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  1. Deni Arias


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  6. Deni Arias


  7. Cody Watts

    Much better this 2000s style suites u man. Keep it coming

  8. Tempanie Button

    man i love you so much your so out there❤❤👌🤙🏼🤙🏼

  9. Jackie

    Meghan Fox is sexy AF

  10. Gabriella Martinez

    I listened to this constantly back in my freshman year of college. That was 5 years ago. Ever so often I go back to it. Here I am again because this world truly needs some more love.

  11. Pharaoh Majesty

    .... This was shit 🥺 I'm very disappointed! 🤩 Megan Fox though 💋💋👸🏻 GORGEOUS, MY LOVE. 😒 The music 🤮 and they are both to sexy for such an unsexy video... VERY DISAPPOINTING ❗😰

  12. Veronica Mejia

    Y’all sleeping on this song it deserves way more views 🔥

  13. tafox

    Heard this at Spotify's recommendations and though Bro this is FIRE It deserves more views

  14. Sacred Starlight_94

    Get the whole block lit if you play this banger

  15. Number 2 Kerbs

    Yo Mgk my mom lives your musics and I think she would really love it if you could send her a video of you saying hi to her


    Blink 182 people 😂

  17. Mandy Wright

    I can relate like I wrote this song! !

  18. jakii is dead

    June 2020, we need a little more love 💗

  19. Riku B

    Anybody else saw banks?

  20. DeathsEmbrace97 -

    Honestly this song hits so hard. It’s not only about the people MGK misses but about how drugs have fucked up the rap community

  21. David Koza ladu

    Real song of mgk est

  22. Vasile Wilcox

    Who else is listening with duct tape over their mouth.

  23. Domaa 4k

    I truly love mgk because he is unapologetically himself and has the idgaf attitude and I live for that shit.he music is freaking awesome.his personality is fucking great and that is why in my book HE A FUCKING GOATT/LIVING LEGEND.LIKE NO ONE IS EVER TOUCHING you mgk keep being you EST 19XX

  24. sippin cum

    why tf is megan so peng for

  25. KingLogic

    For anyone wonder megan fox doesnt do movies because producers and directors all said she was a crazy bitch and to hard to work with

  26. KingLogic

    I dont understand why people hate on mgk for dissing Em, i love both artist and em clearly won but MGK still makes good music

  27. monnyka03

    I guess Megan got tired of the “way he lied” 😝

  28. hanri porang kurniawan

    Wait i think he's a rapper

  29. Irham Syah

    He stop become a rapper after dissed by the real slim shady 1 year ago 😂🤪

  30. Marshal Bike

    Yo megan fox and mgk would be the best couple

  31. Bass F0X

    No hate but he is a better singer than a rapper

  32. Bruna Alves

    You should form a band

  33. Aeriel Bryson

    HELLO 2005! 😍

  34. MasivSkilZZ

    Had to change music category since eminem claimed rap

  35. Will K

    Diss Eminem again lol

  36. she crimson

    Yiii yiiii yiiiihhhj 🤣

  37. Elizabeth Hawkins

    This song always hits home for me & the video is on point, people would rather record than actually help . I saw a video of a young girl overdosing & everyone was too busy recording instead of helping except one man was trying to help her and begging people to help . #FirstWorldProblems

  38. Clara Miranda

    this song brings me so much emotions, i can't explain it. thanks, colson. you're fucking awesome.

  39. Pennybird

    Me singing this to my boyfriend in sixth grade after I kissed his cheek:

  40. she crimson


  41. she crimson

    Alllll onnn🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  42. she crimson


  43. she crimson


  44. she crimson

    I can't put this shit down

  45. Ryland Louvierre

    This is actually really good. I'd rather hear this than his rap songs.

  46. Marzo McCutter

    i am an old man but i love this shit! Greetz from germany

  47. MommaBeams

    There needs to be more of this song, it’s too short!

  48. Marzo McCutter

    Fucking great...Tommy Lee ;) ... Greetz from germany dude

  49. crash

    His music is so cathartic. If you can't feel his pain and anguish in this music, then you don't have feelings or a heart. Just know MGK, this music helps so many of us get through those dark days in our life. Don't stop making music, its the crutch I lean on when I feel like the walls are closing in.

  50. pikpok3132

    damn, Eminem really hit him hard

  51. Michael Ross

    Man I feel this. Been on this downhill rollercoaster.

  52. Anissa nian

    I ship them

  53. mack crabtree

    Mgk has range dope to see he can damn near do any genere of music he feels. Dope

  54. TheAyreanna

    Why is Megan fox so popular with people? People are like “omg Megan Fox. How could they ever get her I my video?” I don’t get the hype with her lmfao am I crazy? She’s just like blah in my book.

  55. Bzilly

    Love your music, but this shit is the best thing you have done, please keep making more music like this,

  56. Matias Roman

    el tema es buenisimo, pero yunblud arruina todo

  57. lud bezak

    she doesn't age (Megan) amazing oO

  58. Mayra Ruiz

    Love it

  59. Cristian Monzon

    RiP chester bennignton

  60. Ave ver the 4th

    Nice he changed styles I love this song 2nd time hearing it

  61. Create_Dreams

    Dixie looks different here

  62. AbuYemen - Criminals

    MGK - Respect ✊🏼 .

  63. sethjaspers

    I need to know how to get this hairstyle

  64. qopoy dnon

    genres. Truly one of a kind

  65. Bree Lynn

    this is giving me Mr Brightside vibes

  66. unstable_ beast

    Love this

  67. nbshiml yt

    This song makes me wanna confiscate my teacher's phone

  68. Kayla Smith

    What happened? Did Eminem slap the rap out of you? Bet you won’t let that happen again 🤣😂

    1. wiseguy 26

      Lol hold this L, MGK been responded back to Killshot in 2019 when he dropped his hotel diablo album which was a hip hop album look up floor 13. Btw are you living in a rock? He's been dropping fire hip hop tracks all quarantine since March.😆

    2. snake doctor

      Shouldn't you be in a room servicing couple dudes ?

    3. qopoy dnon

      Does this remind anyone else of "please don't leave me" by Pink? You know but way hotter.

  69. Punk in Drublic

    The pop punk/ punk rock argument in the comments brings a tear to my eye

  70. Sheyanne Muse

    4:37 *rook makes sure his hair is okay* 😂

  71. G Amergrl

    Damn I like this song and Megan Fox is still hot..

  72. はじめかいちょーの不謹慎なお部屋&eminem


  73. Manqoba Mabaso

    Why didn't anyone tell me about this song?

  74. DariAnn Evans

    This song is perfect for this year!

  75. Leah Langley

    I really like him better as a punk rock artist rather than a rapper. And Megan Fox has not changed a bit. A fox is still a fox 😅

  76. Brett D

    This is great! I hope MGK considers doing rock concerts, he really fits in here. He’s a good rapper too, but he rocks really well.

  77. Alec Irvine

    Co vid 19

  78. Aiden Geller

    I still do not like him cuz he was rosting emenm machine gun Kelly if your reading this follow me on Instagram at aideng964

  79. Capital A

    Wasn’t into his rap but his new musics fire

    1. wiseguy 26

      Look up smoke and drive by mgk.

  80. jamie moore

    JMO but this is where your talent really shines stay away from the rap and own the punk rock scene.

    1. Mason Keown

      He’s literally an artist you never get bored of cause nothing sounds the same

    2. Mason Keown

      He kills both

  81. Adam Chaffey

    Bruhhhh keep bringing more if this!!! Megan Fox is fire still. and TB drumming is serenity.

  82. Sayuri Rojas Flores

    Y did I think this was Charli and Dixies mom?

  83. BzGaming15

    Just realized pete Davidson is the one in the new movie king of staten island

  84. dan allen


  85. Victorio Orosco

    GC did it better

  86. Patrick Klippen

    YUNGBLUD sounds like the Used in this song. Really brings back 2002-2003

  87. Anna

    Very blink 182

  88. Br1et Channel

    This song makes me wanna slap Brother Diaz's and go smoke an joint

  89. Jamie Nottger

    Didnt Megan Fox do an Eminem video too?

  90. Expansion 420

    nice song to target kids with!!! HORRIBLE

  91. The Dangerous Moral

    I love it !!!!!!!!

  92. Milton Novais

    Qual é o nome do violão q machine está usando no começo da música!?

  93. knight Rookie

    This will always just be Big 14 tho.

  94. ilyass ojda ilyass oujda


  95. ynw nate wassuh

    2020 Who else is just jamming while smoking while playing Warzone !!

  96. MrScottyk90

    seems eminem hit MGK so hard, he quit rap, cut his man bun and turned into a blink 182 coverband

    1. Alfie Mellowes

      wiseguy 26 u just put him down 😂😂 he won’t be able to respond now

    2. wiseguy 26

      Bro are dumb? He's always messed with rock music even before Eminem. Also he cut that man bun like 2 years before him and Em dropped those disses on each other. Hold this L kid.😆

  97. Alex Price


  98. Sydney Smith

    2020 looks likes the crown does fit. The dynasty neva dying...XX...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋 #kingandqueencolson #alphaomegacrew #mgkcrew #est19xxcrew #floest19xx #XXbranded #KOGincompletion

  99. Martijn bt

    This makes me wanna toast my bread and put it back in the plastic bag

  100. Asher Gardy

    The way he says “yead” reminds me of certain alien chasing angsty singer 😂