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  1. Shaniya Lemon

    Shit crazy

  2. Cosmo Guy

    Sounds just like changes from tupac

  3. Daily Tank

    Can someone subscribe and help me get to 1k subs

  4. Jessie De La Cruz

    Keep doing hits son 🔥

  5. IwinSoaber

    The goat really came a long way.

  6. Official BBRogue

    The purest song on earth.

  7. Victor Onacha

    2pac vibing to this in Valhalla..

  8. bowen voowy

    Polo is actually one of the only rappers who actually put effort and talk real shit in their songs. That’s why he’s the goat!

  9. Topsata21

    I don’t have much to say but you’re my favorite rapper in this motherfucking world 🌎 ✊🏽✌️🔥🔥🔥💯

  10. Amiizha 206

    God protect this young king 🤍🤍 LOVE POLO G

  11. mello and zoey taylor

    Respect 2 da homie💉💙

  12. run from me jay

    Litteraly the wises rapper out here he got rap knowledge and you can tell he been through something PoloG is up next and when he hits the top he going stay there cause you can tell he been through so much shit that it’s his time to never go thru shit again💯😈❤️much love bro

  13. Obama

    listening to this while in quarantine happy he blew up , him and uzi carrying 2020

  14. Marisol Ortiz

    Yo he predicted da future a kid got shot and killed for playing with a toy gun

  15. Ethan Castes

    get polo to 2 mil subs? 😋

  16. Real Salad

    When that guy held up the sign in the court that said “no justice no peace” that sign still means the same thing in June 2020

  17. Amadeus P

    I cant breathe ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏼

  18. Bando Drizzy

  19. FÓRME

    Real af

  20. seppo weyns

    2pac would be proud

    1. seppo weyns

      @bowen voowy maybe

    2. bowen voowy

      Wait does this make Polo the new Pac?🤔

  21. Yellow Man

    Polo G feat. Tommy Ice - ????? 🎥By Ryan Lynch You should really search up Tommy Ice, also I feel like it would be a nice feature Pls keep up the work, I really love your work

  22. Top10

    This made me go and play more of Polo’s music🥺🖤✊🏽 love you man and may god bless you!

  23. r00wlet

    Polo G is proof you can make it from dirt Hello from Chicago

  24. Renegade_Goofer Roblox

    Yo his new album fire

  25. Zion Baptist

    2pac, George Floyd and every other black person who died due to trigger happy cops, are smilin from up above. love yall stay safe!

  26. Mideriya Mims

    Polo g is my favorite raper when I was going throw a hard time I’ll listen to his songs and my day would be so much better❤️❤️💞💗💖😘🥰

  27. Flxckz YT

    polo g x youngboy 🔥🔥 like if u agree

  28. WIliam Bishop

    Wishing for a hero is one the best song I ever heard no cap polo!

  29. Brooklyn Gilbert

    Sut up keep it up

  30. Shawn Woods

    2pac happy

  31. iii_truly Day_iii


  32. Xeohi

    “Cop kill us and we protest what type of shit is that they kill wanna my brothers I’m blicking back “ 🗣🗣


    Let's get him to 2 mil overnight to surprise him

  34. Mario Hernandez

    Bro im White and i just was crying for hours and hours it was such a meaningful song i just fell like why cant we just br along i pray one day the world will be a more loveing place i pray Avery day😢😢😢😢😢😢

  35. Am I Trying to get 10k subs with no videos, yes

    No one literally no-one: my recommended

  36. UX 23

    Polo g probably the best Chicago rapper out there.

  37. Sergi Camps


  38. Kant

    CAN Someone put french translate ?

  39. Vincent Kennedy

    Polo speak real shit that everyone is realising rn

  40. Márton Tóth

    Polo not just just a rapper, he is an artist

  41. Twixty

    Authentic Rapper real nigga shit

  42. Tracy Estes

    Ain't no stoppin this legend

  43. luvnanaa

    idc wat nobody says .. polo g is one of the best lyricist 🔥

  44. Dave Hopkins EF

    I swear that I saw king von 0:38

  45. Adapt Too me

    This goin be on Netflix it got to be

  46. Shakir M.

    Song still give me dem chills 🔥💯

  47. Tracy Estes

    No cap lul

  48. Tracy Estes

    @obey pizza yt

  49. Elie Saikaly

    Shout out to 2Pac rip cause this song is like a v2 of his song changes

  50. Tommy Rondeau

    The GOATS : Polo g, Hopsin, DaBaby!!!

  51. gino R217

    From the Heart this it the one and only polo g idk what he got but I look up to this man we need more like you bro

  52. Omarion Smith

    Ay have y’all noticed that we no more cases of coronavirus the government released becuse they problay knew it was gonna happen like xxxtentation a His dong is called Riot and btw they been lien about the coronavirus killed a lot facts

  53. Ayukegba Vera

    "If he says that he’s gonna do then he’s gonna do it”.

  54. Majok Keer

    Polo g

  55. William Richards


  56. William Richards


  57. Mediawatcher

    Truly a powerful tribute to 2pac, it’s so sad that even after all these years things haven’t changed, justice for George Floyd!

  58. Faiiyo

    is that king von ?

  59. Norbet Noel

    If u didn't notice King Von in the beggining, then u aint a true rap fan

  60. Shaun Rollins

    gotta live close

  61. ßåmmý můřďå

    Polo sing me i is rap too #poloG

  62. tama fw

    Been fire from the get go

  63. 4zarias

    Wait does this make Polo the new Pac?🤔

  64. flix654

    if u know what song this is about identical to ur a real one

  65. KingMillyTV Music & Gaming

    Yea polo stay humbled and out the way we can’t lose u bro

  66. Diamond Parsons

    Polo g just really predicted the future

  67. Hs_ Hayden

    He’s the real goat

  68. Lemon Juggler387


  69. Quintik

    Polo g the goat!

  70. Samantha G

    I love this man.

  71. MusicRoom 52

    The all around goat 🐐🐐🐐

  72. bobby x 24

    Bro is this tupac

  73. jake isthebest

    That hoodie slaps tho

  74. BankrollDyl

    We can’t lose this man fr 💯

  75. Zenz Page

    ✨🙏🏽 🐐

  76. Jeret Culp

    This is the only album I have been listening to sense it came out polo really is the goat

  77. mejer_ drengen11

    My man upcoming ❤️

  78. mejer_ drengen11

    Big Up 😘

  79. andre chamblin

    im from the pac era. we need a funeral for this beat

  80. Alexandra Baldwin

    “I CANT BREATHE”✊🏿✊🏿

  81. official Andrew

    Did anybody peep king von in the video

  82. Jacob Thompson

    Real fans listened to this before the album drop

  83. Hassan UVTW


  84. lil amr

    where am i

  85. zenix

    Aye bro just listend to this man u hit different ong

  86. Wyatt Craig

    and I'm kinda living in that type of world right now I'm only 13

  87. Tom Evers

    I was gonna talk shlt, but this is dope.

  88. Wyatt Craig

    this is one of his songs that go down for the decade along with many others soon to come

  89. lil_omb PEEZY

    Is that king von

  90. Luke Burles

    Been on your stuff since 10k subs! Love from Australia brother!



  92. Kenleigh Thomas

    A dude do your thang don't let nobody stop you

  93. YBO_henny

    This shit go hard! End racism!


    So humble bro.

  95. Shaun Rollins

    this is real r.i.p to juice r.i.p to x r.i.p to tupac r.i.p to biggie


    Damn bro. I kinda feel this.

  97. ggisnotbags Dagoat

    Polo I hope you don’t do drugs fr man

  98. Shaun Rollins

    man prey for the ones u look up to because one day u might not see them again

  99. neddi_boy 22

    How does this have dislikes? This is like about his colour.

  100. GGG FromDa6ix