. Kenta455

    that idea would NOT work for the girl power at all actually, because what message would it send if Jasmine became Sultan because a man wished for it with magic? Shouldn't she earn it ?

  37. JayGamezYT

    Me:I wish for love Genie:you can't do that Me:i wish i could wish for love Genie:..., listen here you little s-

  38. Chibu Lover

    You know there should be plasma bending and Bose bending and maybe fermonic degenates. Or... at least degenerate forms. And if you love science you might know what I’m talking about.

  39. Yes E

    1:17 I will never look at a dorito that same again

  40. Emily Raper

    No gamers need electricity

  41. Musicals Galore!!!

    Can't he just wish for the law to change? Than the same person can be sultan, he doesn't have to worry about being killed, and he get's Jasmin.

  42. Holiday

    The funniest thing that happend is that he said sao is the cancer of anime but there was an ad for an sao game 0.0 I’ll give proof that there was one

  43. Julian Meyer

    Why is it ilegal to sell your organs / bone marrow?

  44. Dean Forde

    do theory on how darth maul lived after getting his legs cut off

  45. Izzy Hudson


  46. Chocomilk -w-

    Wouldn't rapenzels hair not grow back because in the story when she reveals the cut hair from mother gothel. It doesn't really grow back, which also explains why in the frozen movie, she's seen with the same hair length. So the time line could easily be off a little but he does have other things to back it up. Just wanted to point that out a lil

  47. Rumman Khan

    No ones talking about how he’s using dub instead of sub

  48. Anthony Santos

    Genie: you have 3 wishes Me: i wish you were bad at math Genie: you have 18 wishes left

  49. fred fry

    Here's the thing though, the true purpose of The Purge was to cut down on society expenses by killing the poor, sick, or elderly. People who require large amounts of state tax dollars to survive. It's like how a company will fire employees to save money. but in this case, the disadvantaged. That's why in later movies, it's revealed that The New Founding Fathers have teams of hitmen out murdering the poor and selling the torture of those individuals to the rich for cash.It's also about staying in power. IN the last movie, when a competitor looked likely to win, they removed the governmental protection to off the competition

  50. Dat one person -_-

    MAKE A FROZEN TWO ALREADY! btw I love ur videos

  51. Zander Gamer

    Each captain hats fatter and fatter hmm

  52. Fan Vixtion

    I think with the whole pattern thing is the reason why I want to eat a granola bar every time I watch samari jack

  53. Akhil M

    Aladdin could of said I wish to be prince of some other bigger kingdom

  54. Caelyn Morton

    Mat Pat: mentions demigods who are sons of Poseidon Me: You forgot Percy Jackson

  55. Mandy Schoonhoven

    dhmis cameo tho

  56. Carlos Contreras

    But a RED MARKER flew thru Stan’s portal and out came a pen. So..... what if Rick and Morty was connected to an alternate Gravity Falls dimension! Bum bum bum

  57. Red Scorpion RS gamer

    Next thing you know, they’re going to make a movie where that crisis where all the universes have to come together is marvel versus DC Actually that would be so epic

  58. Ivy Foxx

    Oooh! Can you do a theory on Riverdale on Netflix?

  59. Team Cyborg

    Joke-ish Theory (before I watch the full video): Donkey is King Midas

  60. Ian Cornieles

    What avout all the ships he flew before ~The Last Jedi~

  61. Gabe jxjx

    fun fact: “deku” means useless

  62. Aiden Pena

    Film theory owo

  63. AutBot Animates

    Oh the Sans 🤣 10:27

  64. jollyjamster

    Who else is watching after Joker 2019

  65. Paz Caldit

    So does bill sypher exsist in the show and real life?!id shske his hand.

  66. More Skittles

    is yoda and baby yoda related?

  67. TJ Adams

    Why not make a wish that Jasmine was no longer a princess? That way he would be able to marry her. Yes others will try as well but like you said in the solution she already likes him.

  68. miss evy

    You could've just said "Aladdin can wish for the law to change so jasmine could marry whoever she wants"

  69. kingrahimi


  70. smerg flerg

    Omnipotence. but that's just a theory, A FILM THEORY

  71. Brennan Wheeler

    The title should have been How pennywise accidentally committed suicid

  72. Kolton Harper

    Dear MatPat and hard working theorist crew, 1. Thank you for all the content you put out, and 2. Could you find something(s) to theorize about in the movie Robots from 2005? Thanks.

  73. Miles2880

    Hey, with the new kappa thing going on, he won't have to put a demonetization picture over it

  74. Killjoy

    But Aladin is set in the future #Pixartheory

  75. Lumosnight

    Aladdin takes place in an Arabic country, NOT in the Ottoman Empire. Also, a woman could only have a role as regent in the Ottoman Empire - like most countries in the world. Given that Jasmine did not have a son or a younger brother to be regent for, she would not be able to be an absolute ruler.

  76. Mads Johnsen

    I did not think much of this theory going into it, but I must say: good one sir. Good one.

  77. Joanne Colon

    How dare you call that girrafe creepy your just a dascrase

  78. A random Samurai

    So are we just ignore the fact that Matpat said Constantinople instead of Istanbul

  79. Zander Gamer

    But I'm a kid

  80. The Jo Show

    If we all came from Africa, we should all be able to say the n word

  81. Grace Great

    Or just wish for there to be no rules attached to wishing..

  82. Why

    i watched the one with ms. anity and now i can't trust any walls

  83. Corbin Lawrence

    Actually Hercules said 1 million deeth cound in he// so add 1 mil to Hercules

  84. ZinTyPhoon

    Or, y'know, just wish that the law saying that the princess can't marry whom they please just didn't exist.

  85. Hakrius

    The Junglebook one was really awesome? Have you read the book? Or maybe even seen any of the animated adaptations? It served a purpose and the Live action movie decided that it was more important to grant wish fulfillment

  86. Hakrius

    The Junglebook one was really awesome? Have you read the book? Or maybe even seen any of the animated adaptations? It served a purpose and the Live action movie decided that it was more important to grant wish fulfillment

  87. ToontownAndCpenguin

    Don't know if there's some stock image of Century floating around the internet or what but you've used it multiple times in your reviews & it kinda weirds me out. Century at Cedar Hills Crossing is my go-to movie theater, I even have a friend who works there so seeing my regular movie theater pop up in one of MatPat's videos is a tad jarring. I doubt he lives in Oregon but if that were his usual movie theater, I've never seen him there & as far as I know, neither has my friend. I'd laugh if that actually was his regular theater & I've actually been in the same showing for a movie as him & never realized it. I'm just gonna assume it's a stock image which actually cool, makes that theater feel just a tiny bit more special. Seriously man, if you're ever visiting Beaverton Oregon, go to that theater so you can see for yourself the theater you've used an image of. Cedar Hills Crossing has Game Trader, it hasn't updated itself at all really & has been open since the 90's so after checking out that theater, I highly recommend swinging by there & taking a look, it's inside the mall over by Powell's Books.

  88. Johan Rmz

    Witch joker is the 2019 one

  89. Wicked Gurltv

    Magnetos can bend water

  90. Corbin Lawrence

    Have not watched but Hercules will win

  91. Toolbox Motley

    Even Tiptoe-to-not-offend-anyone MatPat is getting tired of the social justice bludgeoning. YA DONE FUCKED UP, HOLLYWOOD. Should probably stop slamming people with obvious crap everyone already agrees with and telling them they're not agreeing ENOUGH.

  92. The gaming Lopezes

    mat you should do a episode on the amazing world of gumball

  93. Michael Larsen

    Why not just wish for Jasmine to become a commoner like himself ? wouldn't that be the easiest ?

  94. Lead_Marie

    I don’t know if all y’all realized, but it’s been I year. 2019 went by fast...

  95. Loki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱ


  96. Răzvan CTL

    Hey Matpad you should make a theory about the TV series "See" .If human species can survive after their going blind. PS: I realy enjoy your videos

  97. Waffle Dragon

    Or you know, just wish for the law to be brocken ...

  98. zaumipha kitsune

    Fullmetal alchemist: souls and shish Me: bish what. Souls are just memories. You can create a 'soul' in your daily activities

  99. motion bruh

    This was just a meme

  100. Metanoia Xellcyn

    A dog died in Lady and the Tramp... Just sayin